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summerschild's Journal
summerschild's Journal
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June 6, 2016

What is Trump thinking?

I am torn between two theories:

#1 - He was borderline crazy and has now gone over the edge. He's probably not sleeping much and it's clear he can no longer remember what he said even a day or so ago.

#2 - He never really wanted to be president - just wanted to prove he could be if he wanted to. Closer it gets the harder it gets and he's not having fun any more.
He will keep on driving the GOP crazy by being unpredictable and unreasonable to push them to the point of "un-nominating" him - before the convention or after - doesn't really matter.

They will be scrambling trying to play catch up and get another candidate in there and he will be milking his revenge. After all, they caused it - not him.

In the meantime, his "supporters" in all their genius will throw him some riots he's worked so hard to build up.

Just Donald being Donald.

May 14, 2016

Somebody needs to get out there quick and

explain to his supporters in plain fourth grade English that this is the opposite of what he has been telling them all along.

As he is letting Ryan remake him into a "real" unified Republican, he's going to be flying by the seat of his expensive, foreign made pants. He's been telling his crowds a bunch of stuff they wanted to hear, and I'm betting now they don't want him and his new congressional buddies to take medicare and social security away from them.

May 14, 2016


There's no logical way to reconcile the huge numbers who attend and support Bernie at his rallies and the discrepancies in the numbers voting for Hillary.

We have all watched the media ignore crowds and events for Bernie - I think we've all come to expect that.

But now there's a ton of recent articles reporting fake twitter followers and we know the money David Brock has poured into fake and purchased social media opposition. I think Hillary has really hurt herself with her alliance with him. I know she had to feel like she had no one to stick up for her and I guess he did (read his book Blinded by the Right) but that didn't change him into a nice guy. He's a snake from the same family as Karl Rove.

I'm so disappointed in Democrats if they are engaged in voter fraud!

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