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Mc Mike

Mc Mike's Journal
Mc Mike's Journal
March 31, 2017

There's a third dRumpf official being named, NSC's top lawyer John Eisenberg,


in addition to Flynn holdover Cohen-Watnick, who McMaster failed to fire, thanks to Kushner and Bannon. And former Nunes / current dRumpf flunky Mike Ellis.
March 31, 2017

And he got his scoop from dRumpf, and he stopped off to tell Ryan and the press along the way.

"According to my source, (which is you), you were right all along when you said 'Nixon Watergate McCarthy Witch Hunt tactics were used by my crooked Dem enemies to attack poor li'l donnie.' I just had to tell you, publicly and ostentatiously, all this new stuff, that you just told me."

March 26, 2017

Release the doves...

March 24, 2017

Great writing.

But it's like Raygun kept saying, during the depths of Iran-Contra. "You ain't seen nothing, yet."

And I caught that repug line about the leaks. The story isn't about the repugs selling us out to our most dangerous global adversary, over and over again. The real story is "How dare the national security people monitor our Russian buddies and catch us selling the US out to them?"

If they weren't doing treasonous deals with the russians, there was zero to monitor and leak, there is no intel to leak, so no threat to our security from 'leaked intel'. If there IS leaked intel, that means that dRumpf and the repugs were in bed with the russians, so the threat to national security comes from repug treason, not 'illegal' reports that there is evidence of repug treason.

They're such lying treasonous swine.

March 24, 2017

Watching Richard Spencer's crew and Laura Ingraham actually giving the 'Roman Salute'

makes me think that dRumpfenfuhrer's fan base are trying to make real sure that this time, the repugs who favor nazi ideology don't miss their opportunity. Li'l bush was a nazi, I agree, but his Standard Oil New Jersey backers failed to get fascism all the way instituted, last time the repugs were in power.

dRumpf may not be closely connected to the old line nazi Repug Heritage Groups, like Nixon Raygun Poppy and Li'l bush were, but no other repug Prez candidacy showed as much pro-nazi activity openly engaged in by a candidate and their fan base. Ever.

If you enter these names into a search engine, one at a time, Trump and ____, you'll get nazi connections, white supremacist connections, white separatist connections, segregationist connections, klan connections, etc.:

Eternal Sentry, Matty Heimbach, 4chan, 8chan, Lori Gayne, William Johnson, Western Triumph, V Dare, General Mike Flynn, David Duke, WhiteGenocideTM, Linda Lingle, Little Bird, Carl Bernstein, Philadelphia Mississippi, Julia Ioffe, James Edwards, Patchogue N.Y., Gerald DeLemus, Karlie Hay, Non Dildod Goyem, Benito Mussolini, Laura Ingraham, Robert Paxton, dRumpf's 'campaign pledge', Fishbonehead 1, American Freedom Party, Steve Bannon, Rocky Suhayda, Before Its News, Joe Schmitz, Dan Rowe, Katie McHugh, John Tanton, the Center for Immigration Studies, Jason Richwine, the Heritage Foundation, Ann Coulter, Carl Paladino, Paul LePage, Glen Beck, Aleksander Dugin, Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, Andrew Weinstein, Nigel Farage, Tony Perkins, Robert Mercer, Mark Burns blackface, American Renaissance, Lauren LePage, Kris Kobach, Kevin MacDonald, Boyd Cathey, Institute for Historical Review, Texe Marrs, Karen Giorno (Sean Jackson), Robert Jeffress, Council for National Policy, Kathy Miller, Michael Petroutka, League of the South, Jerome Corsi, Joseph Farrah, World Net Daily, Carl Gallups, Donald Trump Junior Deplorables Instagram, Political Cesspool, Gus Chambers, Matt Forney, Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, Daily Shoah.

