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(Bernie Group) Come Talk Primary Election - Independent Underground Radio LIVE

Bernie Supporters -- Feel free to join us and the Super Tuesday Talk Tonight

#Podcast #SuperTuesday #LIVENOW Broadcasting live on the air!
Listen in now at here: http://tobtr.com/s/8314441. Call In Here: 347-934-085
Posted by LovingA2andMI | Tue Mar 1, 2016, 11:03 PM (4 replies)

A Moment In History That MUST BE REMEMBERED For Election 2016 - Attorney Anita Hill Speaks

America must know far and wide that DAVID BROCK the now point Media Man of Hillary Clinton -- Helped Throw Attorney Anita Hill Under the Sexual Harassment Bus....And This Is a "Campaign" That Is Suppose to Support, Women. YEAH RIGHT...

"One small but telling moment in the career of Jill Abramson, the new executive editor-to-be of the New York Times, took place at The New Yorker.

It was 1993, nineteen months after Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill had their historic showdown during Thomas’s Senate confirmation hearings. Jill and I, who had been friends since high school (and remain so), and who both worked for the Wall Street Journal, had signed a contract together to write an investigative book aimed at trying to figure out which of the two had lied, and why—an issue that divided the country. As reporters, we believed that if we interviewed enough sources, and rummaged through enough documents, the facts would lead us to the truth.

In the spring of 1993, after we’d already done a considerable amount of research, a then little-known writer named David Brock came out with a blockbuster book, “The Real Anita Hill,” purporting to bust Hill as a fabulist and liar. The book soon gained traction not just among conservatives but also within the journalistic mainstream; both the New York Times and Newsday treated it as credible. Jill and I were aghast. We had learned enough from our own reporting to know that Brock’s book was filled with things that weren’t true. We were torn when The New Yorker called and asked us to review the Brock book.

Ordinarily, competing authors don’t write about each other. But given that we were among the few people who knew the facts, Jill and I felt obliged to correct the record. So together, we wrote an investigative review that exposed Brock’s flim-flammery. It made both of us targets of Thomas’s supporters. But nine years later Brock himself came out and admitted, in his memoir, “Blinded By the Right,” that his writing on Hill had been “a witches’ brew” of deception, and that he had been “a right-wing hit man.”


And Sadly, This is A Highly Questionable Moment in History for Joe Biden in his "questioning" of the Sexual Harasser Clarence Thomas.
Posted by LovingA2andMI | Mon Feb 29, 2016, 03:41 AM (21 replies)

A Bit Of Perspective - The Democratic Party Is In Deep Trouble.....

The MSM Claimed That Hillary's Win Was Huge, Magnificent, the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread in South Carolina. But, in reality, was it really...

According to the latest polling results, Hillary Clinton has upwards of 73.49% of the vote to Sanders 25.96%. If one was just to review this raw data, it would be assumed Sanders was "smoked" and Hillary has a "mandate" to go forward with her Neo-Democratic Message that has turned Temporarily "Faux-Progressive-Lite" for the Primary.

But...Not So Fast.

What if we told you there are 2,961,362 Registered Democratic Voters in the State of South Carolina. Now what if we told you that only 370,431 Democratic Voters decided to show up for the Corporate Media Hyped South Carolina Primary?

That means, only 12.51% of registered Democratic Voters in South Carolina bothered to vote on Saturday.

Where are these voters at? Where did they go? Many of these are the same voters who supported Barack Obama's win in the State, for the General Election in 2008.

Where are they? Somewhere else. Why?

Because although Bernie is an Excellent Candidate - they are unsure if he can win with the Party Structure having it out for him. That Structure being the DNC. They are not voting against or not for Bernie as much as they have zero plans of voting for Hillary Clinton's Democratic Party.

What does that mean for the General Election? Some will say nothing -- as South Carolina is not a State Democrats "can win" in November 2016 "anyway". But, that is spin in reality.

The Democrat Party is losing voters. The Democratic Party is losing momentum. The Democratic Party is losing any connection to its Progressive, Millennial and half of General Xers base.

