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Member since: Sun Nov 20, 2011, 02:18 PM
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Name the single greatest threat to our American Way of life.

I'll start:

Fox News

"Tea Party is here to stay and will never go away"

Says Tom Brokaw.

Perhaps......but their day in the sun was in 2010.

By the way, does the John Birch society still exist?

Maybe they morphed into a "new and improved" package called the Tea Party?

Regardless, there will always be an extreme right faction so in that regard, Brokaw is right. The Neo Cons, however, will once again need some fancy new packaging when the Tea Party becomes widely perceived as too extreme similar to how the John Birch society was in the 60s.

Listen up Brokaw. There are umpteen political parties out there that have never "gone away". Your statement would be much bolder if you had said, "The Tea Party will always be relevant".

They won't.

Prediction: Once again the Supreme Court chooses our President.

The rapidly evolving events in Ohio almost guarantee it.

The outcome to be in "limbo" for weeks until the legal aspects are sorted out and the Chief Justice writes his "opinion".

Florida all over again.

It's happening folks.

RedState: Climate Change Was A Lie


What must be done now is to award the email hacker with the next Nobel Peace Prize, revoke Al Gore’s, confiscate all the profits that have been made from furthering the lies and misdirections of the climate alarmists (including Michael Moore of course), shut down the UN’s Climate wing, and immediately dismantle and disrupt the EPA and the last 20 years of restrictions and regulations and blockades of access to American energy resources. Oh yeah-let’s burn the Cap & Trade bill and shutter the whole economy-destroying Ethanol nonsense while we’re at it.

Why you ask? Because it has finally come out that there has been no global warming since 1995 (it was much worse during Medieval times you see) and the now-shamed Professor at the heart of the original IPCC email scandal has finally been uncovered as a fraud. I can actually understand now why he once considered suicide…he knew this day of reckoning was coming.

The problem with saying “the science is settled” is that, sooner or later, someone else that truly believes in the never-ending pursuit of “science” is going to un-settle it with either new revelations or new discoveries. Unfortunately for Al Gore, we have come upon a newer, even more inconvenient truth; they lied.

Now we have to go about the business of cleaning up their mess.
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