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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
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So what's next after banning "woke" books?

Let me guess. All books about Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Greek mythology, Wiccans, Sufis, and other non Christian-Judeo religions disappear from library shelves. Then might as well ban books about the labor movement too. Certainly don't want the kiddies reading the biographies of people they don't like. And do away with the whole anthopology section, because non-white, non-Christian, non-American cultures and customs aren't worth reading about anyway.

BTW, who are they to tell me what books my kids can't read? It's one thing for them to decide what their minor children can and can't read, but quite another to decide that for another parent. Is their book banning not an infringement on the rights of parents? They don't want their kids reading about FDR and Thurgood Marshall? OK. But don't decide that for my children.

"Woke" is the current RW equivalent for the N-word

Sometimes gussied up with an accompanying "socialist" and/or LGBTQ. But basically woke is meant to equate every bit of African-American history, heros, accomplishments, and unique culture as godless, ugly, unAmerican, unpatriotic, unworthy, and deserving of annihilation.

I'm so tired of it. But alas, it seems that RWers have latched onto it with a frenzy. So I guess I'll just have to deal with as best I can. How do you deal with it?

Why are so many RWers supporting Putin

It's not like they were ever communists or descended from Russian ancestors? Is it because they get Russian dark money for their campaigns?

Jimmy Carter with Sadat and Begin

Remember this? We were all so hopeful when this happened.

Jimmy and Rosalyn wedding picture

Such a cute couple

Jimmy Carter is a happy man. Want to know why?

Because he devoted his life to working for the benefit of others. Whether he was monitoring elections in foreign countries or building houses for Habitat for Humanity, his motivation was always to add value and work for the benefit and happiness of others.

He could have worked to amass a vast fortune lobbying for Wall St or some defense contractor. But no, he didn't need to become a billionaire. He had his farm, his wife, his Sunday School gig, and his work living up to his aspiration to follow the teachings of Jesus -- love your enemies, do unto others, welcome the stranger, feed, cloth, and house the disadvantaged. Basically work for the benefit and happiness of others. This also explains why TFG is not a happy man.

Here's a pic of a happy Jimmy Carter, working for the benefit of others.

Was anyone from the Mayor's office or police chief present

at Tyre Nichols funeral?
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