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Member since: Tue Oct 11, 2011, 08:56 AM
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Trumpism is showing us what is wrong with our failing democracy and how to fix it

One thing we should all demand is that public figures MUST tell the truth. They should be either fined or indicted for lying to the public and subject to harsh penalty including a jail sentence. I could see that becoming the foundation of an advanced form of democracy in which truth-telling is strongly enforced.

What Trump's success says about America

Trump's success says more about the failng of our democracy than about any talent of his. He has a demonstrated ability to play other people's failures to his advantage like any criminal.

His success is the result of the sustained stresses on our society of religion, wealth and right wing extremism all of which have "deals" or "understandings" with each other to sabotage our democracy. These groups have no use for democracy and will do anything in their power to disrupt it and replace it with rule by the rich and religious/police fascism.

Trump supporters would vote for Adolph Hitler for president if they could

I said this before and I'll say it again until they forcibly shut me up. America is the breeding ground for fascists and the major factor in causing this is religion. We live in a society that is dominated by religion. It is the only institution that you may not criticize yet has a choke hold on its billions of followers for their "salvation." It is authoritarian and totalitarian. Are we forgetting how the Vatican made Hitler's and Mussolini's rise to power possible in 1930s Europe? And how it colluded with the Protestant Fundies to create the death squads that tortured and killed millions? It has caused our society to hate intellectual activities to the point that we have become virtually illiterate and know nothing of history. It's aim is keep its subjects as its servants and prevent progress at all costs even if that means violent suppression. It has robbed our democracy of hundreds of billions of dollars (some even estimate trillions). When are we going to wise up and abolish its tax exemption and enforce the prohibition of its political activity. It is the most significant factor holding us back from confronting and coping with our major social, political and environmental problems today.

Let's all start using the phrase "God-myth" instead of the word "God" from now on

If all atheists started saying "God-myth" instead of "God" we might be able to finally change the obsession of our country with religion. This would force believers to have to prove what they are referring to day in and day out. They would have to present objective evidence for their god and for their claim that he gave them the right to rule over society or else continue to hear us say "God-myth" each and every time.

Are the cops hinting they will brutalize nonbelievers in Tazwell, iL?


The photo in this site shows cops in this town posing beside their police cars that have In God We Trust painted on them. They are clearly showing off their sidearms and adopting tough postures as though they are ready to use force against all who disagree. What is the real purpose of posing with their guns showing beside these religious signs? Is this not a not too covert warning that they are planning to enforce the respect or observance of their religion by force? Are they hinting that they will brutalize atheists who show disrespect of religion? Are these guys, in fact, launching their form of a Holy Inquisition? Why don't we publicize what we think are their likely motives and let the chips fall where they may? Sure we may get lambasted as paranoids but there is a lot of evidence that many cops see themselves as defenders of the faith and are ready to use force. We will thus introduce an idea that may explain much of their future behaviors and one that will be hard for them to escape or ignore.

How your secular kids should deal with religious bullying from other kids

Tell you’re kids that it’s OK to believe in God or not to believe– different people have different view and we are all good people!
If another kid threatens your kid with Hell and tells him/her that they will go to Hell if they don't believe in God:
tell your kid to tell the aggressive kid one of the following responses:

-not everyone believes in God and it’s OK not to believe - we're all good if we do good
-stop being a bully (if they persist to threaten)
-Hell is as make believe as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, so stop being a bully

and then if the aggressive kid keeps threatening to just walk away and say nothing further (or if in danger go to a teacher they like and complain).

(This stuff is very hard for kids to deal with and that's why I and other atheists have been trying to come up with ways for them to cope)

The critical question is does religion breed fascism? I think history shows it does

The evidence is clear that the Church was an ardent supporter of Mussolini, Hitler, Salazar, the Ustasha and later supported Death Squad activity with heavy Catholic and Fundamental Protestant participation from the Family and church loyalists in the CIA. Not many people remember this but Pope Pius XII lobbied strongly for a preemptive nuclear strike on the Soviet Union with both A- and H-bombs that would have resulted 50 million casualties. He was preparing world Catholicism for the conversion of the Russian people to that faith and was using the Fatima legend to work up passion for an invasion. The Church also lobbied strongly for A-bombing the Viet-Minh at Dienbienphu to prevent a rout of the French. General Douglas MacArthur attempted to convert the Japanese people to Catholicism as well and was rebuffed by that nation for this.

Religion is the only other large institution that can declare war (Holy War) and mobilize millions to take up arms and depose government as happened in Spain in 1939 and Mexico in 1921. It does not respect secular justice and must be forced to observe it. When are we going to educate the public about this. It seems to me this is the most important issue about religion to be discussed.

Almost as good as Paul Ryan's during Obama speech

Ryan's hateful looks during the Obama speech reminded us about the stonily cold Inquisitors who tortured millions in the worst crime in all history which the Church got away with. Ryan is the sort of right-wing Catholic fanatic who would be pleased to see a rerun of that abomination with the liberals and progressives as today ‘s victims. He is one bad guy. Reagan was the same sort. He said the USA should be run on the principles of Jesus Christ and received the Knights of Columbus's chief award for his support of their funding of Latin American and Asian death squads. These 2 guys are twin bad asses.

Bumper sticker for right now



I just made one up myself with a blank magnet and suggest that all dems make one and put them on our cars Today!!

We should publicize Kansas Republicans switch to Dems after Brownback's policies tank economy

Another example of how right-wing economics is failing, comes this year from Kansas, a state dominated by the Republican and Tea Parties and led by governor Sam Brownback, an avowed theocrat and Reaganite. According to the Washington Post, Republicans are revolting and voting Democratic:

In Kansas, Brownback tried a red-state ‘experiment.’ Now he may be paying a political price

GODDARD, Kan. — Gail Jamison, a lifelong Republican, voted for Sam Brownback for governor in 2010 believing he would restore school funding that had been greatly reduced by the recession. Four years later, she has joined with more than 100 prominent Republicans in publicly throwing their support behind Brownback’s Democratic opponent — because, she said, Brownback pursued a hefty tax cut for the rich that deprived schools of needed resources.

“I am shocked by what’s happened,” said Jamison, president of the Board of Education in this Wichita suburb. “I find it personally a very extreme stance.”

“supported by special interest groups backed by conservative billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, he [Brownback] pushed through legislation that cut taxes and spending, eliminated state jobs and denied far more applications for welfare assistance — not to mention that he tightened abortion regulations and loosened gun rules. Brownback promised that the efforts would drive economic growth, create jobs and stabilize the Kansas budget. But the state is now reporting a more than $300 million revenue shortfall. The poverty rate increased. The state’s economy expanded a total of 2.3 percent in inflation-adjusted terms over the past two years, half the rate of its four neighbors. And Kansas’s credit rating has been downgraded. In an interview on his way to Dodge City — where he would sign legislation creating a “National Day of the Cowboy” — Brownback said he regretted referring to his plans as an experiment. But he defended his tenure, saying it represented a Ronald Reagan-style approach to governance that eventually would rebuild Kansas’s economy after a long slide.”

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