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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 06:53 AM
Number of posts: 9,394

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Thank-you WRR-FM

When the TV gets too grim and and filled with dreadful political news about the latest Trump vulgarity, I turn of WRR-FM. An all classical music station, owned by the city of Dallas - commercial free. First licensed radio station in Texas and one of the first 5 licensed stations in America. Right now I'm listening to Barber's Adagio for strings. Before that, it was Tchaikovsky's Cello concerto. Not too bad, ehh?
It's so nice to know that there is still beauty in the world. It lifts my spirits. I hope you have a place of beauty in your life.


18 Dumbass Congress Critters who nominated Trump for the Nobel

From the egg-on-face dept - the 18 dumbass congressmen, who nominated Trump for the Nobel

Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina
Rep. Michael Burgess of Texas
Rep. Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee
Rep. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota
Del. Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen of American Samoa
Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina
Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida
Rep. Doug LaMalfa of California
Rep. David McKinley of West Virginia
Rep. Brian Babin of Texas
Rep. Diane Black of Tennessee
Rep. Steve King of Iowa
Rep. Pete Olson of Texas
Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee
Rep. Jim Renacci of Ohio
Rep. Evan Jenkins of West Virginia
Rep. Drew Ferguson of Georgia


The Emperor has no clothes

Today's diplomatic debacle reminds me of the old story about an emperor leading a parade while naked. Failure after failure after failure. The documents supposedly proving his spy-gate BS, will also get ridiculed as a failure.

Meanwhile be sure to tell your family and friends that the Emperor has no clothes.

Some serve. Some serve themselves.


I no longer care or expect an apology about the McCain insult

McCain's family does deserve an apology., but it just ain't gonna happen. Trump and his sycophants have made it abundantly clear that no apology will be forthcoming. They perceive it as a sign of weakness and an admission that they are wrong and vulgar. So no point holding our breath waiting for an apology. It has now become just another Trump distraction outrage.

There are far more important things to focus on. Like the disaster Trump has caused with making Jerusalem the capital. Or the the GOP in Louisiana are about to throw 30,000 people out of nursing homes.


Hey John Kelly, just give it up

It is not worth the heartache. It is not worth that anxious knot of dread in your gut that you feel every morning on your way into work. There is no honor to be gained by working for such a corrupt regime. Surely you are better than that.

I had a beloved teacher in high school (class of 1965), who once told me the importance of working within my limitations. You should check out the Greek legend of Prometheus, the champion of humanity. His fate for his championship was to be bound to a rock and have an eagle feast on his liver every day.

Do you want to be a real hero? It's easy. Just walk away. Hold a press conference and decry the corruption and stupidity of the regime that you have served. Pick up the phone and ask John McCain to cover your back. Somewhere inside you, there is a little piece of you that can never be dishonored or tarnished. It is your right to just say "No! I won't do that, say that, or be that." Redeem yourself. Just walk away.

Belshazzar's Feast

I am not a Christian, I am a Buddhist. Even so, I find many stories in the Bible to be very instructive. Lately the whole saga of Trump's endless saga of sorry scandals has reminded me of the story of Belshazzar's feast, as told in the book of Daniel.

Mene mene tekel upharsin, which roughly translates as "You have been weighed and measured and found wanting."

If you don't know this story, see https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Daniel+5&version=NKJV

Here's Rembrandt's painting of the Feast of Belshazzar

Such a stumble bum - that Trump is

Yikes! and he surrounds himself with stumble bums. Not a bit of honor and virtue among them. They are all so focused on acquiring wealth by any means that if you told them to lick a toilet bowl for $100M, they would do it.

All us DUers have wondered where the bottom of the Trump sewer of stupidity is, only to discover that there probably isn't one. I am no longer surprised by any stupid outrage that this crew of imbecilic criminals commits. Now something honorable and virtuous - that would surprise me. But every single week, it's yet a slew of stupidity and venality coming from the Trump cabal. So I guess we get to brace ourselves for a summer of even more slime and stupidity. It's certainly not going to stop any time soon.

Personally, I would be deeply embarrassed to tell such obvious lies and foment such deplorable hate and fear-mongering. But of course, today's Trumpster Republicans cannot be embarrassed. It is a sad sad day, when your average, mediocre Democratic politician will far outshine and look virtuously heroic, when compared to the degenerate toxic slime that now inhabits the Oval Office.

I'm not depressed and on a morning bummer. I promise that I'm not. I really do endeavor to maintain a cheerful attitude. I refuse to nurture hatred towards them. I guess the positive lesson to be learned here is that hatred and greed and disturbing negative emotions makes people stupid. Wouldn't it be great to hear a president inspire us to a higher and better purpose? Alas, "Yes we can" seems so distant in the rear-view mirror. I so yearn for some Dem politicians to talk about honor, honesty, and personal integrity. How about you?

What if Hannity really wasn't a client?

But when first asked, just went along with the fiction that he was, to make it look like Cohen was a real, practicing attorney. Then got cold feet about allowing the lie to be told in court and rectified the lie?

That's what I think happened. Not that Hannity is such an honest guy, but rather that he realized that he was playing with fire.

That we must be taught by our children about morality - how shameful

It shows how degenerate and corrupt our society has become under the influence of corporate greed.
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