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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
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Thanks Sol. You're 100% right.

It may have started out as a garden-variety racist murder, but the right wing bad guys are trying to amplify it into riots, in order to defeat our first black president.

This is a perfectly reasonable sequence of events.

A nazi commits an atrocity, then the government response is a nazi injunction against all the world's citizens.

I love the French, and Sarkozy was great when he gamed l'il bush on the international p.r. scene, but nevertheless, wtf.

Great info. Thanks

As a Catholic, I thought the writing was excellent, and would have liked to thank the author on the blogspot's comment page, but couldn't sign up to do so.

Mae Brussell did a lot of investigative work on the Opus Dei links to P-2 (Propaganda Due), the fascist masonic lodge in Italy.

'Saint' Escriva's connections, to Franco in the '50's, point to 'the rat-line', which was the nazi underground rail-road out of Europe and away from war crimes prosecutions, post-WWII.

And thanks for the Frank Ryan info. I was just listening to the Pogues song that mentions him yesterday, titled 'The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn'. This is the first time I ever heard who he was.

Rev Terry is right. 'Mocking the unborn' is a bad habit,

but I gave up coffee last week, and need SOME kind of stimulant to energize me in the morning. The 'Rev' might want to re-think his 'promoting murder' accusations though, because he's connected to actual murderers like Scott Roeder and James Kopp.

He's a carpet-bagger in Oklahoma, too. He's from Binghamton, NY, and ran for Congress in FL in '06, so he's giving Romney a run for his money, in terms of 'number of states claimed as legal residence'. More like a drifter than a reverend.



Hey, I was just watching another repug lawyer woman talk about current issues on the Dave Pakman clip. God bless these little ladies, cos they're doing God's work, lying to the American public.

On edit: Pay no mind to Rick's mass-media broadcasted public statements. He's like Virginia's gov Bob. Pay no attention to all of his verbal and written statements. He doesn't believe it anymore, 'less he gets in to power.

Additionally, b n, I'd like to add

Mr. Golden's tearful statement 'give me a pay cut, and send me to ND, because nobody wants to go there', was obviously not a successful gambit, in terms of keeping his family of 8 fed. But when Rachel Maddow hosted repug Sen. Inhofe from OK on 3 -15, the Senator told the sad story (Segment 'E', min 10 thru 11) about how some poor fracker in ND named Harold Ham said that his problem is that there is full employment in ND but he needs people who are willing to work, and Harry wishes that he had some more able bodied laborers (but nobody wants to work in America, I guess. What a bunch of lazy whiners).

I'm glad Inhofe made Rachel laugh near the end of the segment, because her steadily increasing frown could have caused her permanant wrinkles, or even possibly damaged her eye sight.

The GOP sure does lie, and suck.

+ 1. This smells like Karl Rove's "MemoGate" gambit in '04.

There was a ton of evidence that lil bush dodged the Vietnam War draft via the Tx and Al National Guard, and he didn't show up for service.

Then during the '04 presidential campaign, up pops a helpful soul with a memo that says bush didn't show up for service (for one drill). CBS and Dan Rather run with the story, and the memo is transparently fake. Repug on-line operatives blow it away within minutes of the release of the network's story, and Rather along with his producer Ms. Mapes were forced to resign. CBS apologizes for doubting lil bush's heroism.

The story became how the media was lying about bush's 'service' to our nation. While simultaneously Rove's Swift-boaters were casting doubt on Kerry's 5 combat decorations. So a serious weakness for bush became a strong selling point for him in '04, while Kerry's strong combat record became a weakness, because he apparently was a 'well-connected, lying slacker'.

This "Mass Media Smears Poor Apple Corp" story is exactly the same. Daisy has appeared on Chris Hayes' show "Up" several times, but I think that MSNBC was booking him, not Mr. Hayes. I will be interested to see if Chris addresses this, and how, because I trust him.

Terry Gilliam's "Brazil"

I like Harry Tuttle's quote in the movie: "I got into this game for the action, the excitement. Go anywhere, travel light, get in, get out, wherever there's trouble, a man alone. Now they got the whole country sectioned off. This whole system of yours could be on fire, and I couldn't even turn on a kitchen tap without filing a 27b-6."

I'm with you on this one. But I paid attention to Bob's dad, the gov.

So my expectations weren't as high. Remember the 'Have a Heart, Governor Casey' campaign? I was on-board that one, as a Dem progressive attacking the Gov's repuglican leanings on health-care cuts.

Locally, we win elections, then we have to spend our time and energy to lobby the conservative Dems we can get in to office. Lobbying a repug like Toomey or Corbett (or Santorum or Gingrich) is like beating your head against the wall. Still, wouldn't it be nice if our Dems would deliver to us, the base constituents, on what they know to be our 'red meat' issues? The repugs always do so for their base.

A savvy moderator would move this discussion to the 'old school ties' forum.

Father LeBran had a lot of sufi influence in him. One of my buddies said he was like Yoda. I used to go to the Sunday midnight mass in his suite, and he got me into the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ig Loyola over in Rh Island, one Thanksgiving break. If he didn't remember a student's name, he would smile, joyously yell 'Bummer!", and grab their neck and head to hug them. He was the Holy Cross version of an Oxford Don. A good rank-and-file clergyman, though the Jesuits can act a bit byzantine at the command and control levels.

So you brainy youngsters really didn't think that the establishment would be watching the dorms after co-education came to H.C.? Har har. Too many visits to the Hanselman(n) and Carlin bars for you.

'Slappy' is Clarence Thomas's nickname, and I think it probably came from our old alma-mater. Speaking of old school ties, I actually had a tie with the Fenwick Tower on it. I used to wear it at my work-study job guarding the door at the 1843 room, working under Chip O'C.

The tune is 'Oh Christmas Tree' for the anthem. I had Prof. Esposito's "Mystics and Zen Masters" comparative religion class. He had a good curriculum, though he was a little stuck on himself. He was more intellectual and anthropological than religious, but the flip side of Esposito would be a Santorum-style 'Opus Dei \ P-2 101' introductory course, where the main themes would be 'Adam and Eve Rode Dinosaurs', 'The Unicorn Couldn't Get on Noah's Ark", 'Stone the Heretic', 'Wicked Woman', 'Methodology Of Threading a Camel Named Lazarus Through the Eye of a Needle', 'Lot Should Blame Himself', etc.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, O&ItW.
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