To be frank -- this version - the Neo-Democratic Version of the Democratic Party is dying fast and a 12.51% turnout in any area of the Country among the core base --- with Independent's leaning Trump, Rubio or just staying home equals -- a very, very sad November.

Too bad the Democratic Party Threw Bernie Sanders Under the Bus. Maybe, just maybe -- he will take this moment to consider starting a new, real and exciting Progressive Movement Party after all.
Posted by LovingA2andMI | Sun Feb 28, 2016, 12:48 AM (81 replies)

Ms. Rhea McCauley Niece of Rosa Parks Supports Bernie Sanders & Says You Should Too

On This Independent Underground Radio LIVE Special Podcast Episode 2-26-16:

Our Guest Rhea McCauley -- the Niece of the Late Civil Rights Activist Rosa Parks will visit the program to discuss why Michigan's Residents should #GetOnTheBus and Support Bernie Sanders Candidacy for President in 2016

Michigan's Presidential Primary is scheduled for March 8, 2016, and Ms. McCauley stands firm that if her Aunt was still alive, she too would be supporting Bernie Sanders.

Host Monica RW is an owner/writer for the popular Independent Underground News website, media consultant for ROJS Media LLC, a experienced grassroots and elected local political leader, and brings her researched Independent opinions to the political issues of the day.

Listen to the Podcast on
Soundcloud At The Following Link:
Posted by LovingA2andMI | Sat Feb 27, 2016, 01:47 AM (12 replies)

Selective Outrage? No! This is at least the Second Time Hillary Has Been Dismissive of #BLM

So, some folks are accusing Bernie Sanders Supporters of "Selective Outrage" as it relates to Ashley Williams and Clinton Handlers Throwing Ms. Williams out of an Fundraising Event SHE PAID $500.00 to be at.

Reason being, they are saying (or trying to spin) Bernie Supporters were outraged when Marissa Alexander jumped on Stage in Seattle to interrupt the Candidate at open and free event.

We were. Let's get that out of the way right now. WE CAN CALL OUT OURSELVES.

Why so? Because we wanted to make sure BOTH SIDES (or at that time ALL THREE CANDIDATES) would be treated in a similar fashion by #BLM.

Bernie And Hillary -- and then O' Malley Too. Not just One -- All of Them if the Message BLM was trying to assert was real.

Now They Have.

Let us remember...this is the SECOND Time Hillary Has Been Dismissive Of BLM Protesters.

Yet, somehow the Hillary Supporters Seem To Forget About That Fact.

The First Time Her "Dismissive Nature" Got A Pass As She "Meet With Some BLM Activists" Afterwards and Still Had Snark -- But Was "Credited" for Meeting With Them.

Now MONTHS LATER -- She Brings the Snark Again and Had "Secret Service" Throw Ashley Williams Out of the $500 Per Plate Fundraiser.

Are you dismissing the fact Ms. Williams PAID to be there and ANSWER her question and expected an ANSWER for her DONATION?

Again, please fact check us. We for sure called out Marissa Alexander and after the Seattle Incident. Yes, we did. BUT...what was different between Hillary February 2016 and Bernie July 2015 with BLM...

1. Bernie Let Them Speak.
2. Bernie Stepped Back From The Mic.
3. Bernie Met With Them Directly After to Address Their Concerns
4. Bernie Has REPEATEDLY Met With BLM Since
5. When Bernie Came to Michigan (Eastern Michigan University to be exact -- with 10K in Attendance on a COLD 28 degree February day with a 3 mile long line that waited upwards of 4 hours to get in) Bernie mentioned the Flint Water Crisis and Said He Met with the Flint Families Impacted (7 of them) BUT Guess What Bernie Did NOT Do....
6. He NEVER POINTED OUT WHO HE MET WITH. Nor did he Parade Them On the Stage. How Do We Know? First -- We Were There. Second - We Know WHO THEY ARE. Third - We Were In The Press Box And Saw The Families Walk Out (Again we know who they are) watch Bernie Speech and NEVER had to be put on Show or Blast -- To "Get Bernie Votes"....
7. Unlike what happened at the Town Hall in South Carolina just days ago WHEN Hillary Clinton had the Mother's of Murdered African-American Men STAND UP -- in fact she told them too -- during the Town Hall for votes. WHY? Was this necessary? NO!!