A few of those names, (like Julia Ioffe, Andrew Weinstein, Linda Lingle), are people who were target by anonymous nazis because they displeased dRumpf. Carl Bernstein called dRumpf a fascist, which was interesting because he never called Nixon a fascist. Pastor Mark Burns is black, but tweeted out blackface pics of Hillary, Philadelphia MS and Patchogue NY are 2 locations where dRumpf went and held rallies or attended events, and they're famous for racist murders and hatecrimes. The vast majority of the 70 names are nazis, online nazis, dRumpf campaign officials getting caught being nazis.

Lori Gayne got booted as a Delegate from the RNC for tweeting out her hopes that "our brave snipers will shoot some ni****", a garden variety racist, but her twitter handle is 'whitepride'. There are online nazi website names in the list, like Eternal Sentry, a nazi site that was forced to pull out of a dRumpf convention event held by bircher Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Vets4Trump, Bikers for Trump, etc. Little Bird is the twitter analysis site that found that dRumpf keeps retweeting top white supremacists, who have the largest following of fellow nazis. Mussolini is included because dRumpf tweeted mussolini quotes and refused to apologize for it. Laura Ingraham is a far right repug, but of course gave a convention speech and sieg heiled dRumpf at the end, just to wave Hi. Heimbach is a nazi who physically assaulted a peaceful black woman protestor at a dRumpf event, then his 'traditionalist workers party' skinheads stabbed anti dRumpf people at an event in Sacramento.

Der dRumpfenfuhrer is a nazi, don't let all his commie and mob ties obscure that fact. He's the biggest nazi the repugs ever successfully foisted off onto America.

March 21, 2017

Mr. Marshall is always worth reading.

There may be a discrepancy about who o.k.ed the 7/7 Page trip to Russia. It possibly was J.D. Gordon, not Lewandowski.

This might be correct, because when you read 4 paras later into Josh's summation, he says Manafort took over from Lewandowski on 6/21, when Corey was fired.

Lewandowski never really stopped working for dRumpf, I realize, but it seems hard to believe that he was making a decision 2 weeks later to send Page, instead of the alternative, that Gordon approved the Page trip.

March 21, 2017

Notice how the number of 'hard line Freedom Caucus' members keeps changing, constantly.

It's 3 dozen here, sometimes it goes as high as 80+.

The repugs play this game all the time. When it benefits them to be hard line teabaggers, they are.

When they're scared of their constituents and the public, they're 'not part' of the crazy reich wing caucus.

March 20, 2017

Every credible source -- "dRumpfenfuhrer, a foreign government,

that is the US's enemy, wiretapped us to put you into power."

dRumpfenfuhrer -- "Uh, um... A foreign government and my Dem enemies wiretapped me to put me out of power!"

Repug political hacks -- "We better get to the bottom of Prez Shitler's allegations."

March 20, 2017

Single payer, Mulvaney. Never heard of it, dolt?

And that's the key truth about dRumpf, in the last sentence. Every stated goal that involves violence, hatred, punching down -- all those ones are gospel truth promises that he'll never reneg on. Every statement that made him look like he wasn't an evil hatefilled nazi p.o.s., but was a 'populist', those ones were all lies that he intended to reneg on.

His actions are supremely easy to predict. There's no uncertainty about how he'll act, no confusion about which promises he'll keep and which he'll prove he was lying about. And all the 'hate violence war punishment death destroy' promises, he'll try to push them through by saying 'I campaigned on this promise, and got elected'. All the promises to help Americans, he'll be far too busy pursuing his latest twitter war, so he'll trot out a brain dead nazi like Mulvaney to explain the fiscal realities that make those promises 'inoperative'.

dRumpf is the strongest, toughest, most badassed man in the world, all his flunkies are terrified of him, quake in their boots at his approach. Unless that flunkie is telling him 'no, we can't help Americans, we can't afford it.' Then shitler slinks off whimpering.

March 17, 2017

And he's not just stuffing his face on our dime,

he's turning a profit on stuffing his face on our dime. Having the government pay the owner of the establishment for it. As the owner, he's charging the taxpayers for feeding and housing the president, at his own establishment.

We're not just paying him to eat, and paying for him to eat, we're paying HIM for him to eat.

While he's simultaneously not turning down the salary he said he'd give to charity.

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