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Name: Radalgo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Simplex
Home country: USA
Current location: Ustadbobstan
Member since: Sat Dec 24, 2011, 12:17 AM
Number of posts: 3,827

Journal Archives

NC lawmaker calls Abraham Lincoln a tyrant like Hitler

Source: Charlotte Observer

A day after setting off one firestorm, a Cabarrus County lawmaker set off another Wednesday by calling Abraham Lincoln “the same sort (of) tyrant” as Adolf Hitler.

Republican Rep. Larry Pittman of Cabarrus County made the comparison in a Facebook post in response to a comment criticizing a bill he’d introduced that would nullify the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage in North Carolina.

In his post, Pittman said North Carolina should uphold traditional marriage “in spite of the opinion of a federal court.”

“And if Hitler had won, should the world just get over it?” he wrote. “Lincoln was the same sort if (sic) tyrant, and personally responsible for the deaths of over 800,000 Americans in a war that was unnecessary and unconstitutional.”

Read more: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/politics-government/article144233494.html
Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Wed Apr 12, 2017, 05:42 PM (99 replies)

Mar-A-Lago Food Disaster: Trumps Overpriced Club Cited By State For Bad Sushi, Broken Down Coolers

PALM BEACH — Just days before the state visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump‘s private club in Palm Beach, Florida restaurant inspectors found potentially dangerous raw fish and cited the club for storing food in two broken down coolers.

Inspectors found 13 violations at the fancy club’s kitchen, according to recently published documents, a record for an institution that charges $200,000 in initiation fees.

Three of the violations were deemed “high priority,” meaning that they could allow the presence of illness-causing bacteria on plates served in the dining room.

According to their latest visit to the club January 26, state inspectors decided Mar-a-Lago’s kitchen did meet the minimum standards.

Read more:

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Wed Apr 12, 2017, 04:50 PM (71 replies)

Who is ready for one of Bob Dylan's best unreleased bootlegs?

This is my favorite Dylan boot from the late 1970s-- The performances on these tapes are probably Dylan's best since his folk days. The runtime is pretty long-- Just throwing that warning out there. lol

From Bob's Boots:

The first CD opens with an arrangement of Like A Rolling Stone that's quite different from the one utilized on the tour itself, before introducing a first ever CD transfer of the complete December 30th 1977 tape. This particular rehearsal comes at a time when the touring band was still in a state of flux, with Denny Siewell on drums, Jesse Ed Davis on guitar and Katie Segal and Debbie Dye Gibson on backing vocals. It also features Dylan figuring out a piano arrangement of It's all over now baby blue, as well as versions of three songs that failed to appear on the tour; Most likely you go your way, Leopard skin pill box hat and If not for you. Though this is a first generation digital transfer of the cassette master, this is one recording not from the mixing console, but recorded by one of the musicians with a boom box. (hence the slightly recessed vocals). However, it remains a fascinating insight into the embryonic stage of rehearsals at this point.

Tracks 15-17 on the first CD gain come from a first-gen digital transfer of a tape that has generally only circulated in mediocre quality, from high generational recordings. This session featured a different drummer, (Bruce Gary), as well as a unique 1978 arrangement of the Blood On The Tracks classic You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go. Finally, the CD concludes with a teaser of the goodies to be found on CD2... a previously uncirculated take of the old blues standard My Babe.

The second CD continues in the same vein, and features a full disc worth of uncirculated gems (save for versions of Blowin In The Wind and Ballad Of A Thin Man previewed on the legendary Genuine Bootleg Series: Third One Now set. Every song is presented complete, with false starts kept to a minimum, and a number of outstanding arrangements from the early 1978 shows are first realized here (notably I Threw It All Away, The Man In Me and If You See Her Say Hello. The latter is a magnificent arrangement that, thankfully, is represented in three separate guises on this collection (given the paucity of actual live performances)... it never made it past the first four gigs!!). These recordings feature the backing vocalists Helena Springs and Jo Ann Harris, although the drummer(s) is unknown.

