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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 06:53 AM
Number of posts: 9,394

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Truth Matters!

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Sorry I just had to turn it off

I experience his high pitched voice as unpleasant, plus I already know that the content of his message is self-serving and divisive.

What do Dems need to do to win the rural vote

I look at these red/blue voter maps, and across the country, state by state, large urban cities are mostly blue, and rural counties are red. So what do we need to do to get more rural votes to go our way?

Judiciary Act adds four seats to the Supreme Court

Expand the Supreme Court: Senator Markey and Reps., Nadler, Johnson, and Jones Introduce Legislation to Restore Justice and Democracy to Judicial System


Has anyone noticed that Hulu takes forever to load

Hulu used to be far easier to watch. But lately it takes forever to load, if at all

Beethoven's 9th tonight on PBS

Alle Menschen Werden Bruder!

All the crazy MAGA QANON hate points to a failure of our public education

Do public high schools still teach civics classes? Is there a focus on critical thinking? Do they offer debate clubs that foster civility and reasoned argument. Do they teach and foster self-discipline over anger and frustration? Do all the sports programs strongly emphasize honor, non-cheating, and good sportsmanship for winners and losers alike? I'm 75, and these were values that were taught when I was in high school. My Dad was a Dallas cop, and no way would he have condoned breaking into someone's house and whacking an old man in the head with a hammer.

After Thomas let Graham off the hook for a while

The Justice committee needs to get in gear and vote to bring impeachment charges, AND --- write some legistation Fed ethics rules for All Fed judges applies equally to SC justices. Dirty shame that the current SCOTUS is so dishonorable. We can't let them get away with their crap.

I early voted today in Dallas TX

1st day of early voting. Although it was raining, my voting place was packed. Parking lot was a zoo. Probably 50 or 60 vote stations inside with 2 or 3 people waiting in line at a few. I noticed that every place on the ballot was headed by the Rep candidate.

What I haven't heard from MSM is much about the effects of global warming

This Ian hurricane is the perfect opportunity to do teaching about the effects of global warming. That as the atmosphere heats up, more and more water evaporates off the oceans, rising into the air causing greater and greater turbulence. More water in the air causes more frequent storms and more stronger storms. Hey climate deniers! Wake up!

Voting in FL post hurricane

FL devastation post hurricane will surely throw a monkey wrench into voting in Nov. In those areas most affected, probably very few polling places, people who lost their IDs, fewer poll workers.

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