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Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Bedford OH
Member since: Wed Jul 13, 2011, 07:37 AM
Number of posts: 39,937

Journal Archives

Biden is killing it on MSNBC...really great.

$100.00 bucks for Biden! He is doing great!!!

I am hoping Biden wins big... GO Joe.

Yang will suspend his campaign MSNBC

Thank you kind Du'ers for you kindness in giving me 'hearts'...had kind of a bad week..and it

helped brighten today! Thank you guys. This is the best site ever!

Lets Donate to Joe Biden...the best candidate to take down Trump...lets show Joe we have his back!

I donated! Go Joe!

CNN says expecting more Iowa Results...on break...update More results but not all the results...

Just Sanders stuff...so far. How he believes he will win but no results yet, but results expected.

Des Moines Iowa/ Biden meets threshold

Matt Orfalea. (adults only) video trashing MLK hired by Bernie Sanders. POLL

He loves to use the word 'retarded'. so hillarious...am I right? He is a buddy of Sean Hannity. should a person like this be working for a Democratic candidate?

Sen.Sander what are you and Jane (who praised this guy) thinking?!!!!!


Should Matt Orfalea be hired by any presidential candidate?

RCP, Biden is leading. New Quinipiac as of today showing Biden winning. No Sanders surge!

Biden leading. Sure Sanders could win Iowa and I would hope he could win a close state like New Hampshire. But he is not winning the nomination...new polls out yesterday (morning Consult) and Today (Quinnipiac clearly show this). The demise of Joe Biden as always are bullshit and the Sanders Surge? Not happening. I have added 538 numbers below...and Biden still winning. I have added the entire history of Quinnipiac to show now surge...and it does.

Today Real Clear Polititics

Today Here is Quinnipiac...pay attention to Demographics...Sander still losing AA voters

Yesterday Morning Consult



Quinnipiac numbers for entire primary...NO surge Warren and Sanders trading supporters. But may margin of error too.


Nevada Caucus now has early voting. It will undoubtedly increase participation.

This is a reform to make it easier for people to participate in the caucuses. I think it is a great idea.

"...In addition to the traditional caucus process, this year, the Nevada Democratic Party has a new task to tackle, that of early voting. The party made the decision to add an early voting period in an effort to increase participation by those who may be unable to make it on formal caucus day, which is set for Saturday, Feb. 22.

According to information obtained from the Nevada Democratic Party website, early voting participants should arrive at any early voting site within their county of residence and record their presidential preferences.
Because the caucus process relies on establishing “viability” for each presidential candidate, early voters will be required to make at least three selections in order of preference and will be allowed to mark up to five candidates.

“The Nevada State Democratic Party will respect the first choice of early vote participants and only realign an early vote participant if their first choice is not viable,” the information details.

Those early voters will be counted as eligible caucus-goers on caucus day, and their votes will be used in determining both viability and the number of delegates awarded to candidates. Early voters do not need to be present on caucus day and are not eligible to participate in their precinct caucus."
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