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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,757

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I love that animated artwork. journal book marked, thanks, nt.

O.K., here's my problem with the polls, in a nutshell:

On this site, we had a Quinn poll reported on 1/27, that showed dRumpf's approval slid from ~45% at inauguration, down to 36%.
There are a bunch of posts in the archive, but here's one from Miles A:

Then, after an especially busy, sucky, controversial weekend of team dRumpf 'work', Gallup reported a poll saying that it 'slid' further, dropping from 36% way 'down' to 42% on 1/30. There are a bunch of archive posts, here's one from rivers:

Now, after a bunch more nazi moves, controversies, f**k ups that are typical of repug governance, repeatedly getting caught in lies, this Politico poll has him 'dropping' some more, all the way 'down' to 47% approval.

No criticism meant of your reporting this, hpd. But that orange hemarrhoid only had 47% of the voters, backing him, to start with. Now the different polling companies are taking turns reporting their polls, trotting out their new results one at a time, a half week or a week apart, in succession. They're all supposed to be legit polls, with proper sampling, correct methodologies, etc.

Those polls keep saying the bottom line is that twitler's divisive, draconian, alienating power plays are turning more and more Americans against him, those moves are getting massive coverage and the results are negative for his favorability. But every time they update their polls, he keeps falling UPWARD in officially tallied numbers.

If he keeps dropping like this, we're going to get reports of 100% approval ratings in no time, as long as he stays the course and keeps doing things like attacking the rights of every single non-nazi American, and threatening all our allies and neighbors like Australia, Canada, and Mexico whilst puckering up for Putin.

The Ministry of Truth reported that the chocolate rations would be dropped, from 40 grammes down to 20. Then later, they reported that the chocolate rations were going to be doubled, all the way up to 20 grammes.

The last repug let some massive attacks occur here, and let thousands die.

Then for 8 years, the Dem Prez kept any large scale attack from occurring here, without trying to shred the Constitution, with the repugs tying his hands behind his back, and with the repugs screaming lies about what a 'tyrant' he was.

Now this orange asshole 'isn't able' to keep an attack from occurring, unless he has complete dictator's power. If he can't destroy the constitution, it 'isn't' his fault when a massive attack occurs. (All the good targets are in strongly Dem areas, all the best national symbols, all the most populated areas.)

He's getting rid of tons of career anti-terror intel people, won't even nominate people to fill the positions, wiped out the nuclear materials security staff, publicly attacks our intel people, ignores his intel briefings.

It was already his m.o. to blame underlings for everything, nothing is ever his fault, though he's in charge. But now he's setting it up to blame his political enemies if his sterling leadership leads to another massive attack on US soil. He 'foresees' another massive attack, and he's already taking political advantage of it.

Sorry, il Douche A, if you're the second repug 'strongman' in a row to let the US get attacked, I foresee a trip to the nearest Esso station for you, in your immediate post-attack future. Up the long ladder and down the short rope. Pitchforks and torches.

No reichstag fire or new pearl harbor this time, you tubby blubber-full nazi fuck up.

When you want the truth about something, no better place to go

than an interview of donnie drumpf, conducted by Judith Miller.

That's what I always say.

Dr. Evil Berman

Suffragette s-posted a washingtonindependent.com piece in 2011, covering Berman's connections with dead Breitbart, Sarah Longwell, Pimpy O'Keefe. The link is broken, the title was 'campus right unbowed' (by O'Keefe getting busted in the attempted wiretap on Sen. Landrieu's LA office.) Suff may have a preserved copy.

Rick was the original front man in the attacks on ACORN, then he disappeared into the woodwork, and dead Andy B took the point.

2014 Nation article by Lee Fang talked about Berman's earlier attacks, before Breitbart O'Keefe's efforts:

"Although it is now a distant memory, ACORN was once viewed by progressives as the key to empowering vulnerable communities in low-income areas. The organization provided help with housing, job placement, debt counseling and—in a move that attracted vehement Republican opposition—voter registration. But before filmmaker James O’Keefe used undercover videos—some of them deceptively edited—to destroy the group, ACORN faced an ever-increasing barrage of political attacks from the same cast of characters now leading the charge against the worker-center movement.

In 2008, the year before O’Keefe’s videos, the Capital Research Center called on lawmakers to prosecute ACORN for racketeering, voter fraud, money laundering and other alleged sins. None of these allegations stuck, though congressional Republicans embraced the proposed lines of attack, priming the public for a negative perception of ACORN, which became a household name when Sarah Palin used the waning days of the 2008 election to turn the group into a campaign issue.

