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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Texas. most of my life I lived in Austin and Dallas
Home country: United States
Current location: Bryan, Texas
Member since: Sun Aug 14, 2011, 03:57 AM
Number of posts: 85,934

About Me

Middle-aged white guy who believes in justice and equality for all. Math and computer analyst with additional 21st century jack-of-all-trades skills. I'm a stud, not a dud!

Journal Archives

Wendy Davis Hits Abbott at UT, Says Turnout Works in Her Favor

On the campus of the University of Texas at Austin today, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis urged a packed room of students to vote and to help her campaign turn out voters. The rally comes as spotty turnout numbers during the first week of early voting have called into question Democrats’ ability to turn out enough voters to make an impact on Election Day, only a week away.

At the rally, Davis told students that her opponent, Greg Abbott, would “shortchange the future of the state.” Davis ran through her campaign’s core arguments—Abbott only cared about his “insider buddies,” and hadn’t used his office to protect the state’s citizens. She highlighted Abbott’s defense of school funding cuts, and told the crowd she would try to win an increase in the minimum wage, increased access to health care, and equal pay laws for women.

“I know very much who I am. I know very much where I come from. It is deeply embedded in me,” she told the crowd. “I am a fighter for people.”

With Davis’ campaign behind in most polls, Democrats have to turn out a large number of unlikely voters to make an impact this cycle. But turnout in the first week of early voting has been low. Davis and other Democrats are traveling the state, hoping to excite their core constituencies.

Read more: http://www.texasobserver.org/wendy-davis-hits-abbott-ut-says-turnout-working-favor/

On "Daily Show," Davis Says a Blue Texas is "On Its Way"

During an appearance on The Daily Show in Austin on Monday, state Sen. Wendy Davis, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, dismissed speculation that Texas is showing no signs of turning blue.

Host Jon Stewart asked Davis about the "tough campaign" she has faced this year. Recent surveys, including the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll, have shown her trailing her Republican opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott, by double digits.

"How conservative a place is Texas — and what is the demographic?" Stewart said. "We’ve heard a lot about 'it's flipping blue,' but it looks like it ain’t even flipping like a cool azure. What’s going on?"

Davis told Stewart that Texas "really is on its way."

"What we’ve suffered from here for quite a while is two decades of Republican-led redistricting that have created very purely drawn Republican districts and a few very purely drawn Democratic ones," Davis said. "So all of the conversations in elections take place during primaries. It was one of the reasons I was so committed to this race, making sure we were going to force into a general election a real conversation about the things that really mattered to people — and invite Texans to decide whether this Republican-led Legislature truly is reflective of the things that they care about.”

Read more: http://www.texastribune.org/2014/10/27/daily-show-davis-says-blue-texas-its-way/

Perry Calls For "Clean Break" From Obama Era

Gov. Rick Perry took his national ambition to California Monday night, bemoaning what he described as a country adrift both at home and abroad and predicting that Americans will demand dramatic change in the next presidential election.

In a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, billed as a “major” address by his aides, Perry said voters will be looking for an alternative to “this season of disappointment, mediocrity, decline.”

“I believe that come 2016, if the American people are given the choice, they will be ready for a clean break from the Obama agenda and anything like it,” Perry said.

Perry stopped short of declaring his own interest in a 2016 run — not that he has done anything to discourage the rampant speculation. After the speech, in a brief question and answer session, he acknowledged he wasn't prepared the first time around but said he'd spent the last two years getting ready should he jump in.

Read more: http://www.texastribune.org/2014/10/27/rick-perry-calls-clean-break-obama-era/

Last Week To Stop A Disaster

By Carol Morgan

For voters still waffling, come on! When early voting ends on Halloween, whether it’s a trick or treat will depend on the voting choices you’ve made. Call it selective memory loss or motivated forgetting but, I’m afraid everyone’s recollections are a little foggy about the egregious acts of the GOP in Texas and Washington since last midterms.

Perhaps all need a heaping dose of classroom drill and kill to relearn what you missed the first time around. Last week, people on Twitter did exactly that.

#StopTheGOP trended on-and-off for several days, approaching a hundred thousand Tweets; refreshing the repressed memories of voters.

