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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Texas. most of my life I lived in Austin and Dallas
Home country: United States
Current location: Bryan, Texas
Member since: Sun Aug 14, 2011, 03:57 AM
Number of posts: 87,917

About Me

Middle-aged white guy who believes in justice and equality for all. Math and computer analyst with additional 21st century jack-of-all-trades skills. I'm a stud, not a dud!

Journal Archives

On Second Night of Post-O'Reilly Lineup Fox News Star Makes Veiled Oral Sex Joke About Ivanka Trump

Fox News rising star Jesse Watters made a thinly-veiled on-air oral sex "joke" about the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, on the second day of the embattled news network's new post O'Reilly prime time lineup.

Bill O'Reilly was fired after multiple women, at least seven, accused the 21-year Fox News veteran of sexual harassment. The allegations cost the network tens of millions in payments to the women (up to $13 million), a payout to O'Reilly ($25 million) and unknown millions in lost revenue as more than 60 advertisers fled "The O'Reilly Factor."

But Tuesday night Watters, who often appeared on O'Reilly's show, and has now been promoted as a co-host of the new primetime Fox New show, "The Five," ignored all the sexual harassment reports (the Fox News hotline reportedly has been very active) and made an oral sex joke involving the president's daughter.

After playing a clip of Ivanka Trump being hissed and booed by the audience at an international conference focusing on women's empowerment, the W20, part of the G20 economic forum, Watters first blamed liberals for expressing displeasure with Trump's remarks.

Read more: http://www.thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/davidbadash/watch_on_second_night_of_post_o_reilly_lineup_fox_news_star_makes_oral_sex_joke_about_ivanka_trump


More Than 30 Men Arrested For Sodomy In Iran Face Death Penalty if Convicted

More than 30 men were arrested after a private party in the Bahadoran region of Isfahan, Iran was raided by the police, Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees reported Thursday. Their charges are sodomy, drinking alcohol and using psychedelic drugs and they face the death penalty if found guilty.

The men, between the ages of 16 and 30, the Canadian charity reports, were rounded up late April 13 amid gunshots and beatings from police, according to the Jerusalem Post.

“IRQR received several reports in last few days and were able to confirm that police attacked guests and physically beat them. Police detained them all at the Basij (Revolutionary Guard Militia) Station and then transferred them to Esfahan’s Dastgerd Prison. A few people managed to escape and we received reports that there were several heterosexual individuals among those arrested,” IRQR reported.

IRQR also reported that those arrested were forced to name their LGBT friends to authorities. In Iran, homosexuality is punishable by death, according to the International Society for Human Rights.

Read more: http://www.towleroad.com/2017/04/sodomy-iran-reports/

Schock wants campaign finance charges dropped

Former Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), who has been indicted on two-dozen fraud-related charges, wants a federal court to dismiss five counts on the falsifying of campaign finance records.

His lawyers at McGuireWoods argue that the charges infringe on his constitutional rights, including rights to due process, by using an anti-obstruction law to prosecute him for the alleged falsification of campaign expenses.

As a candidate and member of Congress, Schock “caused less than two handfuls of false entries to be made among hundreds in the records of certain political committees and among the scores of the disclosure reports that those committees filed with the {Federal Election Commission} in the ordinary course of business,” his lawyers wrote in a court filing late last week.

Schock's legal team says that the Justice Department has been attempting to play in a “gotcha game” by “inventing” reporting requirements “after the fact.”

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/330395-schock-wants-campaign-finance-charges-dropped

Local Dems hold town hall on health care

Area Democrats gathered Tuesday to discuss the health care system, criticizing local U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe for not holding a town hall of his own.

Bowie County and Miller County Democrats organized the panel discussion that focused on access to health care under the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Health care experts and state and local politicians addressed topics such as Texas' refusal to expand Medicaid under the ACA and the feasibility of instituting a national, single-payer system.

Democrats say they have repeatedly tried to schedule a town hall meeting with Ratcliffe, R-Texas, since January, and Tuesday's meeting was a response to his deflecting and ignoring them. Ratcliffe's spokesperson said Monday he is not dodging his constituents and that scheduling an in-person town hall is "not a matter of if but when."

The audience watched a brief video of Ratcliffe standing before a painting of Ronald Reagan and declaring his intention to repeal the ACA, claiming 76 percent of his constituents were in favor of repeal.

Read more: http://www.texarkanagazette.com/news/texarkana/story/2017/apr/26/local-dems-hold-town-hall-health-care/671425/

Kilgore mail carrier wins discrimination lawsuit

MARSHALL — A federal jury in Marshall has ruled in favor of a Kilgore mail carrier in her discrimination lawsuit, determining she was fired in November 2012 for reporting a black supervisor was mistreating white employees.

The mail carrier, Kimberly Cox, was awarded $250,000 in damages for mental and emotional distress.

"My client never wants to go through seven and a half months of not knowing what's going to happen to your job just because she told them there was a problem on the work room floor (that) you must take care of," Cox's attorney, Rebecca Fisher, told jurors.

