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Name: Radalgo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Simplex
Home country: USA
Current location: Ustadbobstan
Member since: Sat Dec 24, 2011, 12:17 AM
Number of posts: 3,827

Journal Archives

A must watch: Hunter S. Thompson recalls a speech by Jimmy Carter on Bob Dylan and MLK

In 1974, the University of Georgia school of law hosted "Law Day." Distinguished journalist/writer Hunter S. Thompson shares his perspective of President Jimmy Carter. The speech that Carter gave not only defended MLK, but also reached a much deeper level of thought among the attendees, including Thompson.

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Fri May 5, 2017, 04:54 PM (1 replies)

The Pentagon just pulled the top secret clearance of a Trump White House aide

The Pentagon this week suspended the security clearance of a White House National Security Council analyst that U.S. officials say was the target of political retribution by government bureaucrats opposed to President Trump's appointees.

Adam S. Lovinger, a 12-year strategic affairs analyst with the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment (ONA), has been on loan to the NSC since January when he was picked for the position by then-National Security Adviser Michael T. Flynn.

Lovinger was notified in a letter from the Pentagon on Monday that his Top-Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS-SCI) clearance had been suspended and that he had to return to the Pentagon.

The letter cited unspecified outside activities by Lovinger. The notice said the suspension was approved by Kevin Sweeney, chief of staff for Defense Secretary James Mattis.

One official said Lovinger was targeted by Trump opponents because of his conservative views and ties to Flynn, specifically his past association with the Flynn Intel Group, Inc., a consulting business.

Read more:

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Fri May 5, 2017, 09:00 AM (13 replies)

Something Happened in NC - Martin County NC - A Heavily Democratic County











Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Fri May 5, 2017, 08:35 AM (44 replies)

Ga. Lawmaker Runs Underground Cannabis Network

A Georgia state lawmaker is helping to distribute cannabis oil to hundreds of sick people who are now allowed by the state to possess medical marijuana, but have no legal way of obtaining it. (April 28)

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Fri Apr 28, 2017, 02:58 AM (4 replies)

DA wont prosecute NC woman who followed moms dying wish and cast illegal vote for Trump

A state prosecutor said he will not bring voter-fraud charges against a Catawba County woman who said she cast an illegal vote for Donald Trump last year to fulfill her mother’s dying wish.

District Attorney David Learner, chief prosecutor for Catawba, Burke and Caldwell counties, announced his decision Wednesday not to pursue the case, which had been referred to him by the State Board of Elections.

Learner, a Republican, withheld the name of the voter but said she had cast the improper vote for Trump last November “out of sheer ignorance” of the law and while “grieving the loss of her mother.”

“This woman is 67 years old and has never run afoul of the law for anything more serious than a speeding ticket,” Learner said in a statement. “It is not in the public’s interest to charge her with this felony offense.”

Read more:

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Thu Apr 27, 2017, 03:57 PM (13 replies)

Could Theo Epstein Perform a Miracle for the Democrats?

When Fortune magazine unveiled its annual ranking of the world’s greatest leaders last month, there was a surprise at the top of the list: Theo Epstein, the president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs. “Some people never heard of him,” Fortune’s Geoff Colvin said in a video introducing Epstein. (Pope Francis, a previous holder of the top spot, was third). But, Colvin added, “Baseball fans really know him well because he has done the impossible.” Indeed. In 2004, Epstein, then the 30-year-old general manager of the Boston Red Sox, presided over the team’s first championship in 86 years. Seven years—and two more titles—later, he decamped to Chicago, where he engineered the remaking of the long-suffering Cubs, and ended an impossibly longer drought, 108 years, with a World Series win last fall. (Time added to Epstein’s résumé last week when it named him one of the world’s 100 most influential people).

As Epstein has made his mark on baseball he has also been a visible figure in Democratic political circles. In 2004, he stumped for John Kerry, getting in a dig at President George W. Bush on the campaign trail. “It’s only been four years, but it sure feels like 86,” he told a crowd. Last year, Epstein attended a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in Chicago just before the playoffs started. It is no wonder then that when the Cubs visited the White House on January 16, President Barack Obama joked of Epstein, “He takes the reins of an organization that’s wandering in the wilderness and he delivers them to the promised land. I’ve talked to him about being [Democratic National Committee] chair.”

