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Zalatix's Journal
Zalatix's Journal
December 20, 2011

Is it time for a total global collapse?

I mean, a total dark ages. A currency collapse that starts in the Western world:

1) and destroys the market for Eastern imports;
2) collapses the Eastern economies, too;
3) fragments and destabilizes funding for the troops and police that protect the Plutocracy, leaving them vulnerable to the fury of a global upheaval.

A dark ages is not the worst thing that can happen to humanity. A plutonomy is much worse, and it will be permanent. Anyone read Hunger Games? We'll wish a plutonomy was like that.

There must be some way to pull the world out from under the Plutocracy such that we can build a better civilization.

The Great Depression did give us Social Security...

December 20, 2011

Foreign outsourcing: what happens when...

What happens when foreign labor becomes too expensive (this is happening in India and creeping its way toward China, right now) and we can't find new sources of cheap labor?

What happens when unemployment drags so heavily on the nation's state and Federal budgets that it becomes the last straw that broke the currency's back?

What happens when foreign-held dollars lose value?

I know most Democrats I've ever talked to oppose harsh anti cheap labor tariffs, so what happens when the devaluation of our currency, or rising foreign labor costs, make outsourcing too expensive? Does anyone think these events are even avoidable anymore?

December 19, 2011

Fossil fuel energy is cheap as long as you don't factor in this.


AP Enterprise: Russia Oil Spills Wreak Devastation

USINSK, Russia December 18, 2011, 01:27 pm ET
USINSK, Russia (AP) — On the bright yellow tundra outside this oil town near the Arctic Circle, a pitch-black pool of crude stretches toward the horizon. The source: a decommissioned well whose rusty screws ooze with oil, viscous like jam.

This is the face of Russia's oil country, a sprawling, inhospitable zone that experts say represents the world's worst ecological oil catastrophe.

Environmentalists estimate at least 1 percent of Russia's annual oil production, or 5 million tons, is spilled every year. That is equivalent to one Deepwater Horizon-scale leak about every two months. Crumbling infrastructure and a harsh climate combine to spell disaster in the world's largest oil producer, responsible for 13 percent of global output.

Oil, stubbornly seeping through rusty pipelines and old wells, contaminates soil, kills all plants that grow on it and destroys habitats for mammals and birds. Half a million tons every year get into rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean, the government says, upsetting the delicate environmental balance in those waters.
December 19, 2011

The wet dream of having a real liberal tsunami in the streets today.

It doesn't matter who we put into office, the Plutocracy will either put them to heel or put them down, hard. You saw what happened to Jimmy Carter, you saw what happened to Russ Feingold and Alan Grayson, and many others.

It is a doomed cause that places its aspirations for hope and change in our politicians, especially a handful whose arms can be twisted or their careers broken.

We here in California beat the hundreds of millions spent out by the GOP and their Plutocrats. In 2010 This! Was! Sparta! and we held the line. (Shout outs to y'all Connecticut DUers who beat big spending Linda McMahon!)

How did we do it? We got out the message and we got out the vote.

That's how we've got to beat the Plutocracy. We've got to join forces with other groups that are fighting these corporate statists. Join Occupy Wall Street's protests, swell their numbers. Donate, if you can't show up. Become more active in your community, find ways to create jobs locally (considering that corporate America has abandoned this country, this may be our only hope for a recovery). Revive ACORN style community organizing.

Why is there so little talk on DU about liberals creating their own hope and change? Why not channel our energy from believing in or criticizing Democrat politicians, toward doing the things ourselves that they can't do?

Why did we lose good candidates like General Ricardo Sanchez?

How many times do we have to keep getting kicked in the rear until we realize that we need to become more active?

December 19, 2011

Call for Action: Expose Ron Paul to OWS

Ron Paul fans are trying to infiltrate OWS and get them enthralled with his pied piper routine. Let's show them the facts, and nip their infiltration in the bud, shall we?

Here is Ron Paul's voting record. Compare his voting record against the views of the 99% and OWS. Here are a few frightening examples of how he votes against the 99% and the environment.

I'm just posting his voting record, not opinions or spin doctoring or anything. This is his voting record. Show it to all of OWS.


Requires Public Disclosure of Bonuses and Golden Parachute Arrangements Amendment Adopted - Ron Paul voted NAY

Requires Crowdfunding Intermediaries to Disclose Methods of Compensation to Investors Amendment - Ron Paul voted NAY

Delays EPA Emissions Regulations for Cement Manufacturers - Ron Paul voted Yea

Repealing Provisions Limiting Funding For Endangered Species Act - Ron Paul voted NAY

Repealing the Health Care Bill - RON PAUL VOTED YEA

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act - RON PAUL VOTED NAY!!!

Mine Safety Act - Ron Paul voted NAY

Extension of Certain Unemployment Benefits Bill Failed - Ron Paul voted NAY

Infant Mortality Pilot Programs - NAY

Aid To States for Medicaid, Teacher Employment, and Other Purposes - Nay

"Whistleblower Protection" for Offshore Oil Workers - NAY

Offshore Drilling Regulations and Other Energy Law Amendments - Nay

Unemployment Benefits Extension Concurrence Vote - Nay

Flood Insurance Program Extension - NAY

Temporary Tariff Suspensions and Reductions? Ron Paul voted YEA on this.

Edited: And here's a REAL doozy:
Oct. 9, 1998 HR 3150 Bankruptcy Reform bill Conference Report Adopted - House
(300 - 125) - Ron Paul voted YEA

December 17, 2011

Why is anyone still asking the rich to "have a heart"?

There are a lot of people complaining about Republicans and the super rich, particularly asking why they don't care about the poor.

This, in my opinion, is a question that totally does not address the real problem with the Conservative ideology. The real problem was made clear by none other than Herman "If you're poor, it's your fault!" Cain.

The rich see the working class as a necessary evil - a decreasingly necessary one, at that. They look at the poor as something to be gotten rid of. This is not about re-establishing a feudal society, it's about culling the herd.

Ask yourself a question: if you wanted to starve a populace into extinction and do it slowly so they won't all rebel against you and overthrow you, how would you do it? Compare that to what the Republicans and the Plutocracy are doing.

What they're doing is in direct and shameless contradiction to everything that "Conservatism" stands for. Impoverishing millions of your potential customers, shipping jobs out of the country, attempting to starve them with food stamp cuts, cutting off their basic utilities (see: the sewage service bankruptcies in Alabama), all the while saying that all of this is for the good of the people?

Economic reforms? Horse pucky. This is all part of a classic extermination campaign. The rich think this is their world and you're polluting it.

They're keeping this war afloat by keeping whites pitted against blacks, old against young, etc., for one simple reason: "I can pay half the working class to kill the other half." - Jay Gould

The Nazis, in their mind, did it all wrong. Instead of cattle cars and gas chambers, this war is being waged by means of deprivation. Budget cuts. Mass exodus of jobs out of the country. Screwflation that affects the poor and not the rich. And if the poor rise up, they're counting on the Tea Party to be that "other half".

Stop asking why they don't care. Start asking how you're going to stop this slow extermination-by-deprivation of the poor and working class. We're like baby rhinos asking the pack of lions why they're so mean.

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