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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,025

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The major rift in the dRump white house has always been birchers vs Jewish wiseguys.

dRump is an anti-semite. Likes hitler, retweets nazis constantly, etc.

But virulent anti-semitic nazi birchers are half of his foreign policy/ international relations/ national security team, and wiseguys like Kushner, Cohen, Sater, Epshteyn are the other half, they were the only thing dRump brought to the table personally, in terms of international connections.

He has italian and irish wise guy connections, too, but those people haven't been players in current events. dRump used Roy Cohn, but screwed him over as soon as it was safe to do so. He's not friends with his wiseguy buddies, he has no friends. He just low-keys his anti-semitism pro-nazism if there's money to be made.

The issue for his admin has always been 'how to keep a coalition of nazis and Jewish wiseguys intact'. Now a bircher gets flipped, and we get to hear the birchers blame 'the Jews.'

They were going to attack 'the Jews' anyway, so it's just sore loser talk from our american nazis.

'The Jews' are a very small percentage of the US and world population, so if they really did everything the nazis are always blaming them for, they'd all have to be as busy as one armed paper hangers, and be capable of Flash/quicksilver levels of speed. No sensible statement is ever going to come out of the nazis, their brains function like a cuckoo clock keeping time in hell.

AL repug 'christians' new campaign slogan: 'Evil is Good.'

Here's one about Dominionism connections with Birchers:


That's where that crazy nazi version of political 'christianity' came from, the Hunts and the birchers.

Here it is, editor James Hamblin's 'Nazis are just like you and me, except they're nazis.'


Murphy is another one of those stolen honor guys, too.

His district came all the way up to Greentree and Castle Shannon, right on my southern doorstep in Mt Washington, at least until the last redistricting, anyhow.

I jacked up Murphy's Labor Day parade appearance in Pgh, a few years back. He never asked for my local (IBEW 5) to let him ride his convertible in our formation again. Que lastima.

My observation is that any official dem action against the repugs in my area is along sitzkrieg lines. I'd advocate distribution of flyers and posters with a big picture of dRUmp on on side, and Murphy on the other. With a statement saying "All Repugs are the Same. Vote D." But I'm just a prole.

His original claim was that he wrote to all of the dead soldiers.

That's probably why it took 2 weeks, he just got those letters back stamped KIA a few days ago.

I was thankful that Ari Melber pointed out dRumpf had Kelly listening in to the 'sacred, private'

call, and dRump admitted it accidentally on the Fox biz morning show interview.

Weren't the feds looking in to Breitbart and bircher jones for coordination with the Russkies?

Alamo, Cambridge Analy, etc, making fake black psy op stuff with the russkies and coordinating the distribution.

I have this vague memory of the Al Smith dinner, when the dRumpfenfuhrer accused Sec. Clinton

of 'hating Catholics'.

So this turn of events is super surprising.

He's a 'counterpuncher'.

He does something crooked, stupid, or evil. Then people point out he did something crooked, stupid, or evil. Then he gets really mad about the criticism and lashes out and attacks. Then his flunkies come on the teevee to tell us how he's a counterpuncher.

After he punched us twice.

A standard issue repuglinazi.
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