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Cops of FPD can't believe this is happening

There the cops stand with their shotguns and rifles and armored trucks, and the people keep protesting!

The cops have beat up and killed so many before now and they never had such an uproar from the public.

They are scratching their heads trying to figure out why people all of a sudden got so mad, and why they keep protesting. "We have guns, and we will shoot you!" is the cops message and the people seem to not be scared.

This hasn't happened in such a long time the cops just don't know what to think, except bring in more troops.

I get why the press is so scared

Last night watching the press get run off from where they had been all day, it struck me how submissive the members of the press have become.

No one spoke up for the right of the free-press to assemble. Law officers told them to move, and with barely a whimper, they all packed up and moved away.

Given the violent attacks by police the press have witnessed, and the fact that the press is a bunch of chickens who would just as soon film the neck-wringing of other press members as stand up for the rights of even one dead person, much less a corralled community, I get why the press, as a whole, is scared silly. The cops have the press right where they want them: Scared silly.

Here is RFK being quoted at link posted

"Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told me that the book he commissioned has a chapter we were going to leave out, because its so controversial, but the evidence is so strong that thimerosal causes autism, that hes keeping it in.
Yet in the next breath he said he wasnt going to publish the book (even though it has a publisher and is going through edits right now) because it is so explosive that he doesnt want it to prompt a mass panic: I dont want parents to stop vaccinating their kids. (Im pro-vaccine, he insisted several times during the call.)



And guess what? As I said, the medical community has insisted that thimerosal be removed from vaccines, and it was. So your opinion is useless.
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