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Member since: Wed Mar 23, 2011, 06:33 PM
Number of posts: 450

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Any Buckeyes Listening To The Radio?

Vote for my brand of the brand... flooding the radio waves, of course.
I've been hearing one in particular all day long.
Did you know Bernie fucked the auto workers?
Zombie Shit. It's starting to stop working though.
May it continue tonight.

Ohio youth vote

CNN just announced Ohio judge will not appeal Bernies
suit to allow 17yr olds who will be 18
by the general to vote in the primaries.
Woo Hoo. Now get out there and use it Buckeyes!


Just FBed this

To a good friend who's, how shall we say? A bit right of center. But a good man who will engage me instead of the usual... well you know how it goes.
"Guns only kill people when some sort or the other of assholes has a firearm. Why are we not allowed to take certain (small) steps to maybe, I don't know, perhaps see that some of these assholes can't fucking own instant, just takes a thought, end of life machines?
Just asking."
Can't wait to broach the topic of that stars and bars belt buckle.

Duke Energy / Duke Environment

Could use some info on any connections between these two.
One of my GW denying FB buddies is touting a report by Duke Environment.
Duke Energy-Charlotte,NC / Duke Environment-Durham, NC...
Seems a bit coinky dinky. Any thoughts?

Facebook Torture

Earlier today I was asked on DU, "How do you respond to FB torture apologist's?"
Well I am so saddened to say... Some of my "friends" are disgusting me. Not a majority of them.
But enough. The rest of my "friends" (100%) are complicit in their silence. My response just now
is, Americans Don't Torture. This reply just in, "When Life's can be saved or when it's one of yours, we do and have...No shame in Saving Innocents..." Wow that happened in realtime. I know this man and consider(ed?) him a good one. What is happening to us? How did they sour our souls
so quickly? Anyway I'm still going with "Americans Don't Torture." At least make them argue the point.

Terminal velocity

of a falling bullet, aprox. 150 fps. (Shouldn't penetrate the skin much less the skull.) Red Rider BB gun, around 240 fps.
That said, the gun would need to be fired directly up. Unlikely in such a stressful situation.
I'm not sure what to take away from this story. Just thought I'd throw a little science into the mix.

Thank you

And Jberry too. That was an interesting, thought provoking discussion that I'm am glad to have read. All too often lately, debates on this subject devolve into poo slinging contests.
As for my 2 cents. I grew up pretty rural and learned to shoot around 10 years. Gun fire in my neighborhood is a near daily event that doesn't turn a head. Most of my gun owning friends are pretty NRAish. But I don't see any of them thinking open carry of a fire arm in a potentially victim heavy locale is a good idea. I understand they have the right. But people also have the right to feel fairly safe in their day to day doings. (Especially when their children are present.) So yes I'm getting splinters in my ass straddling this particular fence.
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