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Member since: Sun Nov 20, 2011, 02:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,424

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Armed, non union, under paid/privatized, Christian prayer leading, teachers.

Charter Schools backed up by police that arrest disobedient students and haul them to privatized juvenile detention centers. The more money to be made, the more loosely the definition of disobedient to become.

Children indoctrinated to a new normal of guns, "obedience", and creationism.

This is the Tea Party vision.

A system that may eventually emulate extreme schooling in Pakistan. The key is to bring in a new kind of "dumbed down" teacher incapable of independent thinking. You do that by reducing pay to create a less desirable occupation for college graduates. You do that by enforcing strict, defined doctrine and weeding out those that may object.

Brought to you by ALEC.

A movement to stop ALEC. Who is in?

Called out specifically by their name. A grass roots movement. I'm calling for it.

It starts with DU types spreading the word. Learn about them. Expose them. Publicize them. Who are the members? Can we fight with consumer activism? Can we negate their marketing with bad press? Can we expose their puppet politicians that can't deviate a single word from "model" legislation? Can we attach the ALEC label and make it stick as a political negative?

Not to be confused with just the labor movement to stop the erosion of our standard of living. ALEC, after all, is responsible for much, much more. For example, the "stand your ground" gun laws or the removal of our ability to litigate financial fraud through the state Attorney General. Their list of extremely damaging legislation goes on and on.

I'm not talking about the GOP or FOX news or the Tea Party. I'm talking about ALEC.

We have to specifically pinpoint this group and start a movement. A big movement.

Let's get this thing started!
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