Tweeters revisited the trillion dollar deficits, massive unemployment and economic collapse at the hands of the GOP. Down memory lane we went, to the Tea Party crippling Congress, sabotaging economic recovery and shutting down the government. Who could forget selling our country to corporations, making trade agreements in private meetings, refusing to expand Medicaid, the war on women, blocked immigration reform, equal pay, minimum wage increases, gun control, and student loan reform?

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and the GOP’s recent past is the prologue for the next two years. I shudder to think of the specifics.

Look here, it’s taken six long years for the stock market to go back up, for unemployment to go down, for home values to go up, for the number of uninsured to be reduced, for more money to be placed into Pell grants, for gas prices to go down, for exports to go up, for the deficit to go down, and for the GDP to rise again.

And just keep in mind, the GOP had no part in this. When it comes to solutions, they’ve got nothing, except plenty of criticism.

It’s no wonder that in an August 2014 Gallup poll, the 113th Congress had the highest disapproval rating of any Congress since 1974, and it was the lowest during the government shutdown, courtesy of the GOP.

Despite all of this, some voters will willingly give the keys back to the irresponsible drunken teenager who crashed the family sedan and we will be back at square one, feeling a little like Sisyphus at the bottom of the mountain.

Washington Post's Katrina Vanden Heuvel describes the catastrophe that a GOP-controlled Congress would bring. Although she deals in specifics in her article, we can imagine what will happen. Of course, it would be two years of non-stop obstruction, distraction, and conjuring up non-existent controversies. It would be the final chapter in destroying the presidential legacy of PBO, which is exactly what they promised in 2008.

More important than any party fallout, however, would be the GOP-inflicted damage upon the environment, the American worker, women and minorities.

Our Congressional pet turtle, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has promised a gathering of donors hosted by the Koch brothers that “We’re not going to be debating all these gosh darn proposals . . . things like raising the minimum wage . . . extending unemployment . . . the student loan package.” He’s already laying out the strategy in advance.

Imagine the possibilities of nominees that will never be confirmed, qualified judges that will never make it to the bench, the lack of oversight of financial institutions and consumer protection, not to mention any foreign policy negotiations about nuclear weapons or national security, and then, add the fear-filled solutions in public health also.

Make no mistake about it, a government shutdown is in the cards with health care and social security as the hostages.

Vanden Heuvel sums it up perfectly:

“Many progressives are not satisfied with today’s Democratic Party; they want it to be more populist and progressive. But they also know it is absurd to suggest that there are no differences between the two major parties, and it is madness to suggest that little will change if Republicans take the Senate…A Republican Senate, working with a Republican House, will be a wrecking crew. There is only one way to avert the devastation: Vote with a vengeance on Nov. 4.”


Carol Morgan is a career/college counselor, writer, speaker, former Democratic candidate for the Texas House and the award-winning author of Of Tapestry, Time and Tears, a historical fiction about the 1947 Partition of India. Email Carol at elizabethcmorgan@sbcglobal.net , follow her on Twitter and on Facebook or visit her writer’s blog at www.carolmorgan.org


Posted in its entirety with permission.

Fiancee of man who died of Ebola had belongings burned, must find new Dallas home

She (Louise Troh) has been living in a retreat home owned by the Catholic Diocese of Dallas.

Mark Wingfield, the church’s associate pastor, said Troh has faced tremendous challenges with the death of her fiancée and destruction of valued belongings. She saved money to buy a king mattress, which could hold her grandchildren when they visited. She prized a large screen TV that her daughter gave her.

The TV and mattress — and many other household items — were taken away in barrels and incinerated.

“She’s a self-sufficient woman in extremely difficult circumstances,” Wingfield said.

Read more: http://www.dallasnews.com/ebola/headlines/20141026-fiancee-of-man-who-died-of-ebola-had-belongings-burned-must-find-new-dallas-home.ece

Comptroller debate on Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

The final statewide debate will be happening this Wednesday, October 29, and we want you to come out and watch it with us. The Comptroller debate will pit Democrat Mike Collier against Republican Glenn Hegar. Collier is a certified public accountant running for the state’s top accounting job, while Hegar has zero accounting experience, and his greatest accomplishment is co-authoring HB 2.

We invite you to join Burnt Orange Report and the Travis County Democratic Party on
Wednesday, October 29 at Scholz Garten in Austin to view the debate.

The debate starts at 7:00 p.m. We’ll start gathering at 6:00 p.m. Plus, the Watchdog Mike Collier himself will be joining us after the debate to address his supporters.

