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Mc Mike

Mc Mike's Journal
Mc Mike's Journal
March 29, 2019

Stone is indicted by Mueller for obstruction and perjury

he committed to impede the investigation into the connections between the 'Rump campaign - Russian Gov', in crimes of intel and counter intel hacks.

He campaigned for Rump saying that he had all this classified intel that showed Rump's opponent should be locked up, he got it from the Russians, who hacked it from Clinton's Secretariat and her political campaign against Rump.

Now he's saying he never got any intel from the Russians at all, while at the same time, the candidate he worked for wants to use all that non-existent intel to lock his political opponent up.

When Stone helped Rump run for office, there was all this secret classified us intel stuff that we shouldn't get to see, except Rump campaigner Stone and the russians got ahold of it and released it. It was a real scandal how much loose intel Hilary left hanging around. Someone should get indicted (besides Stone, I mean).

Rump's buddies, Stone and the Russians, wanted to show all the secrets. As far as they're concerned, we should see everything about US intel and counterintel methods and sources, when it's Dem government sources or non-partisan career staff sources. That's what Stone said while working for the Rump campaign.

The actual loose intel, was a little hazy, though. No big secrets or scandals, sources or methods exposed. While our intel, counterintel, and law enforcement people were actually monitoring Russians who kept connecting with Rump campaigners.

Now, Rump A.G. Barr said we shouldn't be allowed to see the Mueller Report, it's too highly classified, too many methods and sources would be revealed, I guess.

But we should definitely look into investigating the whole Dem administration before Rump's, all the political appointees and the career staff of the Department of Justice, FBI, intel, counterintel, Judiciary, and law enforcement. We should definitely have a public disclosure of the sources and methods they used to catch Rump, Stone, Flynn, Manafort, Cohen in all their dealings with Russia. How did they find out about all the Rump Russia ties?

Stone's trial on Mueller's indictment hasn't happened, but Rump's new AG told Mueller that we should have a report issued, (which won't be shown to the public, coz classified). That report needed to come out before Rump's old employee Stone, who was indicted by Mueller, goes on trial. Goes on trial for saying he lied about getting hacked intel and counterintel info from the Russians which he used to sway the US into voting for Rump.

He never even talked to the Russians, just lied and said he did to help Rump get elected. All that top secret intel the russians hacked from Clinton, he never even saw it, he just lied to Mueller and said he got it from friends who contacted Russia. There's no top secret intel he got because of Clinton's carelessness,

and she should be locked up for her criminal carelessness.

March 29, 2019

'Defrauding the public.' And Rump KNOWS defrauding the public, ba lee me.

Better than all the best experts.

And great pivot. It's 'infrastructure week'. Again.

He's defrauding the public while screaming about defrauding the public.

March 28, 2019

He can't declassify the Mueller Report, though. THAT's up to his A.G.

He'll just declassify some of the underlying investigative docs, which will expose sources and methods our domestic counterintel people use vs the Russkies.


March 22, 2019

$91 mill for Baron Golfin von Fatfuck's R & R? In 2 years?

Totally worth it, he's our little Bavarian Prince.

And why shouldn't taxpayers be on the hook for it? Just because tRump doesn't pay any taxes himself doesn't mean he should deprive himself from indulging his least and every little whim.

Plus, he's too busy MAGA ing to golf. Unlike Obama, who made Rump mad, coz Obama was golfing too much.

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