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LovingA2andMI's Journal
LovingA2andMI's Journal
July 26, 2013

Questions of Gov. Snyder's Public Office Ethics, in light of revealing emails plotting Bankruptcy

Abstract from the article:

Many citizens across the World continue to be in complete awe regarding Detroit's present fate.

Yet, Governor Rick Snyder continues to move full speed ahead with destroying whatever is left --minus the downtown area-- of the "Motorcity". So much so that Governor Snyder embarked on plans for months and shared by email with others, how drive a stake though the heartbeat of Detroit.

A groundbreaking article by Southeastern Michigan's Independent News Resource, the Michigan Citizen, revealed today Snyder --who took the Oath of Office to fully service all residents of the Great Lakes state irregardless of annual income earned--- conspired by email communications non-profit NERD Fund employee - Rich Baird, Emergency Manager to be Kevyn Orr, and Mayor Dave Bing on a course of inaction seeking to end at a Federal Bankruptcy Courthouse.

Read more here.

July 16, 2013

The Strange Fruit of Juror B37 --- George Zimmerman Trial

Normally, I don't dip my toes in the water of conspiracy theories but in my strong opinion, the fix was in on George Zimmerman's "Not-Guilty" verdict. The line connecting all the dots is Juror B37. I'll post a part the article "The Strange Fruit of Juror B37" here on Democratic Underground but, before I do, let's connect all the tealeaves -- so to speak.

Juror B37 - A Resident of Seminole County, Florida husband is an attorney.

Juror B37 - Possibly has a book deal to detail her actions during the Zimmerman trial

Juror B37 - Attorney Husband is co-authoring the book, with her.

Zimmerman Attorney - Mark O' Mara is President of the Seminole County, Florida Bar

Juror B37 - During the jury selection process claimed she did not watch TV, follow the media but said "riots" occurred in Seminole County, Florida in the city of Sanford after George Zimmerman was not immediately charged with the killing of Trayvon Martin. No such riots occurred.

Juror B37 - Referred to victim Trayvon Martin -- during the jury selection process -- as a "Color Boy" and called his death by the gun of Twin Lakes Condo Watchman George Zimmerman a "unfortunate incident that happened".

Frank Taffee a "friend" of George Zimmerman stated on Fox News last Friday that the Zimmerman jury were 5-1 for acquittal with one hold out for the charge of Manslaugher.

Juror B37 - During a interview on CNN's Anderson Cooper states that one juror held out until the Judge's "non-answer" to the Manslaughter definition question was received back by the jury.

One hour after the Judge requested clarity in the juries question about the manslaughter charge, George Zimmerman is Acquitted of all charges.

Juror B37 - Throughout the interview with Anderson Cooper repeatedly referenced George Zimmerman in the "first person" as George, instead of Mr. Zimmerman or Zimmerman.

Juror B37 - Stated to Cooper she believe the incident between Zimmerman and victim Trayvon Martin was "unfortunate for both individuals" yet she felt sympathy for "George".

Juror B37 - Told Cooper the testimony of a Doctor who was in war describing "the screams of injured soldiers", was the witness who impacted her final verdict to acquit Zimmerman. None of the Doctors testifying during the Zimmerman trial veterans of war. Only the testimony of John Donnelly, describing how George Zimmerman was like a "Son" to him and donated up to $50K to Zimmerman's legal defense fund, testified on hearing the "screams of injured soldiers during Vietnam". Anderson Cooper asked Juror B37 for clarification -- i.e. was she speaking on Donnelly's testimony -- and the Juror continued to insist she was referencing "a doctor" expert testimony.

Remember the song "Strange Fruit" sung by Billie Holiday? The fix of "Strange Fruit" was in I believe, granting George Zimmerman a "not-guilty" verdict -- regardless of the evidence presented.

Here's a link to the article: http://bit.ly/18icCWL

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