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Immigrants Say They Were Pressured Into Unneeded Surgeries

Source: New York Times

The Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla, Ga., drew national attention this month after a nurse, Dawn Wooten, filed a whistle-blower complaint claiming that detainees had told her they had had their uteruses removed without their full understanding or consent.

Since then, both ICE and the hospital in Irwin County have released data that show that two full hysterectomies have been performed on women detained at Irwin in the past three years. But firsthand accounts are now emerging from detainees, including Ms. Dowe, who underwent other invasive gynecological procedures that they did not fully understand and, in some cases, may not have been medically necessary.

It was the Irwin County center’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic that inspired Ms. Wooten, the nurse whose whistle-blower complaint was first reported by The Intercept, to come forward about another issue that troubled her: Dr. Amin’s surgeries. She said in an interview that she had for years noticed that an inordinate number of women were being referred to Dr. Amin. She said she would hear reports that they had undergone surgeries but that they had no idea why the surgeries were performed.

Data from ICE inspection reports show that the center, which is operated by a private prison company, Lasalle Corrections, refers more than 1,000 detainees a year for outside medical care, far more than most other immigration detention centers of the same size. It is not clear how many of these referrals are for gynecological care. Lasalle Corrections did not respond to requests for comment.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/29/us/immigrants-hysterectomies-gynecology-irwin-county-ICE.html?action=click&module=Top%20Stories&pgtype=Homepage

Capitulating to the right won't end the judicial wars

... Conservatives have brilliantly used the abortion question to distract attention from the core of their activist agenda. It involves dismantling regulation, gutting civil rights laws, narrowing voting rights enforcement giving moneyed interests free rein in our politics, strengthening corporate power, weakening unions, undercutting antitrust laws — and, now, tearing apart the Affordable Care Act.

Conservatives would much rather talk about abortion than any of these other questions. Why? Because they don’t want the public to hear about issues related to democracy and economic justice on which the right takes the unpopular side. What they can’t win in Congress, they want to win through the courts. That is the dirty secret of conservative judicial activism that McConnell and his friends would love to keep under wraps


Hospital where activists say ICE detainees were subjected to hysterectomies says just two were perfo

Source: Washington Post

A hospital in rural Georgia where a physician has been accused of performing a large number of hysterectomies on immigrant detainees said its records show that just two women in immigration custody have been referred to the hospital for the procedure since 2017.....

Heath Clark, an attorney for ERH Healthcare, which operates the Irwin County Hospital.... said hospital records show that Wooten’s claims are “demonstrably false.”

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/immigration/ice-detainee-hysterectomies-hospital/2020/09/22/aaf2ca7e-fcfd-11ea-830c-a160b331ca62_story.html

50 Years of Blaming Milton Friedman. Here's Another Idea.

Friedman, a free-market ideologue, published an essay 50 years ago this week in The Times Magazine in which he argued that corporations should not go beyond the letter of the law to combat discrimination or reduce pollution or maintain community institutions. Corporations, he said, have no social responsibilities except the sacred responsibility to make money....

Critics have been fighting ever since to get corporations to acknowledge broader responsibilities. It’s the wrong battle. Instead of redefining the role of the corporation, we need to redefine the role of the state....

Government remains the most powerful means to express our collective will. The necessary solution is to create stronger incentives for good behavior and laws against bad behavior....

Government also needs to do more to support economic growth. Friedman’s negative vision of government has helped to obscure the ways the public sector can help the private sector, for example by investing in education, infrastructure and research....

Corporations have a valuable role to play in American society, and they contribute primarily by trying to make money. Friedman’s narrow point is mostly correct. The missing part is the role of government in ensuring that those profits do not come at the expense of society....


Melania and Me

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was part of the Trumps’ inner circle — until she wasn’t. Her memoir is a cautionary tale.

“I was there at the beginning,” Wolkoff writes. “I witnessed the transformation of Melania from gold plate to 24-karat gold. I believed she had the heart to match, that she was genuinely caring and loving and worth all of our attention. Throughout our early friendship, she lived up to what I saw in her. Watching her now, and seeing that only the gold shell remains, I have to wonder if that’s all she ever was, and I was the sucker who bought the fake watch on the street corner.

Yep, You are that sucker.

DHS official whose office compiled 'intelligence reports' on journalists and protesters has been rem

Source: Washington Post

A senior Department of Homeland Security official whose office compiled “intelligence reports” about journalists and protesters in Portland, Ore., has been removed from his job, according to three people familiar with the matter.

Brian Murphy, the acting undersecretary for intelligence and analysis, was reassigned to a new position elsewhere in the department, the people said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss a personnel matter.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/dhs-official-whose-office-compiled-intelligence-reports-on-journalists-and-protesters-has-been-removed-from-his-job/2020/08/01/f01247be-d3ff-11ea-8d32-1ebf4e9d8e0d_story.html?tidr=a_breakingnews&hpid=hp_no-name_hp-breaking-news%3Apage%2Fbreaking-news-bar

Democracy Dies in Darkness

OAC Has Nothing on John Lewis !

Deep State Mapping Project!!1!

Shared on a skeptics mail list - I don't know if this is parody, unintentional self parody, or .... REAL

I'm sure it belongs only in the lounge.


Robert E. Lee High in Virginia Will Be Renamed for John Lewis, District Says

Source: New York Times

“The name on the school building is something each student had to walk under, and you want that name to be someone they can aspire to be,” ..... “That person should be someone that a student can embody.”...

She has imagined returning to school and seeing Mr. Lewis’s name on the front of the building. “The feeling of knowing I go to John R. Lewis High is amazing,”

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/24/us/robert-e-lee-high-school-john-lewis.html

A man confused by confusion ...

WaPo reports...

As racial justice demonstrations stretched into their third week, President Trump on Wednesday said he would “not even consider” growing calls to rename U.S. military bases that honor Confederate generals. “Our history as the Greatest Nation in the World will not be tampered with,” Trump tweeted.

Confederate generals are what make us and our history the greatest nation in the world?

Either Or Or not sure.
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