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Profile Information

Name: Peter
Gender: Male
Hometown: New South Wales
Home country: Australia
Member since: Thu Feb 2, 2012, 02:10 AM
Number of posts: 79

About Me

I run the local Volunteer Community Radio Station,.I also hold the license for it.It havs been going for 4 1/2 years and has 5 volunteer announcers,a full strength committee and is going places.I am also involved with the local Rural Fire Sevice and also the local State Emergency Service (CD) I have had a stink with WICEN (Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Net and all in all,besided my disability I get on with life. I enjoy what I do,and I am looking forward to taking my wife on a trip around Australia within the next 12 months

Journal Archives

John Kerry as the new Secretary of State

I have noted that John Kerry just may be the Secretary of State,to replace Hillary Clinton.
Top choice and hope that its passed by Congress.

another 28 dead...when will it STOP

Well its happened again,so 'sick' misfit,gone on the rampage and shot innocent kids as well as adults.
Its time that Pres Obama and BUGGER the gun lobby of USA,put his foot down and did the only decent thing that John Howard did in his reign and stopped and gained gun control.
The Gun Lobby of USA,as big as they maybe are still stupid enough and ugly enough to topple and I am sure that Pres.Obama would like to do something about it.
The major problem here is that the 'allowed to bare arms' is part of the US constitution,BUT these laws can be changed with a pen stroke from Congress.
Its time that this happened,is it not??????
Lets see what happens after the next and the next and the next killings in USA

Terrible thing the two announcers,BUT who is to blame??????

I am surprised that a thread hasnt been opened,so here goes.
I am afraid that I dont believe that the two kids from 2DAYFM are at fault.Being in the industry myself,that sort of things goes thru many pairs of hands before being allowed to go to air,so my questions are
Why did management of 2DAYFM let it go to air.
Why didnt the hospital acknowledge that 2DAYFM had inquired on 5 different occasions to get permission.
Why did it go ahead.
Why didnt the woman who answered the call just hang up on them and forget all about it/why did she put the two thru to another ward.
Why did the woman take her own life.
Why isnt the hospital showing abit more care towards the womans family and why it this left up to the radio station to do something,
Why is it that the British media are making such a BIG thing out of something that happens on radio every day and why is the British media trying to make it look like that these two kids are to blame.
What is/was going thru the mind of the woman and why did she take her own life.

Now before anyone gets onto their high horses and has a go at me,I would like to remind you,that being in the industry and having a committee to get permission to do things,that SouthernCross Media Austereo should know better and it up to THEIR management to sort this out.
We at our radio station arent allowed to operate a talk back system as we have 'skype' and we cant allocate both so we stick with Skype.
It is time that both parties laid their cards on the table,the Daily Mirror in UK along with other members of the media the hospital where the woman worked,and there is more to this than we know,and also the management of 2DAYFM.

Lets get some sort of closure on this god forsaken rubbish

Am I correct in my assumption

In political circles am I correct is stating that the ALP is on par with the Democrats and the Libs with Republicans.
If this is the case then god help the US if Mitt Romney is given the Presidency in November,this would be like handing Australia to Tony Rabbitt....god bear the thought..................

Who will be more reliable Mitt Romney or Barack Obama

Just looking at the Romney convention at wherever it is.
Would Mitt Romney be better than Barack Obama or is this fellow full of himself.
If he was elected would be be another George W Bush and promise everything and deliver nothing or would be make the USA a better country.
I dont really like or trust the fellow.He looks to much like the Liberal Government of Australia ,slimy and untrustworthy......

Now what do we do!!!!!!!!

Well the Greens dont want off shore processing,Abbott wants to reopen Nauru and the Labor guys want to get Malaysia up and running for off shore processing.
It appears to me that Mr.Abbott has shot himself in the foot as he wants to send the boats back to Indonesia and they arent a signatory to the UN,Nauru would cost far to much to reopen again and to get a detention centre up and running in Australia,would be to great an ordeal;,so where does this leave us.
Mr,Abbott is a total imbecile,The Greens arent far behind and the Labor Party are belting their heads against a brick wall trying to get the Malaysia solution open.
I believe that Indonesia should try and put a stop to these boat/people smugglers,BUT again many of these people are to blame as well paying these MORONS thousands of dollars to come out to Australia the back door way.
What ever happened to those people who SHOULD have the brains to go to an embassy in their country,fill out the necessary forms,get a passport and instead of paying out thousands of dollars to come in the 'back door' why dont they spend $100 and fly in like normal people,OR what have they got to hide.

The mind boggles

Taking off on a holiday.............

Well folks,my wife and myself are taking off on a trip around Australia,pulling a 17' caravan and taking our radio show with us.
We intend to be away from town for about 12 months and we will be visiting many places on the way.
If you want to follow us you can visit the peakhillfm web site and on Sandra & Peters holiday is a map of Oz and each day we will be treating everyone to a dose of daily program and interviews of those near and far.
Just will be interested in some feedback if there is any special interest of request let me know and we shall do our best to fulfill
I have a laptop and remote use and also skype so we will take this site with us as well and keep everyone up to date with happenings around Aussie.

What has been achieved in Qld

OK all you Queenslanders,you now came Campbell Newman as your Premier and he has started to cut costs,so in all honesty what has he done to improve living in Queensland.
If its the same as NSW,well nothing has changed and we are getting worse instead of better.
Just interested to see it form a Queenlanders perspective.......

Whatever happened to........................

Evening all,
Up til about a month ago I was associated with commongroundcommonsense.org BUT they disappeared of the face of the earth and I cant seem to find them.
I am now associated with this site and love it greatly,BUT I would like to know what happened to the old site.
If some one knows or ghas any ideas,can they PM to let me kinow.

Thanks in advance

Kevid Rudd gone

Well the faceless men of the Media and the newspapers have got rid of Kevin Rudd and now Julia Gillard is going to have a faction election on Monday.
It appears to me that News Limited.SkyNews,the Murdock press and also all the 'shockjocks' have brought down the Labor Government all because Tony Abbott spat the dummy and told the people of Australia that he should be the PM.
Could you imagine Australia unde the ruling Liberals again...NO THANK YOU.
We had 14 yeasr of Howard and his bunch of no good dic*heads of which Tony Abbott was the Health Minister and what did he do,STUFF up the Health Sydtem in Australia,so many thngs that he did that they are to many to mention,and now Gen X & Y all want to see this bloke'Screw the country again'
Its time that the Media realised that there is more than politics in this country BUT once they get onto the bandwago,well nothing will stop them.
Time to wake up people and tell the Murdocks,News Limited,Packers and also the Media in general to go suck on a sav and stop having to much time on their hands......
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