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I voted early!

Just had to tell somebody.

Edited to add: even though I didn't have to vote in my precinct since it's early voting, I went to the one closest to my home, in the Southpark area. A lot of Republicans. I didn't talk to people much, because I don't do well in crowds, but I listened. Based on all the people carrying the blue ballot guide the Democrats were there handing out, I'd say there was a surprising amount of support for Democratic candidates for such an upscale area. I did hear some unpleasant comments about poor people and I had to keep my mouth firmly shut.

Some people are rational...

Others can rationalize anything.

My father - a career electronics tech and a very rational guy (usually) - voted for Reagan and Bush I. Then in 1996 he voted for Clinton on the grounds that he had worked out well the first term. He's voted Democratic since then, because he found Bush II distasteful, McCain dishonest, and Palin alarming. He would not vote Trump for dog catcher. But he had to be brought around to voting FOR someone instead of against someone. And it's been a slow battle to get him to renounce his racist points of view (the worst part of that was dealing with snarky taco comments when I was dating the Mexican-American woman who became my wife). I'm proud of him because he will listen, admit when he is wrong, and thinks. We don't always agree, but I'm proud of him. He's nothing like Donald Trump. My father instilled in me a strong sense of civic duty and patriotism.

My mom - a technical editor and typesetter - is a Trump voter through and through. She was always the calm, collected one who taught me patience. I have no idea who she voted for in past elections, but she has walled herself off from thinking in this election. She's afraid of the gays in bathrooms, Hispanics everywhere (in spite of being very warm to my wife), and wants the Muslims out. Nothing I say gets through to her. It's disappointing, since my mother instilled in me a sense of diplomacy and conversation. I can't be proud of her current positions.
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