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LovingA2andMI's Journal
LovingA2andMI's Journal
December 23, 2015

Exclusive Interview: Flint, Michigan Water Activist Melissa Mays Visits IU Radio LIVE

"In follow up to Independent Underground News & Talk's widely shared Op/Ed piece on December 21 titled "Flint Toxic Water Situation Is Not New, It's Criminal, It's Past Time for Accountability", Flint, Michigan Clean Water Activist Melissa Mays of the organization "Water You Fighting For?" is scheduled to visit Independent Underground Radio LIVE's podcast December 22 at 9pm ET.

Mays advocacy efforts to demand clean, drinkable water for Flint, Michigan residents displays the actions citizens should take to redress grievances against governmental entities seeking to promote corruption - as in the case of Flint's Toxic Lead Filled Water crisis - recently detailed by The Washington Post.

Prior to starting the organization "Water You Fighting For" in early 2015, Mays and family members were personally impacted by Flint's tainted water - suffering from high levels of lead in their blood and a litany of other health related elements due to drinking the City's Toxic Water.

As a long-term resident of the former "Buick City", Mays and fellow community members took complaints into action, contacting Legal Clerk and Environment Activist Erin Brockovich and Renowned Environment Researcher Marc Edwards to reveal the truth on Mid-Michigan's largest city water situation.

Listen to Melissa Mays story from the organization "Water You Fighting For" exclusively on Independent Underground Radio LIVE - "Detroit's Voice of Progress" podcast on December 22 ON-DEMAND.

Listen to the ON-DEMAND Interview Anytime At This Link: http://www.reachoutjobsearch.com/2015/12/exclusive-interview-flint-michigan.html#ixzz3vAiu6Y7D
December 22, 2015

Flint Toxic Water Situation Is Not New, It's Criminal, It's Past Time for Accountability

Blogging or writing articles have been out of fashion on my behalf as of late due to many reasons. One of which include placing a keen focus on expanding our podcast Independent Underground Radio LIVE. Those efforts are paying off but, more on that later.

The Flint Water Scandal, where do began. Taking a mental trip back not to far ago in late 2014/early 2015, when stories about Tan, Black, Brown, Yellow and rock filled water started surfacing out of Flint, Michigan.

Our resource, Independent Underground Radio LIVE talked about the crisis and played recorded audio from the "Healing Stories -Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion Listening Panel" March 21, 2015, symposium on the podcast titled:

Why Is Flint MI Water Dirty & Filthy? - IU Radio LIVE 3.24.15

This blog is a small operation with limited resources. However, after attending the symposium presented in Flint, Michigan by the "Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion Listening Panel" which we were one of ten independent citizen journalism operations, exclusively invited - we knew then this story would be huge.

Read more: http://www.reachoutjobsearch.com/2015/12/oped-flint-toxic-water-situation-is-not.html#ixzz3v2NrXZ28
Follow us: @iunewstalk on Twitter
December 6, 2015

RANDOM THOUGHT: USA Might Be Going Into War Like Actions OR War w/ ISIS - Obama's Special Address

"President Barack Obama on Sunday night will deliver a rare Oval Office address about terror threats in the aftermath of the San Bernardino, California, shootings that claimed 14 lives. CNN and other networks will broadcast it live at 8 p.m. ET.

The White House says the president will provide an update on the investigation. Federal authorities have said the attacks are being investigated as an act of terrorism.

"The President will also discuss the broader threat of terrorism, including the nature of the threat, how it has evolved, and how we will defeat it," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement. "He will reiterate his firm conviction that ISIL will be destroyed and that the United States must draw upon our values -- our unwavering commitment to justice, equality and freedom -- to prevail over terrorist groups that use violence to advance a destructive ideology."

READ MORE: http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/05/politics/obama-to-discuss-terror-threats/

Earlier in the day, President Obama said that "We will not be Terrorized" in a speech, given in a Saturday Morning Radio/Video Address:

According to CNN - the President had an internal briefing with his Security Advisers earlier this afternoon where more details of the San Bernardino attack was discussed. As media was not allowed to enter this meeting (as they should not be) they received "talking points" from the meeting, and not everything discussed.

Point of Note:
The LAST TIME President Obama called a Special Address from the White House Oval Office was Aug. 31, 2010 to announce End of U.S. combat operations in Iraq.

This would be the THIRD Special Address of President Obama from the Oval Office of his seven year term, with the first being June 15, 2010 - during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

This speech and Special Address from the Oval Office is coming after the largest lost of life in a targeted terrorist attack since 9/11 and the second largest lost of life in a gun related incident since Sandy Hook.

READ MORE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Oval_Office_Addresses

Just a thought -- could be totally wrong - but there is a belief, the President will give further details tomorrow of a furthering plot with ISIS or ISIS Supporter cells intent to launch more attacks on American soil.

With such, the upcoming days and the President Election in 2016 - will be very interesting. It is doubtful (highly) President Obama can or would sit on information likely shared with him on the San Bernardino Shooting Massacre along with other International events created by ISIS, DASEH or Al Qaeda and sit on it -- even if it means military troops are being called as this typing takes place, to duty on a mission(s).
December 5, 2015

What the Hell Just Happened on MSNBC and CNN?

"A baffling, surreal scene just played out on the two networks, where the landlord of the San Bernardino shooting suspects apparently allowed reporters into their apartment.

The result was disturbing. On live national television, reporters sifted through the remains of the lives of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. They picked over children’s toys. They held up photos, speculating about whether the woman depicted in one might be Malik. They displayed Social Security cards and driver’s licenses with readily identifiable information—and not just for the deceased suspects.

As if the journalistic irresponsibility of baselessly speculating while holding up images of potentially innocent people on TV wasn’t bad enough, it beggars belief the scene wasn’t taped off and guarded. Reporters were given free rein to walk through an apartment that is an important part of the investigation, and they were allowed to handle what one would expect to be evidence. Police didn’t appear to know the media tour was going on."

READ MORE: http://www.theatlantic.com/notes/2015/12/what-the-hell-just-happened-on-msnbc/418893/?utm_source=SFTwitter


Talk about DISTURBING and DISGUSTING -- this is what our American Media has become. Tainting the criminal scene in the midst of an investigation to be first to put on camera the suspected mass murderers, personal items.

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