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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
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Thanks for posting this segment. Where would the repugs be without projection and double think?

Using this Bryan Slater seems like an in-your-face propaganda tactic, designed to reduce the impact of Dem and Women's charges that the repugs are forcing creepy, evil, invasive big government intrusion into women's health care. So if they accuse Dems first, then we wind up saying 'No we're not, you are'. Which sounds like a lame second grade argument on the playground. They're trying to steal the force of massive outrage against their Koch bircher nazi ALEC model legislation, and use it, projection style, for a second nazi Koch initiative, destroying the Affordable Care Act. Muddy the waters on the issue of who are the creepy big government officials getting their hands on our health care.

My hat's not really off to the Koch brothers and repugs for their genius on these tactics. They just have way too much money, time, and freedom to do these things, and a bad primary school kid shows the same level of tactical thinking.

The second post-er on this OP has a good point, too. Uncle Sam's 'creepy' now, for this ad, and it's acceptable to say that, as long as it's the repuglinazis saying so. In reality, 'Uncle Sam' is creepy when the Kochs' teabaggers are at rallies dressing up like Uncle Sam, but the repugs would scream accusations of 'unpatriotism' if detractors pointed that out in the media.

Right. 'Precious human life' for month zero through 9,

turns into 'starve the little welfare fraud to death' the second after it is an actual born human being.

They downgraded the gov's credit rating,

which caused market uncertainty that threw the stock market for a loop,

which caused investors to take refuge from the financial storm

by buying government bonds,

which they had just adjudged less reliable.

Ponzi, con game, pyramid scheme. That's the stock system.
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