So, Ashley Williams questions should have been answered and she should have had an opportunity to speak. She was not rude, she WAITED for Hillary to respond -- she did not interrupt - and she PAID to be there.

Marissa Alexander did interrupt the Bernie Event and we called her out for that -- but SHE DID GET HER QUESTION ANSWERED and Bernie has continued to answer BLM questions without any Snark, since.

That is the difference.

Independent Underground News & Talk
Posted by LovingA2andMI | Thu Feb 25, 2016, 01:36 PM (14 replies)

How The Media Rolls: Leaked Audio Catches Mika and Joe Chatting With Trump During Break

First, Why Is This Important -- Before Linking The Article. Well, If They (the MSM) Will Set Up Questions OR How The Segment Will Be Structured For Trump, Will They Do The Same For Clinton? Especially, If The Network "Reporter" is Chris Matthews or Andrea Mitchell with Johnatan Capehart.

What About If The Bosses That Be At The MSM Network Specifically Write Out The Questions Producers Give To The Host(s) To Ask. Is That Out Of the Possibly Considering What's Linked Below. No...It's Not.

Either One Play The Game Or Lose Their JOB. Is The MSM Choosing The Candidates For President Instead Of Presenting The Information Fair And Balanced For We (the American People) Can Choose A Candidate For President?

By This Leaked Audio - It Appears The Latter and Joe and Mika are NOT the only ones playing this disgusting game in the MSM world.

Comedian and voice actor Harry Shearer somehow got his hands on audio of Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough chatting behind-the-scenes with Donald Trump in between breaks of their MSNBC town hall, playing it on his weekly radio show Le Show.

Throughout the six minutes or so, Trump and the MSNBC hosts chat amiably about a variety of topics, including politics, the primaries, golf, Morning Joe‘s coverage of Trump’s campaign, and their fellow journalists. On at least one occasion, the duo appear to discuss questions for the next segment within earshot of Trump. At times it can be difficult to determine who is speaking to who; Brzezinski and Scarborough appear at several points to be speaking to producers who were not picked up by the mics at the same time they were speaking to Trump.

“You know what I thought was kind of a wow moment, was the guy you brought up on stage,” Brzezinski began by telling Trump.

“We played it several times this morning,” Scarborough put in.

“I watched your show this morning,” Trump responded. “You have me almost as a legendary figure, I like that.”

After that, Brzezinski thanked Trump for agreeing to the interview. “You, you get great ratings and a raise,” he told her. “Me, I get nothing.”

“This will make us all look good,” Trump said, to which Scarborough replied, “Exactly.”

Scarborough and Trump then chatted about their thoughts on his most recent debate performance. “The next morning when I saw the CBS poll, I knew that the people who mattered didn’t think you lost it,” Scarborough said. “I mean, you came in a strong second. And I’ll tell you what was the most revealing thing was [Jeb Bush] came in last, the guy you attacked.”

Brzezinski then tried to ask Scarborough about a question she planned to ask Trump, trying to be discreet but eventually giving away the subject. “Do you not want me to do, the um, the ones with, um, deportation?”

“We really do have to go to some questions,” Scarborough responded.

“That’s right,” Trump agreed, before joking, “Nothing too hard, Mika.”

“Okay,” Brzezinski can be heard telling someone. In the end, there were no questions about immigration or deportations during the town hall.


Our Media is No Better Than RT Russia Today -- As They Are Feeding Up Propaganda and We --As The America Public-- Are Continuing To Lap It Up.
Posted by LovingA2andMI | Tue Feb 23, 2016, 11:08 AM (5 replies)

Rome Is Burning...

Literally Rome Is Burning This Time And The Fire Will Not Be Put Out With Water...

Or Threats Of The Other Side If Elected Will Be Worse. We Know That And...

