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Member since: Sun Nov 20, 2011, 02:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,424

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I refuse to vote Republican or Libertarian. That is all I'm going to give you.

I put the onus on you to give me the right Democratic candidate in the primary process.

Give me another DINO and I vote third party or leave it blank.

Chained CPI put me on the fence. "Too big to prosecute" made me sick to my stomach. Appointing a Romney clone to run Commerce pretty much sealed the deal.

Think I'm the only person that feels this way? I'll bet you are wrong.

I never pitched a tent or chanted slogans in the streets, but I am completely aligned with the Occupy agenda. They won me over as a pure spectator.

You are critical of their approach? Think they should work within the confines of the political system? Quit giving them crap candidates.

I'll give you a hint. I will skip Clinton. I will write a fat check and beat the street for someone that thinks/talks like Grayson.

I didn't say I would stay home and not vote at all. There are multiple races to weigh in on.

I leave it to you to get this party headed in the right direction.

The crematorium has been burning bodies for years

Why are people suddenly uptight about it? This is old news. Many of the politicians that we trust are fine with it. The reporter that wrote about this is a liar. The alarmists are in a tizzy over nothing. These actions are a price we must pay for security. The alarmists are simply trying to discredit our leader with trivial bullshit.

DU time warped to Germany 1942.

Bottom line: You can rationalize wrong until you are blue in the face, but you still can't make it right.

We are watching history being made. Sometime in the future, people will scratch their heads and wonder how we willingly accepted the crematorium of our constitutional protections. Illegal search and seizure is now acceptable. How could entire communities watch the ash fall on their town and do nothing about it?

The Patriot Act has such a fascist tone to it. Bin Laden won.

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