The third CD concludes these new recordings with fully realized versions of I Don't Believe You and Going Going Gone. These are followed by what many Dylan fans choose as their favorite Dylan rehearsal recording, bar none... the January 30th 1978 tape. Again, it has been transferred from the master cassette direct to DAT. It has never before sounded this good! Continuing with some important arrangements discarded early in the tour; Tomorrow Is A Long Time, and Knockin' On Heavens Door receive their definitive renditions. A lovely play-through experience which concludes, fittingly, with a new transfer from a first generation cassette of the equally renowned three song tape from two days later that Dylan personally gave to a reporter who was interviewing him for a cover story on Renaldo and Clara. The February 1st rendition of Repossession Blues is another holy grail recording for the bobcat fraternity, here transferred in all of its' pre-Dolby, original, expansive glory.

The fourth CD jumps ahead to the end of the first leg of the tour, and the recruitment of a new bass player/ bandleader, Jerry Scheff. (of Elvis Presley fame). Scheff replaces a disenchanted Rob Stoner. This so called Scheff Audition tape appears here in a new transfer from a first generation cassette, and features two new Dylan compositions in incomplete but fascinating versions. We'd Better Talk This Over will appear in a matter of days at the Street Legal sessions, but with some subtle lyric changes. Coming From The Heart will have no such luck, despite being the best of the songs co-written with backing singer Helena Springs. However, just to show the song in all of its
stages and splendor, at the end of the audition tape is a complete recording from the Rundown made immediately after the Street Legal sessions. Along side it are two distinctly different recordings of the Dylan-Springs unreleased original Stop Now.
The Bonus Tracks rounding out this overview of the Alimony Tour Rehearsals are three notable forms of Dylan originals debuted on the American leg of the tour.

Do Right To Me Baby and Coming From The Heart are one-off 1978 debuts. Do Right, would of course, would be the first public performance of a Slow Train song. Finally, there is a soundboard recording of Am I Your Stepchild? from the Oakland show. This particular performance, which is quite different from the version on Genuine Bootleg Series Vol.1, was apparently used for copyright. More Than Flesh And Blood (Written By Dylan/Springs) is the final track, but it's not listed on the package. It's a studio recording, unknown date (post 1978) and location. Performed By Springs.

So there you have it. Songs and arrangements are raw and reborn from one of Dylan's most overlooked years -- when he played to something close to 3 million people in a single year, and wowed just about every one of them. Oh..., and then found Christ....



Like A Rolling Stone (1) 0:00
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (1) 7:20
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (2) 8:28
Blowin In The Wind 10:31
Maggie's Farm 13:20
Like A Rolling Stone (2) 17:34
The Man In Me 22:40
To Ramona 26:31
Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) 32:11
Simple Twist Of Fate (1) 36:52
Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat 41:43
If Not For You 43:46
I Threw It All Away 47:11
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 48:08
Going Going Gone 51:49
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go 54:08
Simple Twist Of Fate (2) 58:01
My Babe 1:02:00
Like A Rolling Stone (3) 1:04:56

Just Like A Woman (1) 1:06:40
Just Like A Woman (2) 1:10:42
Blowin' In The Wind (1) 1:15:50
Blowin' In The Wind (2) 1:16:55
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 1:22:20
The Man In Me 1:27:17
You're A Big Girl Now 1:31:37
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright 1:38:05
I Threw It All Away 1:41:21
Love Minus Zero / No Limit 1:46:40
Maggie's Farm 1:50:50
Ballad Of A Thin Man 1:56:40
Simple Twist Of Fate 2:01:20
To Ramona 2:06:33
If You See Her Say Hello 2:11:10

I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) [1] 2:14:50
Going Going Gone 2:20:10
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 2:24:45
The Times They Are A-Changin' 2:29:10
If You See Her, Say Hello 2:34:10
The Man In Me 2:38:15
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) [2] 2:42:40
Tomorrow Is A Long Time 2:47:10
You're A Big Girl Now 2:51:30
Knockin' On Heavens Door 2:57:50
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) 3:03:20
Forever Young 3:10:00
Repossession Blues 3:11:24
One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) 3:15:50
Girl From The North Country 3:21:18

