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hifiguy's Journal
hifiguy's Journal
November 8, 2012

Republicans and Frankenstein movies

It is now readily apparent to anyone living in the reality based world that the Republican party now resembles nothing so much as the last act of a Frankenstein movie. You know how it goes - Doctor Frankenstein creates a monster from mis-matched cadaver parts and a criminal mind and proceeds to imbue it with a sort of artificial life. In our little scenario the part of Doctor F. is played by KKKarl Rove, the Kochroach brothers, Sheldon Adelson and their ilk. The monster is played by the religulously insane, the Randians and the tealiban.

The problem is always the same in Frankenstein movies: the monster winds up running amok, causing all sorts of holy hell, often killing a few villagers in the process. Eventually said villagers - played in this case by the voters of the US - wise up and head for the good doctor's castle, let's call it the Republican party, with pitchforks and torches, to end the havoc. Which is the point we are at today.

So what is Doctor Frankenstein to do? The monster is now knocking down the castle around his ears and the mob is at the gates. Does he kill the monster? If so, how? Does he blow up the castle and run for his life, in the probably vain hope that he can escape from the furious mob and that the monster will be killed? If he stays, the monster will knock down the castle and kill him.

There are no good solutions, Doc. You are terminally fucked. Kiss your ass goodbye.

November 5, 2012

The Republican Party is now a Frankenstein movie.

They created this monster, which is now blind yet immensely angry and strong and is slowly destroying the Baron's castle that is the Repuke party. They have two choices - kill the monster before it destroys the castle completely and brings it down around their heads, or blow up the castle themselves and run like hell, hoping that they get away and the monster gets killed.

They are completely fked either way.

The 1%ers created and revved up the bigot/tealiban/fundy wackadoodle wing thinking it would somehow benefit them. Which proves the 1% ain't near as smart as we sometimes give them credit for being.

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