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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 06:53 AM
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What about the war machine budget?

I haven't heard any of our candidates address the obscene budget for the war machine. Do we really need to spend that much on the military?

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Clinton cut the military budget and sold it as a peace dividend. Let's face it, the military budget is the Republican jobs program. Jobs for Hughes and GE and General Dynamics, etc to develop more and more military systems. It's way past time to put a damper on the war machine.

Is euthanasia next?

Hitler used euthanasia to kill off the mentally and physically disabled long before he built the industrial gas-murder factories. In Trump's case, I doubt he would bat an eyelash, if people started dieing for lack of healthcare. In Trump's case, I think that it's more about not taxing his and rich people's money to provide healthcare for anyone. Ditto funding any safety net services.

I have the TV off right now

Usually, I'm pretty calm and don't get riled up, but today the news seems to be all KGOP hateful, vengeful, stupid day. Between killing Obamacare, crippling Special Olympics, hiding Fed reports on toxins to a wide range of species to threatening Rachel Maddow, it seems everyone in the KGOP looney bin has escaped. They just seem crazier than usual. Kinda depressing.

Get ready for Trump retribution and payback for the Mueller investigation

Already I'm hearing and reading that Trump and his political enablers are gearing up for retribution and payback for the discomfort and humiliation he experienced from 2 years of Mueller's investigation. Kelly Ann Conway has already called for Adam Schiff to resign.

Trump, a man with no discernable self control and discipline, a greedy man filled with anger, greed, and vengence will surely over-reach in his vengeful political payback frenzy. I don't think that his Dem critics in the House have one iota of fear about Trump. I known that Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Eric Swalwell, and Leader Pelosi are certainly not quaking with fear from Donald Trump.

The fight against this monster and all the investigations that are now queued up are far from over. If anything, I feel an even stronger resolve from Dems to take that monster down, and all the other vermin on the KGOP ship with him. I'm calmly pissed. How about you?


I know that there's at least 4 powerful people, who ain't buying the Barr BS

Leader Nancy Pelosi, Chairman Adam Schiff, Chairman Elijah Cummings, and Chairwoman Maxine Waters. And not a single one of those people are afraid of squat.

Let's face it. We got punked.

From the moment that Trump selected Barr, the fix was in. Actually, the fix was in way back when Trump selected Manafort and Flynn. Even before that, when Republicans refused to meet Gorsuch. We got punked when Mueller omitted interviewing Don Jr. and Kushner and Princess Ivanka.

Even if Mueller had done the honorable thing and listed Trump as a co-conspirator and laid out the case for his obstruction, Republicans would have lied and claimed the report was all lies. There is only one way to divest ourselves of this Trump-Republican criminal conspiracy, and that is to win back the WH and the Senate in 2020.

Surprise, surprise -- It's a cover-up

No interview of Trump, Trump Jr, Princess Trump, or Kushner. I really expected more from Mueller. Barr of course is a patsy. We already know that Republicans would spin it to their advantage, if not downright lie. Alas we have what we have. And now there's just one thing left for us to do -- win big time at the polls in 2020.

college admissions scandal

well I'm not surprised that wealthy individuals cheated to get their kids into elite colleges. The kids who got scholarships for sports they had never played -- well that's pretty cheeky hubris. What I'm here to rant about is the moral depravity that has grabbed our country. When did "anything goes" as moral code for life become so wide-spread.

I'm a Buddhist, and the very foundation of Buddhism is a moral code that includes no lying, no cheating, no stealing -- all non-virtuous behaviors that ultimately result in problems and more suffering. People have thrown away their coaching and academic and careers and for what? For greedy love of money. Some of those arrested today may get prison sentences.

I did a google search and the MSMedia sure has stories on the Hollywood parents, who were arrested. But nothing about the corporate and Wall St parents, who were arrested.

yet another false Mueller prediction

So last week, I read and heard on some talking head show that the Mueller would deliver his report on Friday 3/8, yesterday. That there would be final indictments. And now yesterday has come and gone.

I'm to the point where all such predictions are just so much gossipy wishful-thinking. Best to ignore such blather. The Mueller report will unfold when and how it unfolds. All that is required of me is to practice patience and focus on electing Dems in 2020. Elizabeth Warren will be in Dallas tomorrow. I think that I'll go see her.

Democratic socialism

Next time some Republican idiot equates socialism with despotism or communism, ask him if he would rather travel on the interstate highway, or build his own highway system. Ya know, the interstate highway system created under the presidency of that notorious socialist, Dwight D. Eisenhower, who as a 5 star general leading the allied armies to rush across Europe to defeat the Nazis, knew a thing or 2 about the importance of really good highways.

Or ask him if he would like to visit a National Park like Yellowstone, or build his own national park. Ya know, Yellowstone Park created as a national park under that notorious socialist Theodor Roosevelt, who knew a thing or 2 about preserving and conserving our most beautiful pristine areas as national parks to be enjoyed by our children for generations to come.

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