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Bolling apologizes for "boobs on the ground" insult, but Gutfeld doesn’t.

...During a segment about Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri, a female pilot from the United Arab Emirates who led a mission this week against ISIS in Syria, Eric Bolling referred to her mission as 'boobs on the ground.'
'Problem is, after she bombed it she couldn't park it,' said Greg Gutfeld.
Now, after outrage from viewers, and even his own wife, following these insensitive remarks, he has apologized.

'I made a joke and when I got home, I got the look, and realized some people didn't think it was funny at all,' Bolling said on the air today...I said sorry to my wife and I apologize to all of you as well and want to make that very clear.'
Gutfeld still has yet to apologize for his statement.



When Ed Schultz made a sexist comment, he made a teary apology and was taken off the air for a week by MSNBC. Fox seems happy with a limp apology--or none at all in the case of Gutfeld.

State Farm dumps Rob Schneider for anti-vaccination views

State Farm Insurance has dropped an ad campaign featuring the "Deuce Bigalow" star in a reprisal of his "Richmeister" character -- a.k.a. the "making copies" guy -- from "Saturday Night Live." The decision stems not from an objection to rehashed humor from the mid-'90s, but to Schneider's outspoken stance against childhood vaccines. 

Schneider has not taken the news lightly, posting a quote on Twitter attributed to George Washington implying that he'd been denied his 1st Amendment rights and thanking his supporters "who believe as I do that parents should decide what's in the best interests of their child, not Gov't mandates." 



I'm glad these anti-vaccination idiots are becoming pariahs.
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