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Mc Mike

Mc Mike's Journal
Mc Mike's Journal
October 30, 2016

In this case, and the original Comey e-mail vetting, Sec Clinton has been pushing

for the American people to know MORE. Not less, more. She's fighting against "old hands" classifiers, saying "what I talked about is open knowledge, or should be." The faceless national security "experts", lurking in the shadows, are pushing for us to know less.

The fight over classification was one where she and her aides were saying "This shouldn't be classified. That shouldn't be classified.", in the original Comey e-mail investigation.

Here, she's telling Comey, "show America exactly what you're investigating, exactly what you've got". But he can only tell 8 repug congress committee chairs. (He doesn't remember they leak like a sieve, all the time.)

What was in the 3 header-less e-mails, that had the "c" in the body? Nothing. There's no explosive revelation that shows national security classified in any of them, or we'd see at least one story. No intel gathering method revealed, no location revealed, no asset revealed, no Plame like agency cover blown, there's nothing there. This whole thing is them yelling in the headlines "National Security. Top secret. Loose e-mails.", and there is a big blank space below the headlines, where the body of the article should be.

The bad guys know how they hit us. The non political Libyans in the area know how the bad guys hit us. All the intel and military people in the gov know how the bad guys hit us. Who is the "top secret" info not supposed to be seen by?

They're doing this to hurt the candidate that wants us to know more, and back the candidate who won't show us his taxes, won't show us his charitable foundation's donation records, won't let any info from his thousands of court cases be unsealed, won't show us his financial ties to Putin, Libya, China, won't let any former employees reveal anything about him -- they're doing this to back the candidate that wants us to know less.

October 29, 2016

Did you see Sam Bee's recent stories on Catholic Hospitals' religious guidelines to treatment?

Her overview segment said Catholic Hospitals are the single biggest owner of hospitals in the country, they own 1 in 6 hospitals, and a lot of hospitals got taken over, and the patients never knew it until they ran into the religious guidelines that made them victims of insane malpractice.

She has a bunch of web extra interviews with different women who saw the American Bishops' insane anti-woman restrictions, first hand. I think it's 10/27. Very informative and worth watching.

October 28, 2016

Right. He doesn't want every American who has the right to vote to vote.

He's just talking about the ones his crew lets have the opportunity to vote.

And if that means some bundy brigaders are blocking the door to the polls, or some repug national committee connected lawyers are backing the voting line up for 6 hours with challenges to electors, or some repug sec of state lost their voter registration -- those people who don't wind up getting to vote might have the right to vote, but just don't have the opportunity.

He's perfectly consistent, he's not lying, he's saying exactly what he thinks. Bircher swine, repuglican nazi.

October 28, 2016

Good point. The Natives are going against the oil nazis.

The bundy brigade is working FOR the oil nazis.

Race does play a major part in the differing treatment. But koch repug birchers are in favor of the pipeline, and in favor of removing Federal control of federal lands. Notice how the gov responds in both cases. (Not our Exec branch. The compliant "government" here is state repugs, congressional repugs, career civil servant repugs.)

October 28, 2016

Project Alamo? Aptly named.

"Report: Donald Trump's 'Project Alamo' in S.A. is working to 'suppress' voters"
"With just a three point lead in Texas, Donald Trump's campaign team here, called "Project Alamo," has turned to voter suppression tactics in an effort to give the Republican nominee an uptick in votes on Election Day, according to a new Bloomberg Businessweek article.

Bloomberg reports the research team in San Antonio, which spends $100,000 on surveys weekly, along with Trump's national campaign effort, are targeting three voter groups: women, white liberals and African Americans."

"'We have three major voter suppression operations under way,' a senior official with the campaign told Businessweek."


"Brad Parscale, a high-ranking Trump official closely tied to the project, said expensive internal polling done by the campaign showed that Trump was behind in the presidential race.

"Nate Silver's results have been similar to ours," Parscale said, referring to the renowned statistician, "except they lag by a week or two because he's relying on public polls."

The campaign has a model, called the "Battleground Optimizer Path to Victory," to help weigh the states that the data team assessed are most critical to hitting the needed 270 electoral votes in November. Florida is the top state in this model, followed by Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia — a reliably red state. "


October 27, 2016

Let me get this straight.

