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Current location: San Francisco, CA
Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 03:29 PM
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Anybody watching 60 Minutes?

Fiona Hill was just interviewed. Frankly, I am disappointed beyond belief with Fiona. She sounded like she was actually defending the Pussy-Grabber-In-Chief despite some jabs. . . I'd be interested in hearing anybody else's take on this. I don't get it at all.

Anybody remember the term that the fool, Nixon, coined "The Silent Majority"?

He was ostensibly referring to those who had not taken part in any kind of protests against that goddamned wasteful war.

I think we have a new silent majority now. By "silent" I mean that people are fed the FUCK up with Pussy-Grabber and just aren't saying a lot about it. We are going to see a HUMONGOUS turnout in November. . . . No matter how this pie is sliced, there are WAY more of us than there are of those crooks & liars. People know that this is the most consequential election in our lifetimes. The orange-headed Pussy-Grabber has to go. . .

I'm at work and just spotted Fox News on in the lounge. . .

I couldn't stand to watch more than about 7 seconds, but in that time I heard Turtle McConnell bumping his gums about Schumer. . . Schumer did apologize, and I wish to FUCK he had NOT. . . Dems apologize too goddamn much in my humble opinion. We need to just tell them, FUCK YOU. . . .

Did anybody see two protesters dragged out while Biden speaking?

At first glance, I thought they were going to shoot Biden, and I immediately thought of Bobby Kennedy.

There was a second one immediately after. I couldn't read the signs they were carrying. . .

Is this just bullshit, or does Pussy-Grabber REALLY believe this?

In any case, all we can do is speculate. . . I'm torn, as I know Pussy-Grabber is a fucking liar, but I also know he is a clueless, goddamned BOOB too. . . I wouldn't be surprised either way. . .




I DO have my personal favorite, but I wish Dems would stop

the goddamned circular fucking firing squad. . . THIS is how we lose elections, and I'm old enough to know, because I've seen it.

With an opponent like Pussy-Grabber, I am WAY more interested in hearing how they are going to beat him and reverse his shit.

And even if a candidate I don't particularly like ends up with nomination, that person will be like God himself as far as I'm concerned, because nobody will hear a word of criticism from me.

We NEVER hear the repigs criticizing their candidates. . . Anything we have to say about one another as Dems will be repeated by these fucking assholes all the way till November. . .

I am curious how others refer to the Prez. . .

The most common moniker I have for the Prez is 'Pussy-Grabber.' It's pretty apt. That's how he described himself. It drives his supporters CRAZY. . . I never thought I would use the word, "pussy", publicly. I will retire it with relief once Pussy-Grabber is gone. I have never found somebody so repulsive in my entire life.

Rush, please go to the light right now. . .

What a truly nasty piece of work in EVERY respect. For anybody on here who might be too young to have been around in the 1980s, let me tell you about this asshole's reactions the the horrendous AIDS crisis. . .

1. He had an "AIDS" update every month while people were dying like flies. He mocked people who were sick, dying, or had partners who were sick and even used music to mock them, "Back in the Saddle Again."

2. He has been anti-sex education, particularly when it involves HIV/AIDS.

3. As recently as 2004, he claimed that HIV did not spread to straight people unless they were promiscuous like "those people" in Africa.

4. This fat, opiate-addicted pedophile equated same sex marriage to acceptance of pedophilia and/or bestiality.

There are so many other things he's done that just dwarf these items I've listed. In short, the man is a fucking hog in every respect. One could say, "Nobody deserves to have . . . . (fill in the blank). . .

Well. . . SOMEBODY has to get it, no? I mean SOMEBODY in the world is going to have something happen. . .Why NOT have it happen to some deserving fuck bucket? I cannot think of a more deserving candidate than this unreformed and unrepentant ass wipe. I wish I believed in hell, as that would give me great satisfaction to believe that would be his final destination. . . . Short of that satisfaction, I at least want to know he screamed.

The media swallows another whopper in one gulp. . .

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