We'd Better Talk This Over 3:26:34
Coming From The Heart (The Road Is Long) [1] 3:29:00
I Threw It All Away 3:30:03
Maggie's Farm 3:35:15
Ballad Of A Thin Man 3:41:00
Simple Twist Of Fate 3:45:45
To Ramona 3:50:50
If You See Her, Say Hello 3:55:22
I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) 3:59:00
Love Minus Zero / No Limit 4:01:12
Stop Now (1) 4:05:14
Stop Now (2) 4:10:50
Coming From The Heart (The Road Is Long) [2] 4:14:34

Bonus tracks from the bootleg:
Am I Your Stepchild? (Oakland, November 13, 1978) 4:19:39
Do Right To Me Baby (Miami, December 16, 1978) 4:22:35
Coming From The Heart (The Road Is Long) [3] {St.Paul, MN, October 31} 4:25:47
More Than Flesh And Blood (Studio Recording, Post 1978) 4:30:35
Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Mon Apr 3, 2017, 09:44 PM (4 replies)

This is one of those bootlegs you'll fall in love with

The Beatles acoustic White Album (aka The Esher Sessions) !? Heck yeah.

The precise date is unknown, but towards the end of May 1968 The Beatles met at Kinfauns, George Harrison's bungalow in Esher, Surrey. There they recorded demo versions of a number of songs written in India, 19 of which later appeared on the White Album.

The 27 songs believed to have been taped at Kinfauns were recorded on Harrison's Ampex four-track reel-to-reel tape recorder. They were mostly grouped together by the composer of each song, although John Lennon's songs were more scattered across the day. They were most likely taped in this order:

0:00 Back in the USSR

3:00 Dear Prudence

7:45 Not Guilty

10:49 Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da

14:03 Rocky Raccoon

17:02 The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

19:50 What's The New Mary Jane

22:35 Sexy Sadie

25:16 Yer Blues

28:53 Revolution

33:10 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

35:54 Blackbird

38:40 Mother Nature's Son

41:09 Child of Nature (AKA Jealous Guy)

43:57 I'm So Tired

47:10 Julia

Most of the recordings were widely bootlegged, although the release of Anthology 3 resulted in previously-unheard demos of the four final songs. The seven Kinfauns demos included on Anthology 3 - licensed to Apple by George Harrison - were also of a better quality than the bootlegs.

It is possible that not all of the demos were recorded at Kinfauns, and it has been speculated that some were recorded alone by the songs' composers. Alternatively, previously-made recordings may have been brought to Harrison's house for overdubbing, but, again, this is far from clear.

Of the songs unreleased by The Beatles in 1968, perhaps the best known is Child Of Nature. This was inspired by a Maharishi Mahesh Yogi lecture, and was lyrically similar to Mother Nature's Son. Lennon later reused the melody for 1971's Jealous Guy.

What's The New Mary Jane was based around a nursery rhyme-style melody, and in the studio became one of Lennon's first avant garde compositions. It remained unreleased until Anthology 3, despite Lennon's various attempts to have it released by The Beatles or the Plastic Ono Band.

Two of Lennon's songs, Mean Mr Mustard and Polythene Pam, were held back until 1969's Abbey Road, when they became part of the 'long medley'.

Just one of Paul McCartney's songs - Junk - was unreleased by The Beatles, although they returned to it during the Get Back sessions in early 1969. It eventually found a home on McCartney's first solo album.

Harrison fared less well, with three of the five demos failing to be included on the White Album. A studio version of Not Guilty should have appeared on that record, although it was eventually included on Anthology 3. Circles, meanwhile, wasn't issued until Harrison's 1982 solo album Gone Troppo.

Sour Milk Sea was given to Apple recording artist Jackie Lomax. It was his debut single later in 1968, produced by Harrison with McCartney on bass and Ringo Starr on drums.

