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Member since: Sun Jun 5, 2011, 07:28 PM
Number of posts: 4,404

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Trumps latest scam....

.... you thought tRump U was bad.... now we have the “Trump Leadership Initiative (TLI) Fellowship Program” ! Watch out suckers, er, i mean supporters - he's going to vacuum up your bank accounts !!

On Tuesday, the campaign sent an email to supporters in California inviting them to a July 13 training session for the “Trump Leadership Initiative (TLI) Fellowship Program” in the city of Stanton, in Orange County.

“TLI Fellows are the backbone of the Trump strategy to launch the largest, earliest, and most diverse ground operation in California history,” the email states. “Fellows will be trained and experienced in grassroots organizing, field operations, cutting-edge campaign technology, messaging & communications, and engaging in voter contact.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/donald-trump-california-225138#ixzz4DasvVlWV

AP count: Clinton has delegates to win Democratic nomination http://wapo.st/214g0i6

AP count: Clinton has delegates to win Democratic nomination

Bit Player Bernie, or...

Bit player Sanders poised to become Senate force


senator risks frittering away that newfound clout, Democratic senators said Wednesday, if he doesn’t move soon to unite the party and train his fire on Donald Trump

The lawmakers said they’re disturbed that Sanders hasn’t more forcefully repudiated the behavior of his supporters in Nevada last weekend. Sanders backers threw chairs, shouted down Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and threatened a state party chairwoman — raising the specter of similar ugliness at the Democratic National Convention in July.

“I appreciate that he’s going to continue to stay defiant, but the fact is Hillary Clinton’s going to win the nomination. Is he going to support her and campaign for her, or is he going to help elect Donald Trump?”

“What I’ve seen I don’t think has been adequate,... As a candidate, you can come out very strongly against that violence stuff, and that would be the right thing for Bernie to do.”

“He’s doing what he thinks is right. I think he should speak out more about what went on in Nevada. But he decided, obviously, not to do that.”

“Does Bernie Sanders have a right to continue? Absolutely he does; he can do whatever he wants to do .... but for me, I just see real dangers coming down the pike, and I would hope he’d be aware of that.”

Thanks! Good observations. Eom

MD Early Voter Survey: Hillery TRIPPLE DIgits Over Sanders . ...

I'm the early voter surveied, and I voted for Hillary ! So she's up 100% !!!!

Note: This was an opt-in on-line survey of a non-randomly selected panel of one voter. Singular. Margins of error do not apply to such polls, but our belivabily factor, calculated based on the principal of confirmation bias, is 99.99%.

IMHO This is sick, sick, sick...

Perinatal hospice care prepares parents for the end, at life’s beginning


The baby who would soon die arrived at 34 weeks, eyes shut, squawking. Her father cut the umbilical cord with a pair of silver scissors. A priest in blue scrubs sprinkled Holy Water on her forehead. A photographer circled the delivery room, capturing her last moments.

Democratic Party and Clinton campaign to sue Arizona over voting rights

Source: Washington post

Democratic Party and Clinton campaign to sue Arizona over voting rights

Read more: http://wapo.st/23IcGvr

Go hill! Go dnc!

Panama Papers prove Mr. Sanders was wrong about a trade pact with Panama

The Panama Papers prove Mr. Sanders was wrong about a trade pact with Panama


“I predicted that the passage of this disastrous trade deal would make it easier, not harder, for the wealthy and large corporations to evade taxes by sheltering billions of dollars offshore,”.... The evidence, however, suggests that the truth is pretty nearly the opposite of what Mr. Sanders claims ... the number of offshore incorporations fell from 4,741 in 2005 to 835 in 2015. Most important, as of last year Mossack Fonseca appeared to have nearly completely ceased incorporating the least transparent form of company — known as “bearer shares”

The Obama administration, backed by members of Congress, made it clear the free-trade deal... hinged on a separate agreement granting U.S. tax authorities more access to Panama’s financial system. The United States particularly insisted on plugging the “bearer shares” loophole.

It looks like the Obama administration’s diplomacy resulted in real progress, and that if anyone’s entitled to say “I told you so” about that, it would be Ms. Clinton.

Bert + Ernie =

Bernie!! (Now, ain't that cute?)

Mr. Sanders peddles fiction on free trade

Mr. Sanders’s populist rhetoric doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. His insistence, for example, that the North American Free Trade Agreement led to 800,000 job losses ignores analyses from unbiased sources such as the Congressional Research Service. “In reality, NAFTA did not cause the huge job losses feared by the critics,” a 2015 CRS analysis found.

Blaming freer trade for the loss of manufacturing jobs fails to tell the much bigger story of economic transformation that has swept the world over the past several decades. Technological change, automation, productivity improvements and other factors have eliminated old-school manufacturing jobs all over the world. Mr. Sanders cannot bring back the U.S. economy of the 1960s, and it would be harmful to try.

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