Berman, the lobbyist who fired the first volley in the national campaign against worker centers last summer, found business in savaging the community organizers associated with ACORN. In 2008, he created the website Rotten ACORN, which he promoted with a full-page advertisement in The New York Times, to cast the group as an extremist organization prone to skirting the law. Berman’s current anti-worker-center campaign follows a similar playbook: full-page ads in major newspapers, a dubbed video depicting worker-center leaders as Nazis, and continual assertions that the centers are merely labor unions in disguise, using a 501(c)(3) designation to bypass labor regulations."


Here's an '09 o-post from drm6 that tracked all Berman's different garbage astroturf groups' domains to one ip address:

Funny how his anti-union attacks always wail away about unions abusing 501 c 3 status, because that's exactly what he does, and he makes a ton of money off of it. Here's a 2010 prwatch (from sourcewatch) piece showing him and his wife raking the cash in, with his for-profit 'non-profit' work:

Bait and switch. They committed election fraud, 5 states swung to get themselves into power.

So they threaten to investigate 'huge Dem voter fraud', then leave people feeling relieved when they don't follow through on the threat.

The best defense is a good offense, right repugs?

Propagandic perception management.

"America -- Love it or leave it", drumpfie.

If you don't like it, just get the f**k out.

The personal details you share are always fascinating to view, TomVilner. Millions of paid women

agitators? Do tell.

Love the inforwars projection, too.

Always enchanting to read your posts. Thanks, muchly.

Excellent info in the article, Am. Thanks.

Just spitballing here, but I think that the repugs pulled their standard tricks here, committing treason and threatening civil war.

They showed they'll do anything for a win, even opening the door, to control of our nation, to a kgb strongman commie dictator who committed cyber espionage breaches of all kinds of secure American political and infrastructure institutions, for the purposes of getting the repug nazi elected.

The repug FBI partisans pushed false info about the Dem candidate being investigated for fake 'cybersecurity lapses', at the exact same time, right before the election. Corporate media trumpeted and flogged it. The Dem prez did not want to fire the repug FBI director and cause a media firestorm about a 'constitutional crisis', right before the election. (But notice how the Repug prez didn't mind firing that FBI director's boss, 2 weeks in, with no media hullabaloo about a 'constitutional crisis'). Every move the repugs made before the election showed they were daring Obama to 'start' a civil war.

Now we're in the novel position where we're supposed to 'seriously' discuss investigating the situation, with the repugs, about how the repugs and the commie dictator were in bed together to help the repugs win the election. The repug prez, the repug FBI head, and the repug party animals in the legislature will certainly give that notion all the attention they feel it deserves. Because they're so honest, and upright, and patriotic, etc.

I'm with your Sen all the way, he's 100% right. But the plutocrats that own the media in this country, whose interests lie with the repugs and fascism, wanted this outcome. Putting a Standard Oil of N J exec, who is Putin's special medal-awardee, in as Secretary of the State Dept, signalled exactly how aligned the interests of those plutocrats here are with Putin's interests. But the owners of Standard Oil own NBC, so go figure what kind of coverage we'll get from them on the issue.

Putin wanted dRumpf in, to screw up the country, to increase his own power and profit and control. Our plutocrats wanted that nazi puppet in, to increase their own power and profit and control. Screwing up this country gives our plutocrats more power and profit and control. They like war and depression, they never suffer and always win from those things. They love instability, it gives them an excuse to grab more power and control, more militarized police, martial law.

Environmental destruction leads to social upheaval (natural disasters, famines, droughts, pestilence, civil disorder, refugees, wars) and possible loss of control for our plutocrats, therefore is a driving force for the desire of our plutocrats for fascism, and Rex has very recently had 'troubles' for being a key part in his fine corporation's getting caught lying for decades about oil companies causing catastrophic climate changes, and covering up the scientific proof of it. That's just another key reason to look at dRumpfenfuhrer's appointment of this oil nazi to be our new Sec State, after dRumpf suspiciously 'won' against our old Sec State in the race for Prez, 'won' via cyber espionage from russian gov and our rightwing intel's agents.

The oil nazi end of our plutocrats threatened civil war, and the Dem prez and winning Dem candidate for prez did not want to be the ones who fired the first shot. The repugs signalled that they never cared about those kinds of niceties, and the repug owned media normalized it all.

I donated to Sen Wyden in the past, and am on his mailing list, and do e-actions he sends. He's doing the right thing, I'm with him all the way and am not advocating a defeatist viewpoint. But that's what he's fighting against, treasonous repugs threatening civil war, who never loved this country, and a corporate media that is owned by them. And Obama didn't want civil war.

That's one thesis, anyway.

Real massacres "didn't happen", coz the repugs find them inconvenient, but

they'll make up fake massacres, that "totally happened", if they find that convenient, too.

Repugs are lying nazis.
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