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LovingA2andMI's Journal
LovingA2andMI's Journal
November 6, 2016

Trump protester: I was beaten for holding a 'Republicans against Trump' sign

Source: The Guardian

"The man whose protest saw Donald Trump rushed off the stage by Secret Service agents has said the Republican nominee’s supporters turned on him when he held up a sign reading: “Republicans against Trump”.

The man, who identified himself as Austyn Crites, 33, from Reno, told the Guardian he was holding the sign at a rally when Trump supporters wrestled him to the ground.

He said he was kicked, punched and choked, and feared for his life when the crowd turned on him at the gathering in Reno, Nevada.

Crites cited Trump’s treatment of Mexicans, Muslims and women as the reason he decided to protest again Trump, who he described as “a textbook version of a dictator and a fascist”.

There were panicked scenes at the Trump rally, apparently prompted by shouts from at least one person in the crowd that the protester had a gun. Hundreds of people fled to the back of the auditorium in panic as Trump was hurriedly rushed from the stage by his security detail.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/nov/06/trump-protester-i-was-beaten-for-holding-a-republicans-against-trump-sign

FALSE FLAG!!! This was a hyped up piece of crapola from the Deplorable Campaign of Donald Trump and his Deplorable supporters! This guy was a common day protestor. Not any "threat" to the Deplorable Candidates life for sure and had no reason what-so-ever to required Secret Service escort of the Idiot of a stage.

As noted in the story, a MEMBER OF THE DEPLORABLE'S in Reno shouted "Gun". There was not a gun of any type present. One cannot get a gun in 99.9% of all cases into any Presidential Candidates rally were the Secret Service is on duty.

This story needs to go vital. Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Stumble and anything else social media related. Basically, this was a last ditch, down in the mud, false flag by a losing campaign to turn the narrative two days and counting until the Deplorable Candidate finished.

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