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How your secular kids should deal with religious bullying from other kids

Tell youíre kids that itís OK to believe in God or not to believeĖ different people have different view and we are all good people!
If another kid threatens your kid with Hell and tells him/her that they will go to Hell if they don't believe in God:
tell your kid to tell the aggressive kid one of the following responses:

-not everyone believes in God and itís OK not to believe - we're all good if we do good
-stop being a bully (if they persist to threaten)
-Hell is as make believe as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, so stop being a bully

and then if the aggressive kid keeps threatening to just walk away and say nothing further (or if in danger go to a teacher they like and complain).

(This stuff is very hard for kids to deal with and that's why I and other atheists have been trying to come up with ways for them to cope)
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