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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,757

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Right, because so many pro-dRumpf orgs were involved in planning the march,

so many rally speakers made statements that backed drumpf's initiatives up. I was especially moved by the dRumpf inspired statements backing Black Lives Matters, Women's Rights, Moslem Rights, LGBTQIA Rights, Immigrant Rights, etc.

Pence is a bircher nazi weasel.

I can think of nothing more likely to turn billions world wide into bomb throwing anarchists, than

dRumpfenfuhrer personally making VOA broadcasts.

Thas a shyteload of esses, central s.

I'd like to add special snowflake, safespace seeking, schutzstaffel, sean spicer.

They all seem to go well together, for some reason.

I think he got ousted when whackjob Flynn noticed Mike's loyalties to Putin were questionable. nt.

Exactly the same as Raygun and li'l bush.

The repugs are attracted to a certain type of ''leader''. They idolize laziness, smug stupidity, and rage.

Repug voters hit the trifecta again, with der dRumpfenfuhrer.

He had to ask Prez Obama's Special Presidential Envoy For the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL

(Brett McGurk) to stay on, indefinitely, because he had no appointee to fill the position. He was too busy holding victory rallies and destroying everything the last Admin did, to find someone to head up co-ordinating the anti-ISIS fight with our allies.


So the brainless orange nazi is keeping the appointee of the guy he claimed "founded ISIS", instead of putting his own anti-ISIS chief coordinator.

"Forget all about what we did for the last 8 years, up until yesterday, in fact."

Repugs working on the important issues. Like shutting down those website pages.

So they're too busy to fill positions like Special Presidential Envoy For The Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, or any of the National Security Council positions that combat terrorism, or any of the National Nuclear Safety Administration positions.

There's not enough time to do everything, have to prioritize.

Can't be in DC, will be in Pittsburgh's Sister March event.

We have two, I'm hitting the City County Bldg 11 am - 1 pm one.

It appears there is some kind of pig repug skulduggery, which caused 2 different events to be scheduled for 11 am. The other one is in East Liberty. All the orgs who I'm in the loop with (Moms Rising, The Nation, Voto Latino, etc.) have only the City County site event shown as officially being on the national map, for Pgh. (They show an event in Big Beaver and Indiana, PA, as well.)

Ournsler's group is promoting the East Liberty event, but no other social or political activist group I get info from mentions it. Some sort of organizing fight pitting race and gender against each other occurred, apparently. Typical repug infiltrator bull shit.

It's not too complicated, we all have one big fat bald orange nazi enemy, who wants to attack 99% of America and Americans (and the world.) Everyone else is an ally who is under attack by the same nazi swine. Not too tough to organize an allied march around a propostion as simple as that.

Best wishes for a fantastic day to the DC main March, and all the Sister marches.

Beautiful. Thanks, WERK and DisruptJ20. rec.

On edit, post # 3000!

It was a long time coming, but I'm long winded, occasionally.
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