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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,741

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Another wave of amnesia hits the repug party, en masse.

Didn't really need to look this up, or post it. Knew without looking what the answer would be:


HEY SHIMKUS, do you think YOUR MOTHER needed pre-natal care, so America could be blessed with your valuable existence?

You deserve respect, Marengo. But have you seen this breakdown of the factions?



Who do our troops shoot, who do they safely turn their backs on? Makes discerning allegiances during the Viet War look like a cakewalk.

Here's repug prez candidate McCain with some of the opposition leaders he backed:

3 bircher repugs, Bachmann, Gohmert, and King made a couple high profile foreign policy photo op trips that same year together, to Egypt and Libya, while doing everything possible to ignore and distract from their party's constant flip flops on regime change in Syria. I can't dredge up the info, but they were backing some Russian arms manufacturer, in their Sep or Dec trip that year, who was shipping weapons to Putin's proxy, Assad. The story was covered by Maddow, I've been looking around with no luck to get a link on it, though.

Boots on the ground is a bad idea, any where in the Mid East. Even if we had a competent CIC. And of course, we don't.

Easy. Snort uncut crystal meth,

ingest cough syrup with codeine, add a pinch of angel dust, bang head repeatedly against the wall (solid, load-bearing). Make sure bircher Jones' infowars is playing in the background simultaneously.

Et voila. Your thought patterns achieve a 99% match with those exhibited by little donnie drumpfenfuhrer's fan base.

"Ex-NSA Employee 'Thinks' the Piss Boy is Right".

There. I fixed usnew's headline for them.

Might want to lawyer up? That crooked scammer has always had a zillion lawyers around him,

for the last 3 decades, at least.

Petri on Kislyak -- a prescription for the blues.

He has spoken to senators.

He has spoken to generals, both regular and soon-to-be-attorney.

But as soon as he speaks his words vanish, as if they had never been.

No one can definitively state that they were in the room with him at any time. (This must create certain difficulties in his job as Russia’s ambassador to the United States.)

His name is Sergey Kislyak, and he is the Most Forgettable Man in the World.


The second he meets with anyone, this meeting vanishes from their memories and their testimony. After meeting with him, senators will shake their watches and say, “But Sofia, I was supposed to meet the Russian ambassador two hours ago!” and Sofia will say, “He just came out of your office, sir.”


Afterward, all his interlocutors have are images and feelings: warmth, security, ethics, definitely nothing that belongs in testimony.

Look, Kislyak is unmemorable, and nothing he has ever said to anyone involved in the Trump campaign can possibly have been of any interest. I do not know what this allegation is about and, also, it is false.

... "


She's as sharp as Borowitz and Barry. Her observations are a scream.

I love how the reich wing crooked repug tosses around charges of McCarthyism, & 'Watergate criminal

behavior', against his 'enemies'.

Cuz his mentor was top McCarthy aide Roy Cohn, and his campaign used Watergate operatives Manafort and Stone. So it's easy to see exactly how much he despises political witch hunts, and electioneering felonies.

And of course, the repugs think McCarthy was right, and Watergate was no big deal.

Until they want to attack their Dem 'enemies' for something. Then we get to hear how horrible tailgunner Joe was, and how immense Watergate crimes were.

And the repugs never say anything mean about Putin. Their 'real' enemy is the Dems.

"Sunkist Stalin". rec, nt.

For some mysterious reason, the WSJ excerpt, that appears on the DU homepage

as a description of your o.p, doesn't appear to me when I click on the homepage o.p. link that the excerpt describes.

I read the article in the second tweet link, I just don't understand the mechanism behind why the text appears on the homepage but not in the o.p., when the o.p. link is clicked on.

Basically, Jefferson Beauregard wears two hats, privileged Senator and ardent flunky crooked campaign operative, and he switches with lightning speed between which hat he's wearing, depending on what the occasion requires. Need to commit a felonious flunky campaign operative act? Quick, put on that hat. Need to dodge felony indictment for that act? Quick, put on the Senator hat.

He changes hats so fast, he looks like the thing with two heads. Now, his 3rd head, US A.G., is sprouting up next to the other two heads, like that sleazy criminal alien character played by Tony Shalhoub in the Men In Black movies.

It's the ugliest one of them all.
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