The same party that paved the way for dRumpf's existence and attacked and obstructed Obama for 8 years,

is the party who's candidates are 1) campaigning by claiming credit for being Obama's "partners", and 2) suing the Dems because the Dems are mentioning the repug candidates are tied into dRumpf.

It makes a lot more sense when I see it written out.

October 27, 2016

Joe Weichselbaum

usta live there:

John Cody:

" John Cody gets an apartment at Trump Tower. John Cody is a Gambino crime family associate who I had lunch with while I was doing the book. I had lunch with him at Windows on the World. And—

AMY GOODMAN: On top of the World Trade Center.

WAYNE BARRETT: Yes. And it must have been under federal surveillance, because, two weeks after the lunch, they busted him for trying to kill the guy who—Bobby Sasso, who had taken over Local 282, which was his union. That was the concrete delivery men. They delivered all the concrete to all the sites in New York, totally mob-controlled. And so they busted him for trying to kill a guy. He had already been in jail. He goes back to jail. "


What makes Teamster union mobster Cody so interesting is that he was an associate of the John Birch society connected Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouche's outfit took a high profile at the time the JBS started fading from high profile public activities. When LaRouche's group started to fade, it was replaced by Bircher Alex Jones' infowars group.

LaRouche cultivated a wide variety of organized crime and corrupt labor union connections, like Rolland McMaster from Jimmy Hoffa's local, Harry Gross and John Cody from Long Island Teamsters local 282, Trafficante from FL, and mob lawyer Mayer Morganroth. He was involved with the same Genovese crime family whose members who were connected to indicted (repug prez) Raygun Labor Sec. Ray Donovan. (Donovan was involved with Bill Masselli, Al Magrini, Sal Briguglio, Paul Cianti, and Fred Furino. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1982/06/21/fbi-memo-says-slain-mafia-bagman-socialized-regularly-with-donovan/9a7b7232-a827-48b9-a1da-bfdf7df23f2f/ ) Donald dRumpf got into hot water for being involved with the exact same Genovese crime family, when Trump Tower construction improprieties were being investigated.

(In fact, Donovan's Schiavone Construction Company from Secaucus, NJ, was the same company that Donald dRumpf got into hot water for being involved with, when Trump Tower construction improprieties were being investigated.)

Larouche was associated with Klan leaders like Roy Frankhouser, and Bob Miles, a MI Aryan Nations 'pastor'.

LaRouche was associated with paramilitary school proprietor, white russian emigree, and CIA contract agent Mitch WerBell, who invented the Mac 10 Ingram machine gun silencer. "In 1988, Sheriff Sherman Block of Los Angeles announced that Hustler publisher Larry Flynt wrote WerBell a $1 million check in 1983 to kill Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione, Walter Annenberg, and Frank Sinatra.[16] Los Angeles television station KNBC displayed a photocopy of the check." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitchell_WerBell

LaRouche was invited to meetings with Raygun NSA William P. Clark.

So, the point is, LaRouche was running around with mob ties, nazi ties, far right intel ties, crooked repug party ties. Reminiscent of dRumpf.

DRumpf is using the successor to LaRouche's org now, the 3rd generation bircher outfit, Alex Jone's infowars, as shock troops to augment Roger Stone's online nazi and street tough nazi initiatives.

And one of dRumpf's tenants is a mobbed up labor guy who was very much connected to and involved with LaRouche.

Basically, Trump Towers is like the Overlook Hotel from The Shining, except in Manhattan instead of CO.

(On edit, fixed 7th para, it had bad info that was showing up on internet searches.)

October 26, 2016

Here, coz you sport a Steeler logo,

and coz the action happened in PA:

Hat tip to DU's crowman, because he tipped me off to Kevin Logan.
October 26, 2016

Jee, just run through the last 3 weeks of archived scandals, to tide you over.

There are staggeringly vast vistas of detail in all of them, that haven't been fully exposed or exploited yet.

Don't worry, his entire life is one big f_en felony.

We'll be digging scandals out of the ole dRumpf mine, 2 years from now.

The guys in bed with the nazis, the guys in bed with the mob, the guys in bed with vlad Putin. Enough said.

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