Bring your friends, grab a beer, and be a part of the most important election in decades!

Read more: http://www.burntorangereport.com/diary/20652/join-burnt-orange-report-travis-county-democratic-party-comptroller-debate

{font color=green]I'll post information about the broadcast when it becomes available.[/font]

Judge orders search of militia member’s home after finding thousands of rounds of ammo in hotel room

BROWNSVILLE — Federal agents found thousands of rounds of ammunition in the Brownsville hotel room of Kevin Lydel Massey — a convicted felon and militia member, authorities said.

The statement was made Friday during a detention hearing for Massey, who appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Ronald Morgan to face a charge for a federal violation of possession of a firearm by convicted felon.

Massey closely watched prosecutors and responded to a few questions in a quiet southern drawl, leaving his attorney to speak on his behalf.

Court records show Massey has two prior convictions for burglary in both 1985 and again in 1989 in Dallas County.

Read more: http://www.themonitor.com/news/local/judge-order-search-of-militia-member-s-home/article_b0a38832-5be1-11e4-9158-0017a43b2370.html

Robertson comment on AIDS angers Kenyans (and TexasTowelie too)

NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenyans are expressing anger and shock on social media and radio stations over comments made by popular American evangelist Pat Robertson in a recent TV broadcast in which he warned that [strike]towelies[/strike] towels in Kenya could transmit AIDS.

Robertson made the remarks last week while answering a question his show “The 700 Club” from a viewer about whether a planned trip to Kenya is risky.

Robertson responded: “You might get AIDS in Kenya. The people have AIDS in Kenya. The [strike]towelies[/strike] towels could have AIDS.”

The Christian Broadcast Network issued a correction but Kenyans on social media are demanding that Robertson apologizes personally on the TV show.

Read more: http://www.news-journal.com/features/religion/robertson-comment-on-aids-angers-kenyans/article_089a3b47-8b0d-5c29-8fcd-32acf923ce69.html

Cornyn and Alameel spar over immigration, marriage, abortion in Senate debate

WASHINGTON – Sen. John Cornyn portrayed himself Friday night as an agent of change in Washington, as rival David Alameel blasted him for blocking immigration reforms while kowtowing to Wall Street.

This was the first and only debate of the contest, as Cornyn seeks a third term and Alameel claws for traction.

With Univision as the debate host, a hefty chunk of the questioning was aimed at immigration policy – an area of especially clear disagreement.

Cornyn, who has long resisted legalization for the 11 million people in the country illegally, called himself a “strong supporter of immigration reform.” He agreed that young people brought to the country illegally by their parents – the so-called “Dreamers” – should be eligible for college aid.

Read more: http://trailblazersblog.dallasnews.com/2014/10/cornyn-and-alameel-spar-over-immigration-marriage-abortion-in-senate-debate.html/

[font color=green]Did anybody watch?[/font]

Friday Night Catnip: The Left Banke: The Left Bank Too

Yes, this is the band that gave us the hit "Walk Away Renee." The Left Banke Too is the second studio album by the 1960s baroque rock band The Left Banke, released on Smash Records in 1968. This is an obscure psychedelic classic with interesting instrumentation including strings, trumpet and oboe. I highly recommended fur catnip connoisseurs.

1. "Goodbye Holly" (0:00)
2. "There's Gonna Be a Storm" (2:55)
3. "Sing Little Bird Sing" (7:14)
4. "Nice to See You" (10:25)
5. "Give the Man a Hand" (13:06)
1. "Bryant Hotel" (16:01)
2. "Desirée" (19:27)
3. "Dark is the Bark" (22:10)
4. "In the Morning Light" (25:41)
5. "My Friend Today" (28:30)

My personal favorite is Desiree:

Everything returns again
Both the laughter and the rain
She is living somewhere far away
Still I ask her in my lonely way to stay

Desiree, Desiree
Now she's leaving

Desiree you know, how it hurts me
Living alone through all the years
Nothing can hold the tears in me

Everything remains the same
Yet she answers not her name
Still if I could look beyond these skies
Standing here again before my eyes I'd see

Desiree, Desiree
Now she's leaving

Desiree you know how it hurts me
Where do I run to is it real
Nothing but pain I feel for real

Desiree you know how it hurts me
Living alone through all the years
Nothing can hold the tears in me

La la la
La la la
La la la

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