Rome Is Burning Because Instead Of Winning a Primary Based On Who Is The Better Candidate, The Other Candidate Is Resorting To Character Attacks On A Man Who Has Voted With The Democrats For The Last 25 Years in Congress As A Independent....

If That Is Not "Party Loyalty" Who Knows What It Means. Rome Is Burning...

Because The Woman Who Those In The Establishment Has Chosen Has Supported A Litany Of Policies More Republican Than Democrat Like -- Depending On Whatever A Democrat Means Anymore. Rome Is Burning...

Sometimes Its Not About Winning As It Is About How One Win. Do They Win With Lies And A Former Republican That Threw Anita Hill Under The Bus -- Now Running The Back Door Attack Game On A Socialist From Vermont. Rome Is Burning...

As A Majority Of Millennials Was Not Inspired To Vote Before A 74 Year Old Man Entry Into The Race. And They Definitely Will Not Be With The 74 Year Old Man Out Of the Race. Rome Is Burning....

Generation X'ers have been Screwed Bad. They Have little to no Pensions, Social Security Hangs On A String and Their Home is Either Foreclosed Or Likely Has Lost Value Yet To Be Gained Back. They thank NAFTA and Glass-Stengel along with any Democratic Candidate working with those who want to privatize Social Security.

That is Not Bernie. Rome Is Burning...

Yes, Hillary Might Get The Temporary Victory. She Might. But She Will Not Win The Battle.

It Is A Battle For Hearts, Minds and The Future. Bernie Has Won That.

But Bernie Might Be Sidelined By Lies And Schemes. Yet, It Will Not Happen Without A Recourse For The Ones Who Believe Playing Dirty Is The Only Way To Win The Game.

Rome Has Burned!
Posted by LovingA2andMI | Mon Feb 22, 2016, 01:17 PM (7 replies)

Because Every Now And Then....The Gladiators Need To Renew Their Resolve

#WeHaveJustBegunToFight #WeAreBernieGladiators #GotBerniesBack #NotMeUs and Onward to Super Tuesday - WE MARCH!!!

Meme Courtesy of Independent Underground News & Talk
Posted by LovingA2andMI | Sun Feb 21, 2016, 01:43 AM (3 replies)

Bernie Sanders Host First Official Michigan Campaign Rally at EMU Monday

Bernie Supporters in Ypsilanti and the Surrounding Southeastern Michigan Community will have the opportunity to hear Democratic Presidential Nominee - Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speak on Monday, February 15, 2016.

The door are scheduled to open for the event at 12:30 pm ET, and the event is Free and Open to the Public.

Sanders will speak at supporters at Eastern Michigan University's Convocation Center and discuss a wide range of issues important to Michigan voters including making college affordable, reforming our health care system, and getting big money out of politics

Read more: http://www.reachoutjobsearch.com/2016/02/breaking-bernie-sanders-host-first.html#ixzz401S7x87K

Follow us: @iunewstalk on Twitter |
Posted by LovingA2andMI | Sat Feb 13, 2016, 01:21 AM (4 replies)

Jeff Weaver Confirms (Drumroll)... The Photo Is Bernie Sanders! Shocking, NOT!

So This Video Was Taken On My Cell Phone And It's Way Quicker To Upload It To Facebook (So I Did -- Sorry For Folks That Don't Use FB) But....

Bernie Sanders Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver Confirms 100% That The Photo at the University of Chicago Is Bernie Sanders AND FURTHERMORE The Photographer Who Took The Photo Danny Lyon's CONFIRMS It's Bernie.

Here's The Link To The Video

Waiting On Johnathan Capehart's Retraction -- Which Is Coming Never - So Will The Washington Post Fire Him - Will MSNBC Issue Day Long Retractions - Will Andrea Mitchell Greenspan That Allowed Capehart To Go On To The Point Of Cheap TMZ Level Gossip Ad Hominem Without Offering ONE BIT OF PROOF -- Lose Her Job?

Tomorrow only knows....Tomorrow!
Posted by LovingA2andMI | Fri Feb 12, 2016, 10:42 PM (88 replies)
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