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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
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Byzantine (Byzantian?) politically, though.

There's the good Lib Theologians who are 'duck and cover'-ing, due to Ratzinger's Latin American slap-down. Then there's the ultra-right wingers that produced an Opus Dei adherent like Clarence Thomas. I personally felt burned by the aftermath of Daniel Sheehan's Iran-Contra 'activism'.

I'd be interested to hear Umberto Eco's thoughts on the transfer of power from General Kolvenbach to Gen. Nicolas. As a piker, I could observe that Avery Dulles, SJ (J.F. Dulles' son) was made a Cardinal by JPII, while Father Tom Reese and Kolvenbach were forced out by JPII and Ratzinger.

You already have a 'second' on your motion that SJ speaks up. I vote in favor, too. +1 to your motion, and the o.p.

What ever is most nazi-like is the repugs' default position.

You may recall the involuntary sterilization scandals at inner city US health clinics, in Puerto Rico, and on reservations through the IHS. And there is a years-long waiting list to adopt healthy white babies, but we have many non-white babies and white non-babies in the foster care system.

The repugs are doing like Hitler to make the woman's body the property of the state, like a factory that's been nationalized. But they only want the white ones to bear children, and they want our sisters and brothers of color not to reproduce at all.

So they achieve two goals jailing the women you reference. They get to attack all women, to take over white womens' bodies, & they get to attack people of color. Icing on the cake for them that their pig buddies make money from the prison system, via sweetheart contracts and privatization.

Of course, the word of one anonymous individual isn't worth much.

(Reminds me of our Motown discussion.) I never taped D's lectures. Only offering a caveat, an assertion I can't prove. So my grain of salt advice could be taken with a grain of salt.

Szasz marketed himself as a progressive activist when seeking to advise me on Political Sociology thesis material. I still have a pub from him on the corporate industrial - org crime connection in illegal toxic waste disposal, with paid-off gov oversight officials looking the other way. At least we agree he isn't progressive, but everyone isn't on the same page as us:



The whole U. marketed itself as progressive up 'til the end of the '80's, it functioned as a 'hippy holdover' activist ghetto for the UC system (more than UCB, which was a lot bigger and more diverse, with a nastier crowd-control police force). But the grisly ultra-right underbelly of the institution was provided by Regents appointed by Govs Raygun and Deukmejian. The swinish G. Lease's hit-piece (S.C. Sentinel) on HisCon alum H. P. Newton, immediately after his murder in Oakland, was a good case in point.

By '90 the U had a 'United Colors of Benetton' - looking marketing campaign for prospective new students, they bull dozed elfland, they built Nat Sci #umpteen. It was interesting watching Fusari inveigh against student trail bike riders for the erosion harm they were causing on-campus, while 6 inches of topsoil was washing down into the parking lot of her new Environmental Studies digs at the brand new college 8 site. All three of the night proctors at the old 8 dorm-space in Porter were Birchers, one of whom had a metal arm prosthesis due to a bottle-bomb experiment he had misperformed when younger. Grisly underbelly.

Profs from the E.S. Dept could also be divvied up into good (Pepper, Cooley, Curry, O'Connor) vs misrepresentational (Lease, Farrell, Letourneax, Fusari). I never gave Gliessman's AgroEcology a shot, but the sustainable Ag co-op was good.

Some stellar profs of that time were the Smiths for His Con, King for of World Religion, Rotkin for Mass Media and Comm., Aptheker for Women's Studies, Collett at the Arboretum, half of the Soc. Dept, half of the E.S. Dept. Sluggo's surly hippy staffers were a riot. I'll still spare a coin for the seal statue's nose below nat sci 1.
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