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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,084

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tRump blubbers. nt

They fund the Federalist Society, too. Kavanaugh wasn't on the first 2 lists.

Funny how Gorsuch and Kavanaugh come from the same Catholic high school.

Kavanaugh's a yale skull and bones guy. The fundies were backing that woman from the catholic splinter group 'people of praise' for the nomination Kavanaugh got.

A question of what flavor of whackadoodle catholic would get put on the Supreme Court. Bircher Kochs backing a skull and bones jesuit trained catholic who tRump likes. Versus bircher Kochs backing an Opus Dei catholic the rightie 'christians' wanted installed.

At minimum, 2 judges were Opus Dei, Thomas and Scalia. 2 lied about Federalist Society ties at their confirmation hearings, Roberts and Alito. Thomas was Jesuit educated, like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

Rump just wants to cover his own enormous rump. The Kochs want to control all outcomes, and back rightie catholics in any eventuality, despite the anti Catholic nature of the Birch society.

The guy that nominated him cannot withstand the scrutiny of the Nevada Gaming Commission. rec, nt

That's crazy talk. It was a great dRump win, and he should get a nobel for it, too. Nt

"They ought to go to jail." Rec, Nt

2 to 1 ratio. And they'd be guilty of the other 1/3, except they were busy at the time

screaming and crying about how they are 'under attack.'

Grenada was an island, too. Repugs jumped on that one pretty quick.

Lotta medals issued, lotta lotta, I recall.

Mebbe Puerto Rico should have reported that 2 dozen Cuban and Grenadian commies had invaded.

tRump blubbers.

The whattaboutism he's attempting is a bit of a stretch.

Several times, at political events for Dems and Dem causes in the last 3 years,

some rando dingaling Alex Jones birchers have approached me to talk about some kind of garbled cartoon conspiracy.

They'd hand me a business card which described the attack they said was coming, with a website cited on it as the only source for info.

The general idea was that at some future randomly picked mass event, sports, concert, whatever, some nefarious entity would send a false flag statement about a crisis or attack underway, to everyone's cell phones, in order to stampede the crowd, and cause mass casualties.

They had a forgettable name for it, something - i - pede, I recycled their informational business card and never gave their website any traffic. Probably has a virus on it. It would be ironic if the recipient of the card looked at the website on their smart phone and got a virus on it.

Anyhow, shitler using the Nat'l WEA System to make pronouncements kind of reminds me of those Jones nazi birchers' little conspiracy card, for some reason.

My favorite part of the Rump phone call to Woodward:

Rump: But are you naming names? Or do you just say sources?

BW: Yeah, well, it names real incidents, so . ..

Rump: No, but do you name sources? I mean, are you naming the people, or just say, people have said?

The most hilarious part was where the sphincter volcano caught himself saying 'do you just say 'people (pause) have said?' ' How he put the pause in between 'people' and 'have said', because he could hear himself in the moment saying the words 'people have said', and realizes he's saying one of his favorite all time catchphrases, that he reflexively barfs out over and over again -- except this time he's not saying it to 'prove' something, but instead as an accusation against Woodward, to 'disprove' something.

He was just about to torpedo his favorite 'proof' catchphrase. Just about to say that every one of the million times he said 'people have said', he was lying.

"The million times that I said 'people are saying', that was me offering proof, every time. The one time Woodward said it, it proves he is a liar."

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