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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,084

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"when his agenda might help the district" , ie, when hell freezes over.

This OP made me laugh. Not at your misfortune of having to see that face

over and over again. Just at your expression of outrage at the misfortune.

I mute him all the time. Hate all of his faces, the smug one, the mussolini one, the one where he thinks he's cute, the angry outraged one, the one where he looks imperious and in a mental fog simultaneously, like li'l bush, the one where he closes his eyes and beams like Shkreli.

I really hate the photo carel style of MSNBC shows that I like, where while they're talking about seriously nazi moves dRump is making, they show a loop of various still shots of that asshole.

In fact, once the election results were confirmed, the first thing I thought about was how we were being sentenced to see and hear from this thing, over and over, and hear about him, over and over, all the time, for years.

Way worse than even the Palin situation, because she was safely out of power, and look at how much coverage we got about her while she lost. Knew it was going to be exponentially worse since their new Palin 'won'.

Complete immersion in that sewer, being constantly exposed to him gets his stink all over us.

Having to have years of news that just sounds like 'tRump tRump tRump tRump tRump tRump'. My mind recoiled in horror.

But, like Naomi Klein said, shock wears off.

I never trusted privatized hacker sig intel. It'd be like trusting Erik Prince in a battlefield sit

But I do also think that our far-right old hands in the agencies were and are on the side of the Putin luvin birchers, via electronic hijinks.

They're behind the hacks as much as russkie intel.

I've been saying psy-ops all along.

Bannon is psy ops, bircher jones is psy ops, the National Enquirer is psy ops, the whole alt right is psy ops. All those shitty reality tv shows that dRump comes from are psy ops.

Where there's military intel, there's sig intel. Part of sig intel is bugging, data hacking, communications infrastructure, but part of sig intel is psy ops.

Sez the bone-be-spurred candy ass fake half a wiseguy.

A good chunk of wealthy and powerful repug pols and money people helped Hitler rise to power.

A good chunk of them always wanted fascism.

The birchers are just nazi loving repug dead enders, who needed to rebrand their love for nazism.

And the birchers took over the repug party completely, within the last decade. All that work by the Hunts, Kochs, and Mercers really paid off. But those creeps are underlings for the actual big money Standard Oil New Jersey et al crowd.

Getting along with NATO is a good thing.

Getting along with England, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, is a good thing. Somehow, we get to see the shoot from the hip li'l Donnie when he's dealing with those Western allies, though.

His fucking lies are so ridiculously transparent. Every thing he's ever said is contradicted by something else he's also said.

That lying pile of orange puke. Traitor.

He promotes the values that deaden the sensibilities of a great Democracy.

This is definitely the opposite of 'counterintuitive'. Intuitive, maybe.

He's poison, his rhetoric is nazi poison. Hatefilled. All he's about is violence, punishment, attacks, revenge.

His audience is there for exactly that type of smack talk. That's the only 'entertaining' part of his speeches, to them. Obviously, they're not there to hear 'policy wonk' talk from d Rump, who knows zero about every issue, anyhow. They're pro-wrestling fans.

"I hate. I'm furiously angry. I'll get all my enemies." That's the subtext of every off the cuff remark.

I just saw an analysis that said the Saccone ads promoting dRumpfie's tax plan

went from 60% of his ad buys in early Feb to zero % in early March. Kept running the ads, kept seeing no positive results, kept reducing the # of times running them. The chart of % of 'tax plan' ads per day was on a steady slope downwards to zero.

It's a blue collar rust belt district, where's the infrastructure plan? He told those Moon Twp morons he brought a new auto plant to Michigan. He probably told Michigan about all the coal jobs he made in W. Virginia. Then he'll tell W VA about the new steel mill he opened in PA.

None of them will catch on that none of them are working, in any state, in any industry d Rump 'saved'.

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