Plenty of others have speculated about Epstein’s political future. He is telegenic, well-spoken and has a demonstrated interest in public service, having started a foundation that has donated millions of dollars to support urban youth and families. His grandfather wrote the screenplay for “Casablanca.” Epstein's father, Leslie, won a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford and is a Boston University English professor (He also happened to predict Donald Trump’s defeat of Clinton.). When Epstein was hired by the Red Sox, then the youngest general manager in baseball history, his father quipped, “At Theo’s age, Alexander the Great was already general manager of the world.” More recently, Leslie Epstein has mentioned that his son could run anything from the United Nations to the Ford Foundation after his baseball career.

Last fall, when ESPN the Magazine convened a roundtable to discuss Epstein’s place in history among baseball executives, the conversation turned to politics. “If Theo ever went into politics, I'd see him as more of an executive-branch type—a governor, rather than a congressman ... ,” wrote Buster Olney. And when Epstein earned the mantle of World’s Greatest Leader, the chatter continued. “I’ve often said that someday Theo Epstein will be a Democratic senator from Massachusetts or Illinois, and he’ll one day run for president and win,” wrote the longtime Boston Globe baseball writer Nick Cafardo.

Read more:

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Wed Apr 26, 2017, 05:39 PM (12 replies)

Anti-Trump Bar Opens in NYC

Manhattan liberals chagrined about being out of power now have a place to cry in their suds. Coup, a new bar festooned with slogans like "Protest is Patriotic," has pledged to donate its profits to organizations like ACLU and Planned Parenthood. (April 26)

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Wed Apr 26, 2017, 04:32 PM (19 replies)

Jonathan Demme, Silence of the Lambs Director, Dies at 73

Source: Variety

Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme has died of esophageal cancer and complications from heart disease, according to published reports. He was 73 years old.

Demme is best known for directing “The Silence of the Lambs,” the 1991 horror-thriller that was a box office smash and a critical triumph. The story of an FBI analyst (Jodie Foster) who uses a charismatic serial killer (Anthony Hopkins) to track a murderer became only the third film in history to win Academy Awards in all the top five categories ( picture, actor, actress, director, and adapted screenplay), joining the ranks of “It Happened One Night” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Though he had his greatest success terrifying audiences, most of Demme’s work was looser and quirkier. He showed a great humanism and empathy for outsiders in the likes of “Melvin and Howard,” the story of a service station owner who claimed to have been a beneficiary of Howard Hughes, and “Something Wild,” a screwball comedy about a banker whose life is turned upside down. He also scored with “Married to the Mob” and oversaw “Stop Making Sense,” a documentary about the Talking Heads that is considered to be one of the great concert films.

Following “The Silence of the Lambs,” Demme used his clout to make “Philadelphia,” one of the first major studio films to tackle the AIDS crisis and a movie that won Tom Hanks his first Oscar for playing a gay lawyer.

Read more: http://variety.com/2017/film/news/jonathan-demme-dead-silence-of-the-lambs-1202399122/

Demme directed my favorite concert movie- RIP!

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Wed Apr 26, 2017, 11:21 AM (20 replies)

Pesticide Makers Move to Kill Government Studies

ONLY ON AP: A group of three pesticide makers, including Dow Chemical, sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency demanding they throw out a study showing the impact of three pesticides on endangered species. (April 19)

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Thu Apr 20, 2017, 02:46 PM (0 replies)

Putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 U.S. election - documents

Source: Reuters

A Russian government think tank controlled by Vladimir Putin developed a plan to swing the 2016 U.S. presidential election to Donald Trump and undermine voters’ faith in the American electoral system, three current and four former U.S. officials told Reuters.

They described two confidential documents from the think tank as providing the framework and rationale for what U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded was an intensive effort by Russia to interfere with the Nov. 8 election. U.S. intelligence officials acquired the documents, which were prepared by the Moscow-based Russian Institute for Strategic Studies [en.riss.ru/], after the election.

The institute is run by retired senior Russian foreign intelligence officials appointed by Putin’s office.

The first Russian institute document was a strategy paper written last June that circulated at the highest levels of the Russian government but was not addressed to any specific individuals.

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-russia-election-exclusive-idUSKBN17L2N3?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=Social
Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Wed Apr 19, 2017, 04:14 PM (39 replies)
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