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Mc Mike

Mc Mike's Journal
Mc Mike's Journal
August 31, 2018

Extremely inbred.

Here's an ancestry tree link, via wikipedia:

Scroll down, you'll see it. Here's a summary: D Rump's mom, Mary MacLeod, her dad was Malcolm MacLeod.

Malcolm's parents were 2 people named Alexander MacLeod and Ann MacLeod, Ann was a MacLeod who married a MacLeod. Ann's parents were Alexander MacLeod and Ann MacKenzie. (That's a different Alexander, so she married a guy who was named after her father.) Malcolm's dad Alexander MacLeod had a father-in law named Alexander MacLeod. And Malcolm's dad Alexander was the offspring of William MacLeod and Carol MacLeod, Carol was a MacLeod who married a MacLeod. Both of Malcolm's parents and 3/4 of his grandparents were MacLeods.

So Prez Shithole, Mr. 'Great Genes', comes from a super inbred family tree. 5 out of 6 of his lovely mom's progenitors on her dad's side of the family are MacLeods. Looking at the family tree on dRump mom Mary and her dad Malcolm's side, 7 out of 8 people were born MacLeod. If there was ever a family gathering where Malcolm took his daughter Mary, his mom's mom must have felt a bit out of place.

D rump's mom was born a ball of fingers. Like Steve Forbes. Luckily those people were royal family relatives, so they had the necessary money and connections to get her corrective surgery. The results are the picture you posted.

August 27, 2018

I'm low on funds right now, does his defense fund accept

Alex Jones vitasupplements as a donation?

August 27, 2018


It spelled out 'witch hunt'.

August 24, 2018

They're destroying millions of young beautiful electronic lives.

Every time tRump logs on to his sims account, he finds out his whole sims family has been indicted.

You should see what they did to his castle in world of warcraft.

Also, I may not be the most observant man in the world, but it appears that tRump is blubbering. Again.

August 23, 2018

There oughtta be a law.

Now, about those laws that already exist, on the other hand -- breaking them is no big deal.

Also, he loves manafort, though he hardly knows the guy. Cohen, the guy he hung about with for years -- that guy is a very bad crooked arch criminal with no character.

And isn't it about time east Brooklyn tears down that Henry Hill monument? Statues like that promote oppression and are very divisive.

August 22, 2018

Is it really illegal to receive a cash and in-kind donation to the campaign and not report it?

Oh. It is.

Well, what if you didn't know getting those contributions was against the campaign finance laws? Is it illegal if you were ignorant of the laws?

Oh. It is.

Well, what if you were too stupid to know those laws were even applicable, during the campaign? Is it illegal to be too stupid to even consider the idea that the money and blackmail info might somehow fall under the jurisdiction of campaign finance laws, of which you are ignorant, anyway?

Even if you thought the applicable laws were writs of habeas and replevin, torts, and the interstate commerce clause, instead? There are a lot of different laws, and it's hard to go through life without breaking some of them, in some categories, at any given moment. Is it illegal then?


Well, what if you were so stupid that you forgot that you were even running for election, during the audiotaped meeting about campaign matters your lawyer made, 2 weeks before election day? Is it ....

August 22, 2018

Firstly, 'get in these moods' is confirmation of that 'black moods' rumor many many have talked of.

Secondly, 'one of the darkest days' should have '... since yesterday' added to it, for accuracy and clarity.

And part c, that line about 'the volcanic President' makes me want to apologize to TheFerret. When ferret referred to 'the Sphincter Volcano occupying the White House', I thought it was just unfair over the top hyperbole.

I see I was mistaken.

August 22, 2018

I'd like to see a poll on a head to head matchup

between d Rump and ''a cockroach that just came out of the sewer and is leaving filthy little footprints all over the respondents' white kitchen countertops''.

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