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arely staircase

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Something I find troubling in the rape prevention discussion at DU

On the one hand, I certainly believe that we need to start educating young men and boys about the fact that 'no' means 'no.' If there are no rapists there is no rape.

However, there is an odd idea that seems to inform some opinions on the subject - and that is the notion that any amount of of common sensical advice on how to stay safe is blaming victims. Apparently if I don't tell my teenage niece to sleep with her doors unlocked and her windows open I am perpetuating a rape culture. I don't blame anyone but rapists for rape. I don't blame anyone but car thieves for car theft but I take my keys out of the ignition and lock the doors. Should I stop that? Am I blaming victims of car theft by doing that and encouraging others to do so? I think not. And so when I tell my niece to park in well lit areas I am not perpetuating rape culture, I am simply giving good advice, and hopefully help perpetuate her continued well-being.

So what do you think?

Encouraging potential victims to take crime prevention measures is:

Posted by arely staircase | Tue Mar 12, 2013, 11:29 AM (173 replies)

bush's war of aggression against iraq

was the most tragic and far-reaching consequence of the scotus stopping the state of florida from following its constitution and counting its votes accordingly.

this country and the world changed, for the worse, because of all that.

jesus wept
Posted by arely staircase | Fri Mar 8, 2013, 06:29 PM (0 replies)

if abraham lincoln had a drone (i don't know with a time machine or whatever)

would he have been justified in using it on confederate military or political leadership?
Posted by arely staircase | Thu Mar 7, 2013, 11:46 PM (44 replies)

Newt Gingrich: I'd Go On 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Donald Trump Is A 'Phenomenon'


and why shouldn't he?
Posted by arely staircase | Wed Mar 6, 2013, 10:01 PM (6 replies)

very good michael lind essay on how the shrinking right views the growing left

Posted by arely staircase | Mon Mar 4, 2013, 07:23 PM (2 replies)

uh, like where is my star?

answer me that one!

i bemoan
Posted by arely staircase | Sat Mar 2, 2013, 02:40 AM (4 replies)

as congress fights over how rich the rich may be regardless of the plight of the poor

please read these quotes from Jesus. I post them not to make a religious point but to put the thoughts of the man (who the reactionaries caim as their own) in perspective.
Luke 12
13 One of the men in the crowd said to Jesus, “Teacher, our father just died and left some things for us. Tell my brother to share them with me.”

14 But Jesus said to him, “Who said I should be your judge or decide how to divide your father’s things between you two?” 15 Then Jesus said to them, “Be careful and guard against all kinds of greed. People do not get life from the many things they own.”

16 Then Jesus used this story: “There was a rich man who had some land. His land grew a very good crop of food. 17 He thought to himself, ‘What will I do? I have no place to keep all my crops.’

18 “Then he said, ‘I know what I will do. I will tear down my barns and build bigger barns! I will put all my wheat and good things together in my new barns. 19 Then I can say to myself, I have many good things stored. I have saved enough for many years. Rest, eat, drink, and enjoy life!’

20 “But God said to that man ‘Foolish man! Tonight you will die. So what about the things you prepared for yourself? Who will get those things now?’

21 “This is how it will be for anyone who saves things only for himself. To God that person is not rich.”

Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me.”

Matthew 25: 35-40
"‘For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; 36 naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.’ 37 “Then the righteous will answer Him, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry, and feed You, or thirsty, and give You something to drink? 38 ‘And when did we see You a stranger, and invite You in, or naked, and clothe You? 39 ‘When did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’ 40 “The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’ "
Posted by arely staircase | Sat Mar 2, 2013, 12:50 AM (5 replies)

Attention Episcopalians, take action now! (violence against women)

mods, please don't remove, this is a social justice thread not a religious one. It belongs here and not in the religion because it needs attention.

The cultural attitudes and stereotypes that perpetuate the cycles of gender-based violence shatter individuals, families, and society, impede the ability of women and girls to participate fully in and contribute to their communities, and ultimately separate us all from our relationship with God. Urge your Representative to follow the Senate’s lead by swiftly reauthorizing the domestic Violence Against Women Act.

Change the Culture of Violence: Stop Violence Against Women

Please sign the letter and let them know we, as Christians stand with victims of violence..

Posted by arely staircase | Mon Feb 25, 2013, 10:12 PM (2 replies)

Self cannibalization as the GOP voraciously devours its Robespierres...

It’s not unreasonable that true believers conclude Karl Rove—as responsible as any single person for what the party has become—is now a hack, given that he is one and always has been, and given what for true believers is the rather belated revelation that Rove loves power for its own sake which, whatever else may be so, can’t be said of the party’s zealots.

Self cannibalization is the instinct of such movements. The more desperate the Republican Party becomes, the more voraciously it devours its Robespierres, Dantons, Héberts, if such comparisons don’t unduly flatter the romantic delusions of self-styled Republican Jacobins. Thus Senator Rubio’s superstardom is already on the descent, so blemished by his flirtations with reality not to mention with compassion on the matter of immigration reform that not only did he back away from the issue in his response to the president on Tuesday but it was necessary for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to offer another, purer response to Rubio’s tainted one.

Thus the face of Hispanic Republicanism, however far beyond the oxymoronic such a concept lurches, isn’t Rubio on Tuesday night but Tuesday afternoon’s new hotshot Ted Cruz, senator from Texas for 43 days and attacking the character of Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel so ruthlessly and without any facts that even fellow Hagel opponent John McCain objected. Thus the scowling response of congressional Republicans Tuesday night to the president’s clarion call on behalf of voting rights, which was last regarded as controversial 50 years ago by Southern segregationists and might have been considered in 2013 something of a gimme as far as applause lines go. Thus on further review the videotape reveals Speaker John Boehner—who initially stood with the rest of the country to applaud the victims of gun violence during the State of the Union’s concluding litany—looking out nervously at his seething and largely unmoved caucus (which leads him far more than he leads them) and, realizing the error of his heart, taking his seat again halfway through the honor roll of the dead, by the time the president got to Tucson.

Posted by arely staircase | Sat Feb 16, 2013, 01:36 AM (0 replies)

Van Jones on Dorner

Don't focus on Chris Dorner's politics
by Van Jones

(CNN) -- In the wake of Chris Dorner's death, much of the talk has already turned to his political views.

In the wake of a tragedy, it is understandable to ask why this happened. It is appropriate to discuss ways to keep it from happening again.

But we should draw the line at suddenly giving an exalted place in our national discourse to the political rantings of a murderer.

Before he met his end, Dorner took the lives of several human beings and wounded a few more. One of those killed was a father of two. The law enforcement officers killed were simply doing their jobs, trying to keep us safe.

Posted by arely staircase | Thu Feb 14, 2013, 06:31 PM (6 replies)
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