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Member since: Sun Nov 20, 2011, 02:18 PM
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Teaparty legwork


I typically avoid the place like the plague, but I felt that buying a couple of itunes redeemable cards was worth the time saved by going elsewhere. I'm not, after all, buying chinese music with them.

I guy at the entrance, set up at a table, wants me to sign a petition for no new taxes. He had another petition to support charter schools. Kill two birds with one stone I guess.

I was rather blunt with him and to his credit, he was respectful.

When I left the store, I sat in my car and watched him for a bit. In my estimation, a very small percentage of folks signed his petitions.

It gave me hope. I did have to ask myself why I never see people with progressive views doing similar work at popular storefronts. In every case, it has been a teaparty agenda.

So a couple questions....

Is this unique to my area or are you folks in different areas seeing more similar groundwork being done for the conservative agenda?

Was Walmart aware of this guy's views and allowed him access because of it? Or would they grant access to an opposing political view?

Why is it that taxes have become such a volatile issue when folks are getting raped by banks and going bankrupt from expensive health care?

I just don't get it. Misplaced anger? They are mad but not smart enough to know what to be mad at?

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