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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 06:53 AM
Number of posts: 9,394

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Truth Matters!

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Hey Kentucky

has anyone stepped forward to run against McConnell?

If the Texas Dem primary were held today

I would vote for Warren. However, I find the the thought of a Biden-Beto ticket to be very appealing. I realize that a ticket won't happen until the convention. We have a long way to go yet.

Trump's financials

Trump's tax returns, bank loans, and insurance claims should be an eye opener -- hopefully. And I'm sure that the House Dems will get their hands on that info. Maxine Waters will have a hey-day over them. Although I don't give much credit to Trumpsters being turned off even by Trump's tax cheating. As long as Trump vocalizes hatred for blacks, Hispanics, gays, and Moslems, that's all that matters to them.

Meanwhile back here at the DU ranch, I imagine that we'll say "I told you so!" at all the filth that the subpoenas dredge up.

Trump's 2017 reimbursement check to Cohen - image

I know that y'all want to see this

Republicans are still defending Trump

It's a travesty. I feel very very sad that Republicans, even at this late date, are protecting Trump from Cohen's accusations. They know perfectly well that Trump is a degenerate criminal. What I see is not much different than all those good Germans, who followed Hitler in his early purges of enemies and suppressions of Jews and non Germans. What I see are degenerate people, who have closed their minds to protect themselves from their own culpability in corruption.

May the dark delusions and outrageous and egregious greed of Republicans be their downfall.

We need to use the word, "purge"

Stop saying that Trump will fire so-and-so, or Trump "fired" somebody. Call it what it is, a PURGE. Just like what Stalin did,and Hitler, and Mussilini, and every other 2-bit dictator. Connect the verb, "purge," with treason.

Stephen Miller stinks

Just saw the Chris Wallace interview Miller on Morning Joe. What an arrogant, know-it-all piss ant that Miller is! He's so unpleasant. Like some Nazi Gestapo ideologue, who will find any rationale, twist any facts and data, make up shit to get what he wants. It's very obvious why Trump keeps him around and lets Miller whisper Mephistoplelean tidbits in his ear.

Our gov in in such deep doo-doo.

Just stay calm and stay focused.

I find myself writing and saying this a lot. People are scaired, angry, confused, upset, pissed to the Nth degree. I just posted this on FB, and it's getting shared around in my little circle.

Trump is insane. Rumor is he takes adderall (speed), which partly explains his middle-of-the-night tweets. He is running scared, because so much has been discovered by Mueller about his treason. Trump is a pathelogical malignant narccissist, which means that he will never apologize and never back down. He will tell any lie. Manipulate the people around him to get what he wants, or get rid of them. His mind is filled with dark dark delusions. He will eventually be brought to justice for his crimes, although there will be great harm and wreckage in his wake. The best way for us to deal with him is to turn him off. Focus on electing Democrats in 2020, because republicans ain't going to do squat to contain his madness.

Meanwhile, do what you must to purify his vile chaos from your mind. Hang in there. Learn about the Dem candidates on your primary ballot, and figure out which ones you think would be best to win the general election. Even if that candidate ain't perfect. None of them or perfect.

Don't nurture hatred. If you find yourself hating Trump, or any of his sycophants, knock it off. Don't pollute your mind with hatred. Channel that energy into something positive in your life. Everything that Trump does is a distraction. He wants us talking about his evil deeds, rather than talking about our vision for creating an enlightened society. We shall eventually deal with Trump and the greedy useless Republicans, but it's going to take time. So stay calm and patient. Patience is a virtue.

Can you remember a time?

Think back to a time, when weeks, months went by and you never heard a peep about some WH scandal, or some stupid hateful comment by a president. A time, when you knew that you could just focus on your own little world and projects, and not have to hear vile garbage from the WH.

It's been such a long time ago ... We need to get back to that.

God I love classical music

I feel my mind getting cleansed of all Trump things dirty and vile. Turn the damn TV off and let the music of the masters fill me with beauty and peace. I listen to WRR-FM - Dallas, all classical, no ads. One of the oldest radio licenses in the country. Right now, Beethoven's Eroica is playing. This afternoon, I got to hear Copeland's Rodeo ballet, Faure, Vivaldi, Scarlotti, Dvorak. And since it's free, the price is right.

Copeland's Rodeo was particularly welcome today.
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