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Member since: Sun Nov 20, 2011, 02:18 PM
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Twelve years at the same job and facing impending layoff due to sequester.

Many coworkers blaming President Obama and much of it is racially motivated. Fox talking points used so frequently that I feel I am watching an episode of Hannity. Group mentality that uses O' Reilly methods to debate. Refuse to listen, speak louder and louder to drown out dissenting opinion,

They don't begin to understand what has happened to us. No clue about the Koch Brothers, Tea Party extremism, Walker in Wisconsin, the debt ceiling held as hostage, the "Super Committee", chained CPI, Bush tax cuts of 2001.....the endless list of events that DUers are aware of.

They don't want to hear and they don't want to know. They live in the bubble universe that gave us alternate presidential polls to Nate Silver. The Fox universe. This is all they know and all they trust.

The vast majority of my coworkers identify this job loss to President Obama. "Obama's tax and spend policy has taken our jobs."

They all pay union dues to the United Steelworkers. We currently work under an expired labor agreement and the "take it or leave it" proposal demands 5% cut in pay, loss of pension, mandatory overtime, increase in health care deductible, and elimination of positions related to worker safety. This was what we were facing before the sequester shit hit the fan.

All of it....."Obama's fault"

This nation is truly fucked.

See ya in the unemployment line. Will be living off of my child's college fund.
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