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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
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Of course Bowers is one of theirs. Won't stop Shitler from trying to get political mileage from it.

This is one of 4 high profile nazi incidents this week. Rump's goonsquads in Rundo's west coast RAM got busted, & nine of McInnes' brownshirts got busted for their brownshirt assaults in NY. Then a steroid abusing strip club bouncer tRump humper sent more than a dozen pipebombs to Rump's enemies list, kicking his bombing campaign off with an attack on George Soros, the reichwing's modern version of the 'Rothschild-int'l-Jewish-banker-bogeyman.'

Now this murderous insane well-armed clown pops up, talking about nationalists, globalists, tRump, QAnon, immigrants, refugees, and hatred of Jews. "Screw the optics" is something he's saying to people who are political, violent, well-armed, who he's had discussions with about the best way to proceed to achieve their common goals. Every topic he discussed comes straight from the tRump hump far right nazi crowd.

Rump is buddies with Bannon (doesn't want his kids going to school with little Jews), Flynn ("not this time, Jews, not this time" ). Rump called neo nazis -- who wore MAGA hats and chanted 'Jews will not replace us' -- 'very fine people'. He refused to condemn neo nazi anti-semitic death threats against journalist Julia Ioffe, constantly re-tweeted neo-nazi influencers, tried to sneak a scandinavian neo-nazi in with the US delegation to an international meeting in Israel. He trails his ties with his neo nazi fanboys like Anglin, Kessler, Heimbach, Hopper, 4chan 8han froggie fans, behind him like a snail's slime trail. One of his freaks chanted "Jew S A" at the media pit, making the stupid nazi ok hand sign as he did it.

He's got dozens of anti-semitic nazi ties.

Now he, and his, pretend the shooter 'didn't like Rump'. He wants to promote CERTAIN houses of worship needing to have paid armed guards, (we need more guns), talks about maniacs and wackos, (no mention about how they shouldn't be able to get guns), wants a stream lined death penalty, (he's big on punishing low level not well connected criminals, but the punishment only happens after they commit their atrocities, so won't prevent the crimes).

As soon as a reporter asked about him talking to the NRA, he said 'too soon', like a Pavlovian dog, told us the world is violent, always was, for many years. Which surely is how he would have responded if President Clinton had been in charge when 11 Americans got killed at their temple. He says he and his team of nazi repug misfits are looking very closely into the situation, looking at the feasibility of doing something, some vague unspecified something at some vague unspecified time in the future.

He thinks this shooting is a game changer, will wipe out all the other 'trump ties to violent nazis' stuff from this week, wipe out the Khashoggi stuff, the stock market losing the whole year's gains stuff, his openly lying flip flop on his tariffs stance, his openly lying flip flops on protecting health coverage for pre existing conditions, his openly lying flip flops on his use of unsecured cell phones (where he'd rather foreign agents get to hear what he says than General Kelly from his own national security team.)

Rump and his repugs are talking about how bad the hatred, political divisions, and violence are, in response to these criminal terror attacks. He and his blubber about how they're constantly 'under attack'. While he talks about dialing up his campaign rhetoric, instead of dialing it down. He'll dial up that rhetoric where he attacks Soros, globalists, Dems, non-nationalists, immigrants, minorities, the free press, and everyone else Rump and Bowers don't like.

His goonish mobs cheer him on, waving signs that say 'Jobs not Mobs'. He's so upset about 'violence' from 'Democratic mobs', while his violent mobs commit violent acts against his political enemies, who he verbally threatens with violence all the time in his campaign rhetoric, to yuge applause from his fans.

There oughtta be a law against angry Americans telling repugs what they think

in dining establishments, on elevators, in public places.

But if you're a religious minority American who wants to engage in worship -- hey better get some private armed security, nothing the law can do to protect them from getting attacked. Rump consulted with his advisors Bannon and Flynn about that.

Let's not forget who the real victims are here: whiny blubbering tRump repugs.

How droll.

I'm a labor Democrat in PA, and I'd just love to see Wagner or Turzai TRY to get tough with my Dem elected officials, while I'm around.

The same repuglican assholes whined about how there were 'credible security threats' that we were preparing to riot in Pittsburgh, if Rump fired Mueller or Rosenstein.

They're lying swine, openly threatening felonies, then screaming and crying about how normal Americans make them 'feel threatened'.

I make controversy, to do complain and blubber about how media focus on controversy I do. rec, nt.

Another historic presidential first, another great MAGA triumph.

First time we've had a swingin, publicly declared open-marriage First Couple.

I'd like to issue a thank you, on behalf of America, to the pious, holy rollin religious family values Gee O Pee.

Thanks for the dim witted dipshit foreign nazi First Lady you foisted on us, and thanks also for her f^ckt up philandering fascistic part time spouse.


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