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Thu Mar 30, 2017, 01:57 AM (4 replies)

This Diagram Shows Nunes' Conflict Of Interests In Investigating Trump

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Wed Mar 29, 2017, 10:53 AM (5 replies)

College Classmate: Neil Gorsuch Attacked Anti-Apartheid & Civil Rights Protesters & Defended Contras

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Thu Mar 23, 2017, 06:59 PM (6 replies)

Dylan gives rare interview, talks Sinatra, Elvis

This is your third album of standards in a row – Shadows in the Night was a big surprise and a really nice one. Fallen Angels was a sweet encore. Now you really upped the ante. Did you feel after the first two, you had unfinished business?

I did when I realized there was more to it than I thought, that both of those records together only were part of the picture, so we went ahead and did these.

Why did you decide to release three discs of music at once?

It’s better that they come out at the same time because thematically they are interconnected, one is the sequel to the other and each one resolves the previous one.

Each disc is 32 minutes long – you could have put it all on 2 CDs. Is there something about the 10 song, 32 minute length that appeals to you?

Sure, it’s the number of completion. It’s a lucky number, and it’s symbolic of light. As far as the 32 minutes, that’s about the limit to the number of minutes on a long playing record where the sound is most powerful, 15 minutes to a side. My records were always overloaded on both sides. Too many minutes to be recorded or mastered properly. My songs were too long and didn’t fit the audio format of an LP. The sound was thin and you would have to turn your record player up to nine or ten to hear it well. So these CDs to me represent the LPs that I should have been making.

What’s the challenge of singing with a live horn section?

No challenge, it’s better than overdubbing them.

You like to be spontaneous in the studio, but here you’re working with tight arrangements and charts. Did that require a new way of thinking for you?

It did at first but then I got used to it. There’s enough of my personality written into the lyrics so that I could just focus on the melodies within the arrangements. As a vocalist you’re restricted within definite harmonic patterns. But you have more control within those patterns than you would if there were no boundaries whatsoever, it actually takes less thought, hardly any thinking. So I guess you could call that a new way of thinking.

Read more of this lengthy interview with Bill Flanagan on Bob's website:


Bob's new album ''Triplicate' will be released on March 31.

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Thu Mar 23, 2017, 05:01 PM (6 replies)

Man arrested at White House gate claimed Trump telepathy link

A Virginia man charged with making a bomb threat at a White House gate claimed to be communicating with President Donald Trump telepathically and said the bomb he had claimed to have was actually an asteroid, according to court documents filed on Monday.

Sean Keoughan, 29, of Roanoke, was arrested late on Saturday after he drove up to a White House checkpoint in a stolen Impala rental car. He got out and told Secret Service officers that he had a bomb, an Secret Service affidavit said.

"There's a bomb in the trunk. This is a test," he said before putting his hands in the air and being handcuffed.

Keoughan said he had a bag in the trunk containing an asteroid. He said that Trump had told him to tell officers that it held a bomb, the court filing said.

Keoughan said he was in touch with Trump telepathically through a process that let him communicate with high-level officials, the Secret Service and Delta Force, an elite Army unit, the affidavit said.

Read more:

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Mon Mar 20, 2017, 08:40 PM (11 replies)

Owner of Phoenix Trump billboard: It will stay up as long as Trump is president

A menacing Donald Trump is gazing down on Phoenix's Grand Avenue.

The president is flanked by mushroom clouds and swastikas configured like dollar signs.

"I think a lot of people are feeling this way and I'm just trying to express what I think is on a lot of people's minds these days," the billboard's artist, Karen Fiorito, said Friday in an interview from her California home.

"Something that really concerned us was this idea of a dictatorship where things were going in a certain direction."

But look closely at the mushroom clouds and you'll see clown faces. There's a Russian flag on Trump's lapel.

"I tried to put a little bit of humor in things that are really dark and hard to take," Fiorito said.

Read more: http://www.12news.com/news/politics/owner-of-phoenix-trump-billboard-it-will-stay-up-as-long-as-trump-is-president/423507653

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Sat Mar 18, 2017, 09:22 PM (71 replies)

Stephen Visits NASA To Begin His Astronaut Training

Posted by bathroommonkey76 | Sat Feb 25, 2017, 06:41 AM (0 replies)
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