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Yes, I'm Beating A Dead Horse But...

It is what it is. Plagiarism that is -- is what it is.

There are too many students on the collegiate level that are expelled, removed and otherwise kicked out of Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate programs due to plagiarism. Is it right? Sure it is went one can Google Search a plagiarism checker in less than 10 sections.

The problems with Melania Trump's speech are many.

First, she stole at least 26 words and nearly complete paragraphs that were obviously someone else's written work.

Second, this Woman seeks (although it's likely NOT to happen) to be First Lady of the United States. A position held in honor and virtue. How can she be held in neither plagiarizing another First Lady, Michelle Obama's Speech?

Next is the issue of White Women Excuses.

Yes, it was written and meant in every light it was written "White Women Excuses".

If Michelle Obama did this to Nancy Reagan or Hillary Clinton in 2008, 2012 or anytime since coming on the Political Scene in Chicago, Illinois - that would have been the END of her husband's Presidential aspirations. Period. Done. It would have been OVER.

However, due to White Women Excuses,Melania Trump can, did and will likely get completely away with what was done. Equally, IF Michelle Obama did a similar action - Michelle and Barack would have been done.

What is up with that?

Why do we as a society repeatedly allow this?

Furthermore, Michelle Obama is a Harvard Educated Attorney. Top of her high school class. Near the top of her Harvard Undergrad and Graduate level education pursuits.

Meanwhile, Melania -- Let's Be Honest.

She married a man for money, was a "spokesmodel who not only lied about "lifting" a speech but equally lied about ever graduating from any University, College or Certificate Program - anywhere. Even a mail-in degree program.

The double standards are beyond belief.

Especially for African-American Women who like Michelle Obama earned collegiate level degrees. Who have to repeatedly deal with the faux "double standard" not matter how much achieved - with "White Women Excuses" for their faults.

Sadly, tomorrow Melania's Plagiarism will be shoved back under the rug.

However, Michelle Obama, Minority Students in Colleges across America and African-American Women in general will still be held to the same "White Women Excuses" that allow individuals like Ms. Trump to get away with, whatever.

Posted by LovingA2andMI | Tue Jul 19, 2016, 01:49 PM (40 replies)
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