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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,084

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Yeah. They make me wanna wretch.

The biggest crooks on the planet, with the lowest possible score in terms of a record for being law-abiding -- are attacking all top law enforcement, Dept of Justice, and the Courts. Right out in the open.

And keep telling us they're the 'law and order' party.

A "District Attorney Roy Moore as Moses handing down the 10 Commandments while he's strutting around like a hill-billy wise-guy committing felonies" style of law enforcement. Arpiehole, Christie, Giuliani, that kind of law enfocement. Mussolini style -- he 'wiped out the mob' with his best buddy Vito Genovese.

I'm too much of a luddite to be of any service to her, except to read the tweets

if and when they get posted on a site like this.

I don't have twitter or facebook, or a cell phone, or a youtube account. This computer I use is extremely old and part broken.

But I have a good memory and a lot of hard copy anti nazi stuff. I have a decent anti-nazi long view, historically, and have been in the game since the early '80's.

I'll tip off people about NEMESIS, that I know and who are hightech and have online presences. Thanks again. I've been a big booster about 'little bird' and the people who monitored the nazi 'echoes' garbage. I promote the Kristi Winters Kevin Logan anti-nazi group from youtube, too.

Thanks for serving this country, Ms. Crose.

Nice to hear this good news, WT. Thanks.

Go see R2-D2 in 'Caligula' on Broadway. His performance is boffo.

Also, the muppets are obviously a tool of satan.

All the more reason for a total Dem boycott of his SOTU.

They can say 'he shut down the government, we thought that dope's speech was cancelled by the shutdown. Whoops.'

Tough sh*t, sh*tler.

And their flunky fool followers can celebrate their 'victory'

and pretend, at the exact same time, to be all outraged about how the 'Dems shut down the gov'.

Double think, cognitive dissonance, openly lying about their opponents -- to their opponents -- with the most transparently obvious lies.

Fuck them.

It was pointed out in the article


"Trump’s singular major legislative achievement has been a sweeping tax cut that Democrats say will benefit the rich and hurt the middle class. Blumenthal added: “He has one accomplishment which is the tax cut. He achieved that with complete party control of both houses of Congress. Talking about infrastructure is fantasy. We have reached the end of Trump’s legislative record, more or less.” "

Funny how the repugs could get that done, but can't keep the government from shutting down.

Too many good ones to chose from.

Shitler, twitler, il Douche A, Mousse o lini, hair hitler, kandy korn kolored skidmark, dRumpfenfuhrer, etc., etc.


"You can't order McDonald's without committing perjury, you dumb fuck!"
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