"If something occurs that you believe is discrimination (whether age, gender or race), you are to report it to the chain of command," Fisher said. "She did what she thought was the right thing."

Read more: https://www.news-journal.com/news/2017/apr/22/mail-carrier-wins-lawsuit/ (Longview News-Journal)

First cloned cat like any other 15 years later

At the end of a long gravel road in East College Station, the world's first cloned cat -- now 15 years old -- lives in what longtime Texas A&M Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science researcher Duane Kraemer describes affectionately as a "kitty barn."

CC, also known as Copy Cat, was born in December 2001, the result of the 87th attempt at cloning a cat by Kraemer's lab at Texas A&M after several years of trying.

Kraemer, who recently retired from the university, said the success was simply the product of his team's work in pushing the boundaries of what is possible to accomplish.

Still considered among the crowning achievements of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Kraemer said he is proud the achievement has reflected so well on the university.

Read more: http://www.theeagle.com/news/a_m/first-cloned-cat-like-any-other-years-later/article_b07bf6b6-e64e-5b4d-9c77-e08bd232e9ab.html

Duane Kraemer sits with 15-year-old CC (Copy Cat), the first cat cloned in the world, at their home in rural Brazos County.

Maker of feral hog poison pulling product from Texas

The maker of Kaput Feral Hog Bait, facing mounting opposition to its product and the threat of lawsuits, has withdrawn its registration of the warfarin-based poison in the state of Texas.

“Under the threat of many lawsuits, our family owned company cannot at this time risk the disruption of our business and continue to compete with special interests in Texas that have larger resources to sustain a lengthy legal battle,” according to a press release from Colorado-based Scimetrics Ltd. Corp.

The press release does not identify the individuals or organizations that may have threatened to take legal action.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller in February authorized the use of Kaput for dealing with the booming wild hog population. The Waco-based Texas Farm Bureau applauded the move, saying feral hogs have become a costly nuisance that bulldozes crops and damages public land.

Read more: http://www.wacotrib.com/news/environment/maker-of-feral-hog-poison-pulling-product-from-texas/article_a619efb1-35d5-53ed-80bd-d334b6bf3c1f.html

Moody ISD student accused of urinating in teacher's drinking cup

A 16-year-old Moody High School student was detained on three felony charges Monday, accused of urinating in a teacher's drinking cup earlier this month, Moody Police Chief Roger Kennedy said.

Moody police opened an investigation April 13 after Moody ISD administrators notified them of a teacher who reported the student had urinated in a teacher's drinking container that day, Kennedy said.

"The juvenile was accused of urinating in a drinking cup that belonged to one of the teachers and she didn't find out about it until after the fact," Kennedy said. "She thinks she (ingested) it but she doesn't know 100 percent, because according to her statement she made the comment that the water fountain always tastes funny."

Moody ISD superintendent Gary Martel said the high school principal collected statements from students and reviewed video footage from hallway cameras after students returned from the Easter holiday. The school disciplined the student April 18 in accordance with the district's student code of conduct, as police continued to investigate, Martel said.

Read more: http://www.wacotrib.com/news/police/moody-isd-student-accused-of-urinating-in-teacher-s-drinking/article_b71aad15-068b-5cf6-a078-876d0e290821.html

Marlin police chief resigns

Marlin’s police chief is resigning, though the reasons for the move remain unclear.

Damien Eaglin submitted his letter of resignation to the city council Monday. He stated he enjoyed the honor of serving Marlin residents as police chief since December 2015. Eaglin’s official end date is unclear.

“At this time in my life, I have other endeavors and goals that are pointing me in a different direction. Please do understand,” Eaglin stated in his resignation letter. “If at a later date, the opportunity presents itself for me to be of assistance, I will do so with no hesitation.”

Eaglin took over the position one month after Chief Darrell Allen died from a gunshot wound he suffered while working off-duty security at a bar in Temple.

Read more: http://www.wacotrib.com/news/greater_waco/marlin-police-chief-resigns/article_12c15b4e-91ac-56f3-ba88-78841de1b76f.html

GSA study: McAllen needs federal courthouse

McAllen needs a new federal courthouse, concludes a federal study that was released late Tuesday, providing a significant step forward in what is expected to be a years-long process toward securing a new facility.

The 23-page study, conducted by the General Services Administration, concludes that while the current facility located on U.S. Business 83 may be adequate for certain federal executive offices, the existing building is inadequate for judicial functions.

Bentsen Tower, where the courts currently lease space and have since 1987, does not and cannot provide adequate space for the courts, the study said. Security is an overall issue, the study found, especially regarding secure separation of judges, the public and prisoners. There is also not adequate room in the lobby for proper security screening, the study said.

This study is the result of a congressional directive inserted into a bill by U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, whose district extends into western Hidalgo County. The study evaluated the current building and offered four options.

Read more: http://www.themonitor.com/news/local/article_3afd3580-2a1d-11e7-aa8c-b3b5f11c0fd8.html
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