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Member since: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 09:19 AM
Number of posts: 2,223

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Now is the time for all homeowners associations, municipalities, and other governing bodies

who exercise authority over where people are allowed to plant gardens and grow food to stand down, to resend edicts and easements, to realize that so called property values may very well become a distant secondary to people’s desire to feed their families.

This spring and summer: now is a real good time for homeowners' associations

and local municipalities to drop their rules and regulations against property owners growing gardens anywhere on their property. We can most certainly use the food, and it will keep many of us busy.

CULT45 NEWS: He's finally about to ask his followers to drink the KoolAid. Will they do it?

Stay tuned.

Are Joe and Bernie speaking out against fucking hoarders?

These Pendejos are causing real difficulties for seniors, homeless, poor, those with only public transportation access, students, disabled...etc. etc. People who can only purchase and or carry limited amounts of goods on a regular basis.

Maybe I missed it; If I did sorry about the mini rant.

Both these guys need to come out hard, strong, and large against fucking hoarding.

Question for the here and now:

both of our candidates must be asked point blank if they would push for huge corporate/industry bailouts, as IQ45 is doing now, or would they concentrate funds available into the direct service of individuals in need?

Baseball shuts down.

Can life without baseball be complete?

Isn't there one Judge in America

who will step forward and face the voting rights abuses in Texas and throughout the South?
Where do our candidates stand on striking of the voting rights act?

Are you excited about what your candidate will do and posting that? (Enthusiasm)

Or, are you worried about what other candidates will do and posting that? (Fear)

Enthusiasm or Fear: what are you bringing to the discussion?

Is it more necessary to point out the primary opponent’s perceived shortcomings or your candidate’s perceived strengths?

Personally, my record is less than stellar, but working daily to do better.

I have another primary candidate all picked out, thanks, Joe.

Fracking is absolutely devastating wherever it exists.


Climate Crisis is high on American's support list.


Why are only two candidates really tuned into this public concern?
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